Does it bother you to restart with new The Sims game (basegame only) ?



  • TrashmagicTrashmagic Posts: 977 Member
    Not all.
    It doesn't bother me because I usually wait a few years before fully moving to the next game. When Sims 3 was in the spotlight I was still playing Sims 2. I feel like right now Sims 4 is (finally) getting to a point where it feels full so whenever Sims 4 comes out I'll probably stick with Sims 4 for a few years until Sims 5 has more content.
  • SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 370 Member
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    A little
    I would say a little. I get VERY overwhelmed when a new base game is released, but once I get the hang of it, I start wanting more & not wanting any of my sims to go without things like seasons, pets, etc.

    That being said, though, I don’t think that EVERYTHING should be included in the base game. I just get impatient, haha.
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 3,484 Member
    Other choice ...
    I have mixed feelings about starting over. It all depends on whether or not the new game feels like an improvement.

    Sims 1 to sims 2 felt like a huge improvement. Sims 2 added new features like aging and a 3D camera. It also took things from sims 1 expansions and made them base game. I am talking about being able to visit community lots and choosing your sims pj's. I remember they were not available with only the sims 1 base game. When I opened sims 2 for the first time and saw I could take my sims to other lots, I left sims 1 behind easily.

    Sims 2 to 3 also felt like a step forward. The team added new features like the color wheel and moodlets but also added things from sims 2 expansion into the base game like gardening and cars. Sims 3 was never my favourite but I could see a positive evolution in the game.

    Sims 3 to 4 hurt. For me personally it was more of a sims 2 to sims 4 so the lot based structure didn't bother me. But sims 4 striped so many essential features from previous (base)games. No toddlers, ghosts, family trees... Even sims 1 base game elements like swimming and pools were gone. Some of the features that remained were devolved. Babies were reduced to cribs like in the sims 1. The color wheel was gone and replaced with a swatch system that was inferior to the swatches in sims 2 where we could choose bedframes and bedding separately.
    The base game as it launched in 2014 just wasn't finished. It has come a long way. The addition of toddlers was a turning point for me. That's when Sims 4 finally had tackled the essentials. The game as it is now, feels like it actually has what a life sim needs (for the most part) .

    So if the next version will feel similar to switching from 1 to 2 or from 2 to 3 I am all for it. If it is another Sims 4 with only the bare minimum, then I will stick to a previous version.
  • auricio288auricio288 Posts: 149 Member
    A little
    Sure I’ll play it, but I won’t uninstall Sims 4, at least in the beginning.
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,886 Member
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    Other choice ...
    It'll never affect me because I'll be playing the Sims 2 and 3 well into the new games life span until it seems like its aged well enough!

    I'd be bothered if I suddenly lost the ability to play TS2 and 3 upon 5's release then had to make the jump to the new game, but that won't happen. Hopefully.
  • SimlingtonSimlington Posts: 22 Member
    Not all.
    I think I will enjoy starting over. I stayed away from 4 at launch for the reasons many did, when I eventually picked it up I think it was during a sale and I bought some packs. When I returned to the game this time after forgetting any specifics of the gameplay the first time around I picked up more packs in bundles. I have found having all these choices of what to do at once overwhelming.

    The idea of starting from the beginning without the temptation of extra packs is appealing. I don't want Rene's base game to repeat the mistakes of 4 for the overall community, but as I'm finding it harder to find games I can play and enjoy, I'm less interested in "sending a message" to publishers lke EA about their practices, and would rather get some entertainment where I can find it. So it could come out with two life stages, adult and dead, and if I like the art style there will be a 90% chance I'll pick up the next game at launch.
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