Are there any mods that would allow my vampire to also be a spellcaster?

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In Sims 3, with the aid of mods, I could play a sim that would be of two different occult types. Are there any mods for Sims 4 that would allow my vampire to also be a spellcaster?
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    There used to be a couple of hybrid mods out there but it looks like they were busted with the HSY patch and neither have been updated. But if you're interested, it's called the All-In-One Hybrid stabilizer which is over on Mod The Sims. I have sims that were born as hybrids in game before it was patched out and the mod helped make them . Hopefully somebody will update it at some point as it was a mod I used regularly. I haven't played since before HSY came out so I was unaware it was busted.
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    You can also create a hybrid by adding the spellxaster trait! I a witch-pire that is very stable
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    Zero has reworked RoM magic to work for Vampires -
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