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New onboarding, UI Scaling and More

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Update 10/11/2022
PC: / Mac:
Console: Version 1.65

Hello Simmers and soon-to-be Simmers!

With this newest update we are preparing to welcome new players to The Sims 4 with the information needed to get started thanks in part to a collaboration with The Sims Mobile. In addition to new player guidance, we also have a number of fixes for community reported issues and some new Create a Sim (CAS) and Build Mode content.

There is something for everyone whether you have played The Sims 4 for a while or are joining us now, so let’s jump straight in and see what you can expect once you have the update.

-The Sims Team

What’s New?

We have a few new features to talk about in this update that covers new and existing Simmers including a long awaited one for those on console.

Emily Guidance System and Help Center Tips
This new feature brings a new face to The Sims 4 with Emily, who you may recognize from The Sims Mobile. This new system will teach you the basics of playing The Sims 4 and is mainly for new players, but can maybe teach more seasoned Simmers something new. This release of the Guidance System is a starting point to welcome our new Simmers and help them get a start in The Sims 4. We'll continue to listen to your feedback and suggestions for what else we can share and how we can improve.

When starting a New Game, Emily will show up to offer you some guidance through CAS and if you complete the Live Mode tips, you’ll get a little something added to your Simoleon balance to help you on your way to building your home the way you want.

Anytime you need a refresher, you can call for Tips by using the *NEW* Help Center button in the top right corner of your screen.

If you know your way around The Sims 4, you can go it alone by adjusting the Guidance and Tips system to your liking in Game Options > Tutorial & Tips.
  • Enable Guidance System - On by default, this setting will have Emily guide you through The Sims 4 unless you turn the option off.
  • Reset Guidance System - Want to start over and see all the tips again? This is the button for you!
  • Enable Help Center Icon - Getting stuck? Keep this option enabled. Want to free up that part of your screen for other uses? You can disable it here too.
Not just a helpful guide for new players in the new Guidance and Tips feature, Emily will also be available to download from the Gallery. You’ll also be able to find Emily’s hair, glasses, and top in CAS and add them to your own Sims.

Since The Sims 4 launched, we have had Lessons. Over time as features and the game evolved, some of our Lessons became inaccurate or obsolete. To correct that and bring Lessons up to date with the game you have now, we have spent time reviewing and updating our Lessons content.
While we started with the Base Game, we’ll be looking at additional Lessons improvements in the future, including re-reviewing pack Lessons. One improvement, including updated text, is the Lessons panel is now much larger, making it easier to read and navigate at all resolutions, monitor/TV configurations and viewing distances.

During the Guidance System, you’ll be presented with buttons that take you to Lessons but if you prefer, you can call on Lessons at any time by going to the Options Menu and pressing ESC on PC and Mac, the Options button on PlayStation, or the Menu button on Xbox.

Loyal Trait
It’s always a good day when new Traits are added to the Base Game, and today we bring you the Loyal Trait for Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder Sims! Loyal Sims value their relationships and fully commit to them, whether it’s a friendship, a romance, or even work. They avoid cheating of any kind; the trust of their loved ones is too important to risk!

Plumbob Fan and Five New Tattoos
The design came in a dream: colorful plumbobs to suit any Sims' mood. A design so sharp, so fun, that it couldn't be contained to only one medium. Enter the Perfect Plumbob Ceiling Fan and three Plumbob inspired tattoos–one for the upper back and two for the inner left forearm. In addition to this, as an ode to everyone's favorite garden plant, there are two new Cowplant inspired tattoos–one for each thigh.

Console UI Scaling
PlayStation and Xbox players can now adjust how small or large the UI elements are in game by going to Game Options > Accessibility and moving the slider to your preferred size. We’ve recommended maximum and minimum settings but allow you to adjust smaller and larger if you prefer. You’ll be asked if you want to keep the settings after adjusting the size so if you made the UI too large, you can always select Reset to Default (Recommended) to return to the default settings.

Before adjusting your UI Scaling settings, we recommend ensuring you’ve calibrated your system and your TV/monitor beforehand.
  • On PlayStation, from the PlayStation Home screen go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings. From there you can adjust the markers to align with the corners of your screen.
  • On Xbox, you can do this in-game by going to Game Options > Other > Adjust Margins and following the on screen instructions so the markers align with the edges of your screen.
In both cases, once correctly calibrated, the UI elements in Live Mode should sit flush against the edges of your screen. Now you’re ready to scale your UI. Did you know there are other tips for console Simmers you can read up on here -

Gallery Connection
We have made some changes to the way the game connects to the Gallery. Instead of automatically connecting when the game starts, you’ll connect on demand. Once you are finished in the Gallery, a connection will remain for a period of time allowing you to return without having to reconnect.

