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Rule against using Personal Photos

Greetings everyone! 👋🏼 I was just wondering if there was any more detailed reasoning why personal photos are not allowed? Just noticed that my avatar containing two friends and me was deleted -- and after I checked the rules, I understood why. Not saying that I necessarily need that but I'm curious. The Sims community is probably the last place where I would've expected such a restriction/rule. 👀


  • EA_CadeEA_Cade Posts: 6,788 EA Community Manager

    We've had instances in the past that made that rule necessary, it's first and foremost to protect you.
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  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,181 Member
    Yeah, it's because we have Sims players who are under the age of 18 and so therefore they must be protected against anyone looking to stalk the younger people. The internet isn't a safe place for our young kids but just because the game is okay for anyone 13 and over to play, they still need protection from those who wish to harm our young and to prey on their innocence. So if EA were to allow the older players to use real life pictures of themselves, then they would have to let the younger players use them as well which would be counterproductive to what EA is trying to do which is to protect the true identities of their players.

    Hope this makes sense... :)
  • DkaffeDkaffe Posts: 27 Member
    Oh that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clarifying!
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