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November 11th - Friday Highlights

Cuh Teekaloo,

How are you guys? I've been looking forward to this weekend as I've had a very productive week, worked a lot 💪, and now I need my quality time with my Sims. How about y´all, what are your plans for this weekend? 📖🖊

There's something fascinating about today's date: 11/11/22 . If we sum date (11) and month (11), the result will be the year (22). I believe in all these things, now what it means and if it means anything, that I don't know. 😁

Let's recap quickly what we have announced this week:

💠Simmer, YouTuber, & content creator @DeeSimsYT knows no bounds when it comes to storytelling! In collaboration with The Sims, she's created two new hairs perfect for any moment - Bantu knots & two strand twists! 😍 Available November 17th.

💠Add a playful pop of color 💜 to your rooms with the new The Sims 4 #PastelPopKit, or bring in those everyday items to show off your Sims personality 📖 with the new The Sims 4 #EverydayClutterKit 🤩
Both Available Now ✨

´Actor career`. This moving screenshot was shared here by @Uaexep.

🔸We shall start with some building! When I was browsing the forum, I came across @mrsr99tso ´The White Blossom House' and I'm impressed with the amount of details allocated for this creation! :love: 👉If you find the screenshots too small on the thread, you can still check the house using its creator gallery ID.

🔹Next on the list, if you are looking for an inspirational, adventurous story, with gorgeous screenshots 📷, I have found the perfect one for you: "Lucky Girl", by @hellohannah2 . Chapter Six is very special to me, since the narrative happens in Ireland 💚 🍀 and you've nailed Dublin's screenshots, wow! There's a brand new chapter, just released 3 days ago, so go ahead and bookmark this thread, folks. Totally worth it! ✅

🔸This thread created by @Mikayla_Rose_Graham is making me laugh my head off, guys 😂:"What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you when you playing on any Sims game?". The strangest thing that happened to me, was when I've decided to throw a house party and instead of eating in the kitchen like normal Sims, (hahaha) they all decided to gather in the bathroom, don't ask me why! 🤷‍♀️ The place became so crowded that Sims couldn´t walk anywhere, not even in and\or out. They started to get angry, and I sat there watching it all happen, determined not to break any walls, or set them free unless they figured a way by themselves. Sadly, that never happened. Instead, they stood there until their needs got exhausted, and eventually they started to die one by one. Have anything like that ever happened to you? Join the thread and let us know! 😉

🔹Now how about we get our minds together for helping @Brd709 decide whether or not to keep the same name for two different Sims? Join the conversation here and leave your opinions, folks! 💬

🔸Last but not least, let's talk a little about The Sims 3, and discuss what to do when "Unexpectedly becoming attached to a save". Does it ever happen to you? For real, @MantleJackal won't be the last one going through it. That recently happened to me as well at the start of this week: I have created a save just so I could grab some winter screenshots; it was meant to be something quick and a one-off thing. Guess what? Im on the 2nd generation of a family that started of with a couple only. 🤭🎮

And with that, I wish all of you my dear friends, a weekend full of adventures. I hope you have enjoyed this week´s selection.

Be kind to yourself and to your Sims❣ 💗



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