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Luz Story: 100 Baby Challenge

Luz Story: 100 Baby Challenge

Hello everyone!

I have begun a 100 Baby Challenge with this lovely Sim here: Lianna Luz


Lianna has a unique backstory that I would love to share with you all. She will be living in one of my favorite worlds, Sulani!

I have played this challenge once before but never finished it, so I am excited to start it again and post the progress here :smile:


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    Lianna's Backstory: Part One

    While this story isn’t about Lianna, she is the product of it. Before getting to know Lianna Luz, let’s learn her backstory. Meet her parents…

    This handsome spellcaster is Dante Luz.


    This beautiful mermaid is Kalani Kahananui.


    And a little background info on the world:
    20 Years Earlier…
    In a world where magic exists, but is rare, spellcaster Sims live in the far corners of civilization, in mysterious, mystical places like Forgotten Hollow and Glimmerbrook.

    After the spellcaster population began to grow exponentially hundreds of years ago, these special Sims decided to create a portal to the mortal realm in an effort to expand. The dark, gloomy town of Forgotten Hollow, inhabited by wealthy vampires, was where the portal opened. Naturally, conflict ensued between the two powerful groups, but after several decades the two groups learned to live peacefully, tolerating one another.

    As time went on, the spellcaster families who first settled Forgotten Hollow grew in wealth and power. An elite society emerged, with rules and expectations similar in many ways to those of a long-past time, including marriages arranged by parents for power or wealth, keeping bloodlines “pure” and “strong,” and not marrying outside one’s class, or heaven forbid marrying a mortal.

    Dante's Story...

    Dante Luz was the son of Camilla and Tobias Luz, both powerful spellcasters and prominent members of elite society. Stunningly handsome, Dante was a ladies’ man from a young age. His parents were not shy about their expectations for his future: marry a spellcaster from the same elite society they belonged to, one who was powerful and wealthy. Camilla Luz’s strong bloodline was not going to be muddled. However, Dante was not thrilled with having his life planned out for him. He had no interest in being a stuffy aristocrat, closed off from the rest of the world in this gloomy corner of it. He dreamed of traveling all over, of experiencing all that life has to offer. Settling down with one woman was not something he was ready for or desired, especially if that woman was chosen for him by his parents out of the other elitist families in his hometown. While Tobias, Dante’s father, was more understanding, having felt similarly as a young man, his mother would not hear of it. Camilla wanted one thing from Dante: for him to continue the legacy of his family. She pushed Dante in the direction she wanted him to go, brushing off his desires and dreams as frivolous. Dante often butted heads with his family, and all throughout his teenage years he rebelled. He still felt a duty to respect his parents’ wishes, but struggled with reconciling that with his dreams.

    Kalani's Story...

    Kalani was an island girl through and through. Although she lost her parents when she was a child, the island land of Sulani and its close-knit community raised her, and she never felt alone. An outgoing and cheery woman, she was became fast friends with everyone and knew all of the happenings in Sulani. She spent her life focusing on the present, and enjoyed living in the moment. Kalani did not have any grand plans for her future, as she was content to live among the natural beauty of Sulani for the forseeable future. She did not have much money to her name, but she didn't see a need for it. Her home on the water, her friends, and the wonderful gifts that the island gave was more than enough for her. Kalani was a mermaid, and hiding this fact never even crossed her mind. While magic and occults were certainly not common, the people of Sulani knew the "myths" were very real...mermaids had happily existed in the island land for centuries. Being a mermaid did not affect Kalani's ability to connect with her people, and if you had not seen her flipping her iridescent tail through Sulani's blue waters, you would likely have no idea that she was not a human.

    Little did these two know that their worlds would collide in a life-changing way...

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    Wow, I am loving it so far! Super well written, this combination of challenge & story definitely captured my attention and Im looking forward to see what happens next!
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    EA_Mari wrote: »
    Wow, I am loving it so far! Super well written, this combination of challenge & story definitely captured my attention and Im looking forward to see what happens next!