The main purpose of this change is to ensure everyone can access the Gallery even during peak use, and that those that aren’t using the Gallery aren’t connected.

Bug Fixes

Base Game
  • Curious about why you may have not seen the outcome of your Stuck In Their Shadow scenario? We were too, and have fixed an issue where the scenario would not progress in some branches, or show your outcome. We will continue to investigate any further cases of this issue occurring.
  • Starting the Aliens Stole My Parents scenario with an existing household that contains adults will see the aliens abduct their target regardless of whether the adult was in a social interaction or not.
  • Having Leonardo and Sofia play with stuffed animal toys should now complete the goal of playing with toys in the Parenting Predicaments scenario.
  • Improvements to ymHat_SDX005Durag to address blotches and unexpected folds
  • Applying clothing swatches should no longer switch the feminine frame to masculine frame when applied.
  • Feminine frame Sims can wear the different color variants of ymBottom_Pants_Jeans without part of their torso becoming invisible.
  • Changing from a full body outfit to new pants on a female child Sim ensures the Sim is properly dressed and waiting for whatever new outfit you select.
  • No-one expects it but if a Sim is killed by something from deep space they will get the Death by Meteorite trait in the Family Tree along with a representative icon depicting their untimely end.
  • Custom pronouns are respected in the "Level up in motor skill," "Level up in handiness skill," and "Level up in Gardening skill" whims including sessions after restarting the game.
  • Some pranks can be funny, but less so if they keep happening like the toilet pranks were. We have dialed back the pranking so your Sims can have a little more confidence their rest stop won’t end with a broken toilet.
  • A number of text, spelling and grammatical updates across the game.
  • During the Aliens Stole My Parents scenario, it wasn’t possible to read the entire description. This has been resolved with some new found alien technology we got in exchange for some Sim parents we are calling a “scroll bar.”
Snowy Escape
  • Festival decorations are wonderful, but they aren’t zero cost. The Carp Streamers now cost 25 Simoleons to add to the celebration of the Festival of Youth.
Cottage Living
  • When you live in a small village like Henford-On-Bagley, you get to know everyone on a first name basis. So seeing random NPCs working in the local pub was a shock for everyone. Now, only pre-made NPCs will start off behind the bar and other local businesses.
  • yfHair_EP11BunTwists_Black thumbnail shows the correct hair color and the swatches have been organized.
  • Hero of Henford errand completes after winning the competition at the Finchwick Fair even if you bribe the Mayor.
  • Win a Competition at the Finchwick Fair and Give a Golden Egg to Agatha Crumplebottom both complete once the criteria have been fulfilled.
  • Sometimes you can’t get away to fish in the ocean, in a river, or a local barrel of fish and all you have is a pond stocked with fish. With bait on the line, your Sims will be able to cast their line into the pond and maybe they’ll get a bite or two.
High School Years
  • Siblings can attend prom together, now just as friends.
  • Werewolves with a particular sexual orientation will only accept a fated mate with another werewolf that is compatible.
  • True love can be hard to find, especially if you tend to howl at the moon. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be selective though. Werewolves will now be more selective over who they accept as their fated mate while flirting with other werewolves.
  • Werewolves can have a real hunger, especially if they have Voracious Hunger. That hunger shouldn’t mean they eat top secret lab doors or space rockets though. Other items werewolves should no longer add to the menu are dolphins, motherplant, motherplant pit, and high school whiteboards.
  • Pack Leaders should not have to report to the Pack Leader regardless of how strict the werewolf pack hierarchy is. Pack leader leads!
  • Non-werewolf Sims will not devour raw meat even if a werewolf housemate has hunted it and put it in the refrigerator for later. Real question is, why were they taking their housemates food in the first place?
  • Alpha Rank werewolves worked hard to get to where they are so they should no longer be Bottom of the Pack or become furious from it.
  • Sims can sit cross legged on the Hasty Replacement Palette Bed just like they can on other beds.
  • Foxes that found themselves on the receiving end of a werewolf rampage can rest a little easier as Werewolves on a rampage should no longer pick a fight with foxes. Truce?!?!
  • Sniff and Introduce interaction is no longer available on human toddler Sims who you haven’t met before.
  • When a werewolf goes from High to Extreme Fury level, the needs icon should no longer change to a llamacorn
  • Vampires who Explore Underground Tunnels no longer activate the Lost adventure moment. That’s reserved for lost human Sims.
  • Bonehilda and Sims with the Blessing of Bones buff will not allow werewolves to carry out Cursed Bite on them.
Spa Day
  • Nail polish swatches now show what color they will make your Sims’ nails, which is pretty useful when accessorizing.
  • Massages correctly count towards the Become a Spa Regular goal in the Self-Care Specialist aspiration.
Found a Bug? Let us know here. Having a technical issue with your game? Reach out to us here. 9alz5vu73pb0.png
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