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Project Rene (The Sims 5) speculation time

TheBoyXPTheBoyXP Posts: 85 Member
Alright, here we are again. It's been more than 8 years since the release of the 4th generation of The Sims and now here we are - officially speculating about the 5th generation of the game (Project Rene). I personally think they will call it The Sims 5, especially if its going to have DLCs (EPs and SPs). Now lemme ask all of you - when do you think we will hear more about it + when will they announce it as a Sims game + release date ? I personally think they will call it The Sims 5 (as i said xD), we will hear more about it next year (3-4 times), it will get officially announced as The Sims 5 on a big gaming event (E3, gamescom) in 2024 with a release date of 2025 - 2(5)th anniversary of The Sims, 202(5), The Sims (5). All those 5s xD.

*Also - a really possible timeline is everything above but +1 year (2025 announcement, 2026 release)


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