    Thank you so much for the shoutout! I'm so glad you are enjoying it so far.
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    Love this background story, very well written and can't wait to read more! I, too, have never finished the hundred baby challenge, so I am hoping your shared story will give me some help. Thanks for sharing.
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    I’m going to bookmark this thread. I’m loving the story so far!
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    Thank you everyone for the very nice comments! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far. I love writing Sims stories but I have never shared them with anyone else, so it truly means a lot to me.

    I think I am going to use spoilers for most pictures, that way the thread doesn't get bogged down (I take a lot of screenshots in-game and would love to share them)! I may do this with chapters in the future too, but for the backstory I don't think it is necessary!

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    Lianna's Backstory: Part Two

    There is one more integral character to introduce, although she is not related to Lianna.
    Meet Kyera Youngblood…

    Kyera’s Story


    From the time her powers began to manifest, it was clear that Kyera was a very gifted spellcaster. As a little girl she had abilities that many Sims didn’t acquire until their teen years. While raw power was not an issue for Kyera, controlling her spellcasting did seem to prove challenging, likely stemming from the sheer power she possessed at a young age. Her parents, Ethalia and Edward Youngblood, were very proud of their gifted daughter. While they both came from average spellcasting lines, the family was extremely wealthy. They pushed Kyera to continue their legacy, while strengthening it with her powers and the gifted children she would surely have. To ensure this happened, though, that meant Kyera needed to not only marry “within her class,” but also marry a spellcaster whose power could rival her own. Kyera was raised with this ideal her entire life – she knew nothing else and believed this was her destiny.

    We will begin this story by focusing in on Kyera and learning a little bit more about this wildly powerful spellcaster.

    Kyera Youngblood confidently swirled her hand through the air, admiring the sparks and lights tracing her movements. She felt the power surging through her, releasing from her fingertips and escaping into the air. While other 18 year olds were partying with friends, weighing university decisions, or deciding what path to go down in life, Kyera stayed within the walls of her family’s ancestral home. That home just happened to be a stone mansion, equipped with all sorts of magical trinkets and devices. Here in Forgotten Hollow, the Youngbloods had risen to the top of the elite spellcaster society. Their power and wealth could be traced back several generations, back to when the foreign spellcasters and native vampires of the region battled fiercely for control. Hundreds of years later, the two groups had learned to live in relative harmony, which mostly meant they stayed out of each other’s affairs.

    As Kyera played with the tiniest fraction of her magical ability, her mother, Ethalia, stirred a sophisticated potion in their antique cauldron. Edward, Kyera’s father, was back in Glimmerbrook at the Spellcaster Headquarters, attending a meeting of some of the most powerful and elite spellcasters currently alive.

    The family frequently hosted dinner parties with their elitist chums, so Kyera knew most of the higher society spellcasters. Her closest friend though was a spellcaster who lived in Glimmerbrook, and was by no means “wealthy.” Grace Anansi was an orphan who was making her own way in the world. The two had become close at a young age, since they both attended magic lessons from one of the greatest sages Glimmerbrook had ever known: Morgyn Ember. As the sage of Untamed Magic, he was arguably the most powerful spellcaster alive. Morgyn taught only the best of the best – those who showed exceptional promise and talent from a very young age – and Kyera was firmly at the top of that list. While a little sheltered from being homeschooled her entire life, she shined brighter than anyone at her tri-weekly magic lessons.

    Kyera was also quite close with her mentor, Morgyn. He took a liking to her from an early age, and thought of her as his prized student, someone who would make him proud one day. Kyera wasn’t just gifted – she was frighteningly powerful. She learned the spell infernio – a high-level spell that allows the caster to set anything ablaze – as a young teenager, and could be found sneaking around at night turning bushes in her neighborhood to ash. Most sims gifted with magic don’t have the ability to learn such a spell until well into young adulthood. She dominated in class duels; even when she did not win, it was always because the opponent took advantage of her intense fighting style and used their mind to outwit her. In a straight power-to-power match, there was no match.

