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Viral Gen Z Sims 1 TikToks: Guidance for Rene?

simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 585 Member
Sims 1 content is trending on TikTok with a lot of Gen Z and Gen Alpha users appreciating the charm of the game for the first time. This one account posts a lot of clips that tend to gain a lot of traction. Could this provide some guidance for Project Rene? After all, EA CEO says he wants to attract this demographic.

Users point out absurdist humor, dramatic voice acting, and charming animations. I'm noticing an interest in unexpected drama and fantastical elements.

4 Million Views: Grim Reaper Ding Dong Ditch

3.5 Million Views: Skydiving Simulator

1 MIllion Views: Claire the Bear

3.1 Million Views: Makin' Magic Roller Coaster

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