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Lindsay’s (Extra)ordinary Life


Hey, so I’m working on a story blog.


  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,354 Member
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    Travel to Little Falls Nook and meet Lindsay Birch. A girl with a past… only she doesn’t know what it is.
    Expect this thread to evolve as I get some chapters up, work the kinks out in my Blogger and start to enjoy myself.

    Chapter Links:
    Prologue: Girl with a past
    Chapter One: Runaway
    Chapter Two: The new normal
    Chapter Three: A long, cold winter
    Chapter Four: Sweet Sixteen
    Chapter Five: Endings and Beginnings
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  • hellohannah2hellohannah2 Posts: 504 Member
    Hey I read all the chapters you posted & they were great! I am so intrigued about Lindsay's mysterious background and that ring - who is she, where does she come from and what does it all mean. I'm very much excited to following along as it all unfolds. Also I wonder how long she'll manage while living in a tent like that, or how long will it take for somebody to realize. I have so many questions!!

    Great work, & your writing style is lovely.
  • Kellogg_J_KelloggKellogg_J_Kellogg Posts: 1,072 Member
    OK, I'm interested now...still got to catch up on "Lucky Girl" (I still don't trust that Jude after 9 chapters), Tusnelda & Trix, Unloved, another historical Sim story about court intrigue in the Napoleonic era...oh, and the person who wrote the V story has returned with another about a family of detectives.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,354 Member
    Thanks for the lovely comments @hellohannah2. Glad I did my ‘work’ (Sims isn’t work…) well and hooked you!
    I’m looking forward to some quality time with Lindsay this weekend so stay tuned.

    I know what you mean @Kellogg_J_Kellogg. So many fun stories, I’m following at least a half dozen myself.
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,530 Member
    Aaaah found you <3 I read all four chapters and they were very well written. My heart bleeds for Lindsay, she is a very strong young lady though. The way you write the story is just beautiful. I had to keep on reading until I got to the end. I could not leave comments there as I am not a blogger, but I will comment here instead. Lindsay's back story was so sad and mysterious, I do wonder about that ring though. Her teacher was very kind, I wonder if he might sort of know what is going on but is remaning polite. That Savannah girl needs to chill and leave Lindsay alone too, gosh what is her problem? The whole birthday and Christmas was so sad, hope that next year will be better for her <3
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,354 Member
    Thank you for the sweet comments @mcrudd. Yeah, Lindsay's doing it tough right now, but maybe things will look up.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,354 Member
    And... I'm finally here with an update.

    Chapter Five: Endings and Beginnings
  • haneulhaneul Posts: 1,360 Member
    I like how you're showing aspects of HSY. <3
    Chapter 1 - I'm impressed that Lindsay is able to handle her school work with all the other stresses in her life. I wish her classmates would be nicer, though.

    Chapter 2 - I once stayed in a place I absolutely hated for a few days to a weeki. It wasn't the same as Lindsay's situation at all, but I still got out of there as early as I could every morning and came back super late too, so I imagine that if I were Lindsay I would try to get to school early every single day to shower and feel clean. I hope she's able to find stable housing soon.

    Chapter 3 - I like that Anjelo is checking up on Lindsay, but calling another student a dog (even if she's not great) seems a little off. I hope he's actually kind. Anyway, it's great she was able to get out and have some fun like teenagers should. Happy New Year to her! I am still hoping she gets a home.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,354 Member
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    Thanks @haneul
    I appreciate your impression of Lindsay as tough but sympathetic. And yeah, looking at it again perhaps Mr Morlind went a touch too far, but I like to think he was just trying to be the cool teacher relating to a student in need.
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