    Kyera’s raw power was off the charts. It was her control of that power that needed help. Morgyn strived to teach her to control every ounce of power that she possessed, but Untamed Magic comes from raw emotion, unlike the Alchemy her mother mastered and the Practical Magic her father was adept in. The other schools of magic were far easier to control, all stemming from intellectual ability (with the exception of Mischief Magic, which is exactly as it sounds.) But Kyera was an emotional girl. She was quick-tempered, easily angered and very excitable. Teaching someone like that to control Untamed Magic was about as impossible as one might imagine – the untamed nature of such magic is precisely why Kyera was gifted with it. Morgyn was a Virtuoso in Untamed Magic, considered the highest rank a spellcaster can achieve. He was chosen by a council of his peers to become the sage of this school, teaching others gifted like himself how to be as great as he was. But Morgyn had spent years learning the art of control. Kyera, on the other hand, was a teenage girl with no firm grasp of the weight of her intense powers.

    Kyera had come of age, and her parents were intensely focused on finding her a suitable match. The frequency of sophisticated soirees hosted by the Youngbloods was increasing, not that Kyera minded. She was as excited about finding her "soulmate" as her parents were.

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    Lianna's Backstory: Part Three

    Dante’s family was on vacation again, this time in the tropical paradise called Sulani. When you have more money than you know what to do with, frequent vacations are compulsory. While Camilla and Tobias soaked in the sunrays on lounge chairs at the beach club, sipping fruity drinks and being waited on hand and foot, Dante saw his opportunity to escape his parents’ oppression. Dante was one for living in the moment; traveling had become one of his favorite hobbies, primarily because it meant he got some time to just be himself and enjoy life.

    Dante spent the first few days of this getaway taking part in all of the island’s activities that he could; he snorkeled, scuba dove, and rode his jet ski around to the tiny atolls that dotted the coastline.

    One afternoon as he was riding up to Sand Simolean Beach, Dante became entranced by the beautiful sound of a woman playing the guitar and singing an island ballad. As he walked up the beach to see where the music was coming from, he found the most beautiful woman he had ever seen creating this captivating music. Dante stumbled over to the woman and watched her play for at least half an hour, enchanted.



    “Kalani,” the smiling woman introduces herself after playing her sixth song. Shaking his head as he breaks from the trance, he introduces himself back. By this point, he is the only person still watching her performance. The two begin making small talk, and Dante quickly regains the charm that is a staple of his personality. As Kalani offers him some fresh fish she grilled earlier, their conversation deepens from chitchat to actually getting to know one another. As they engage in witty banter and obvious flirting, the chemistry between them is palpable and they talk for so long that the sun begins to set.


    Kalani tells Dante that she needs to head home, and he feels despair at the thought of never seeing her again. He lets her know that he is here for another week and asks to meet her tomorrow. Kalani gives Dante her address and invites him for lunch the next day. Dante knows better than to use his magic out in public, but breaks the rule anyway and materializes a rose behind his back, offering it to the island girl with a suave “see you tomorrow, then.”

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    Metior_Ice wrote: »
    I’m going to bookmark this thread. I’m loving the story so far!

    Thank you so much that means a lot!!!
  • SamiNY623SamiNY623 Posts: 116 Member
    Love this background story, very well written and can't wait to read more! I, too, have never finished the hundred baby challenge, so I am hoping your shared story will give me some help. Thanks for sharing.

    It can be so tricky to do, especially when you have a full household (and ESPECIALLY when there are several toddlers!)
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    Lianna's Backstory: Part Four

    The next morning, Dante woke up with the sun, having been barely able to sleep the night before. He couldn’t stop thinking about Kalani, and wondering why he felt this way since he had never felt like this about a girl. He decided to go for an early morning swim to clear his head.

    When Dante arrived back at their rented villa, his parents were awake and chatting in the living room.
    “Why are you up so early?” he questioned them; his parents were not early risers unless there was something important going on that day.
    “We are hosting our fundraiser event today, Dante. Don’t tell me you forgot,” his mother sighed with a mixture of aggravation and disappointment. He absolutely had forgotten, as Dante could not stand these stuffy formal events.
    “I had plans today mother!” Camilla raised an eyebrow at her son, and he quickly realized he did not want to share his actual plans with his family. “I was supposed to go free diving in Mua Pel’am with a couple of guys,” he lied. Although Dante was in his early 20’s, he was often treated like a teenager. His parents were very strict and very powerful, and this led to a family dynamic that meant he would be treated like a child until he moved out of their home.
    “Dante, I do not care what wild activities you had planned today. This is important. We cannot show up to a formal event missing someone from our family. How would that look?” Camilla scolded. Not wanting to put up too much of a fight for fear that his mother would catch on to what he was really doing, Dante nodded and retreated to his room to get dressed with a pit in his stomach.

    Throughout the entire event, Dante anxiously watched the clock. He hated these fancy parties, and as his father schmoozed the guests and his mother gave a long speech, he drowned his boredom at the bar. The hours seemed to crawl by, and as it got later and later his anxiety grew. He felt something with Kalani, even after only spending a couple of hours with her, and did not want her to think he had bailed on their plans.


    Finally around 5:00 the fundraiser was starting to wind down, and Dante was able to escape without anyone noticing. He ripped off his suit and threw it on the bathroom floor, revealing the swimsuit he’d been wearing underneath for hours. He hopped on his jet ski and headed straight for the address Kalani had given him, flying through the water.

    Dante arrived at Kalani’s home by jet ski, and instantly became both relieved and nervous as he spotted her on the deck of her bungalow. The sun was setting now, and he half expected her to turn and walk away as soon as she spotted him. Making a girl wait for hours on the first date is not really a great start, he thought.

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    Lianna's Backstory: Part Five


    Kalani spotted Dante in the water, and a grin lit up her face. He swam over to the ladder on her deck and climbed up quickly, apologizing before he even reached the top. “I am so sorry that I didn’t show up for lunch…I’m here with my parents and they planned some dumb event and I didn’t have a choice…I didn’t want to tell them about this – thing – that we’re doing…lunch, I mean, although it’s far too late for lunch now…” Dante rambled on, tripping over his words as he watched her smile grow larger with each one. She began to giggle as he fumbled. When he finally gave up trying to explain, she let out a laugh and told him, “Its fine. I am not upset. We barely know each other, if you didn’t ever show up I wouldn’t have been mad.” His face fell with those last few words, so she added, “I am glad you are here now, though,” with a sweet smile.

    The hours flew by as Dante and Kalani spent the night laughing and learning about each other. Dante offered to cook her dinner to make up for being so late. As he grilled she made a citrusy island drink from fresh fruit, and they chatted and joked. Sitting together on her lounge chairs overlooking the turquoise water, the only silence was when one of them was chewing. By the time they were done eating and talking the sun had completely set and the sky was a deep purple.

    Dante was so intoxicated by this enamoured feeling that he completely forgot about the outside world. She offered to teach him how to do an island dance, and sparks flew as they twirled around her deck. Dante was lost for words in a situation in which he would normally have some suave pick-up line, but he leaned in for a kiss anyway. Kalani returned the favor, kissing him right back.


    Dante reached behind his back and pulled a daisy out of nowhere, saying "I almost forgot to give you this." Her light-hearted chuckle as she playfully smelled the fragrant flower was music to his ears. After spending hours together out on the deck, Kalani pulled Dante down to the ground to show him the different star constellations that twinkled above the sea. The sky was clearer than he’d ever seen, but he could hardly focus on the stars.

    Seemingly out of nowhere, a bolt of lightning struck the ocean in front of them, and seconds later rain came pouring down. Soaking wet, the pair laughed as they ran into her home to escape the storm. Kalani asked Dante to spend the night, and it was a very romantic evening indeed.
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    Thank you for the likes simmers! I hope you're enjoying the story so far.

    Also, I hope that me leaving a few pictures without the spoiler isn't bothering you! I like showcasing the most important pictures for the story (but I take a LOT of screenshots so I like including them!) If anyone would rather me put them all in a spoiler, please let me know :smile:
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