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The Sims 5 thoughts

Bren91Bren91 Posts: 108 Member
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I think it’s safe to say The Sims 5 is going to Happen. Whether it’s announced next month or not. My theory is they will hold off and announce it this coming summer 2023 and that it will release in early 2025 or at the latest September 2025. I think their going to to give the sims 4 two more years of slower content, and a ton of bug fixes and updates. I also speculate it will be online and multiplayer. Which I really don’t see why not As a gaming option. For marketing it’s a smart move to bring in new players who maybe we’re never interested in the sims as an offline game. However their fan base as of now is offline. so to make the whole game centered around online/multiplayer would be a mistake. As long as it’s just an option to play online with others I’m fine with it. My play style is offline so as long as I can play how I want. I’m good with it. I really hope their working hard on the A.I of the sims so we can truly give them their own personalities. There’s really no excuse for not better sims with more depth when this game releases. If a game released almost twenty years ago could do it, ( The Sims 2) The Sims 5 in 2020’s should be exceptional in that way. Their have been enough sequels of The sims, to truly know what works and what doesn’t. What the fans want.
Open Worlds
I really don’t care about open Worlds I don’t mind loading screens with as fast as they are, but I do admit if they don’t do this they will disappoint their fan base. So open world is necessary, especially if the option is to play online with others.

Even better customizations
For some people - creating sims, homes, venues etc…is why they play the game in the first place. I think that is why the sims 4 is popular when there isn’t too much depth because so many still like the creative outlet of creating something beautiful or different. The customization should be much like CAS in the sims 4 but more in depth, maybe include height? Create a style should make a return because it was so popular in the third game. As far as personality goes, I think they need a points and traits system to flesh out their personalities. The sims 1-2 had personality points. Which to me is arguably different than traits. Personality points such as cleanliness should be a point system, not a trait. Charisma as well should be a point system, their should be a brave or fearful point system too. Traits should have more to do with not just what they do but how they react to life situations and other sims. Certain traits may be blurred out if you give your sim a certain amount or less points in foundation points of personality. Say you make your sim really brave In the points system, then daredevil is a trait they can have. But of course if your sim is on the more cowardly spectrum then the trait daredevil won’t be an option. I also think sims that grow traits based on life experience should be a thing. Like if your sim is a sim that gets bullied or other sims are mean to often, then an optional trait would appear on the screen giving you the option to give that sim a grudge full or vengeful trait. Just like we as people are born with certain aspects of are personality already, we also adapt and take on other traits based on life experience. A sims game should incorporate this, it would make them more different and add depth to the game because their life experiences would have impact.

Story telling.
They need to bring back story telling from the sims 1-2. Where sims have their own biography or family biography. It made their stories come more to life and seem more personable.
These sims should have emotions but it in no way should have to do with their personality like it is in the sims 4. Because emotions are not personality, their reactions to their life experiences and of course they should react differently according to their personalities. Like a brave sim may automatically grab a fire extinguisher if there’s a fire in the house to put it out. A cowardly sim would run straight out the door or panic.

One thing the sims 5 desperately needs is Dark Humor. The sims 4 is to much of a Nirvana Haven. The sims 1 and 2 knew how to bring consequences to their actions where it was tragic but a lot of times humorous. I feel like the sims 3 and 4 definitely didn’t incorporate that aspect of what made the first two games so popular. The sims need their lives to matter. Speaking of mattering I don’t think when a sim becomes a ghost they should just be a transparent sim. It looses meaning to the life they lived when their alive. Their should be different rules for Sim ghosts. Sim ghosts should have limitations with the living but also have perks that sims don’t have when their alive. Such as possessing a sim, or moving objects or furniture. I think the sims 5 should have funerals as well.

Relationships should be more in depth too and not feel so forced. I feel like the sims in all the other games had more depth when it came to this. The sims 5 should know what works and what doesn’t. If a sim is enemies with another sim they shouldn’t talk with them randomly like nothing is wrong or stand near them or be in a group with them. If a sim hates another sim they should want to stay away from them or cause them conflict. A serious error in the sims 4. That makes the sims 4 feel unfinished. It should be more complicated and have a points system like it did in the sims 2. But also have more complicated relationships such as being Love/Hate. A sim that is loves or is in love but this sim drives them crazy.

Wants/Fears/Rewards system.
This should no doubt be a thing in the game. I would go as far to say to just do it how they did it in the sims 2. Where it was like a slot machine that rolled every day and revealed wants and fears. Or they could have a separation of long time fears and wants and short term. There should be a reward system that rewards players with objects, more traits, supernatural themes, potions, the reward system should go more in depth in my opinion and effect the sims lives more and gameplay. Such as when they get rewarded their more likely to be happy and self full filled and when their fears and bad things happen it should effect their expectations and mood greatly.

Neighborhood stories should be optional. Sexual orientation should be an option when creating sims right off the batt and also preferences such as turn ons and turns offs. Memory system, and not just one where you take a picture and assign it as good or bad. But let your sims decide for themselves if it was good or bad depending on who they are.
I know a game like this would need a lot of time to create but the sims 4 has been going on for 8 years now. I’m sure they have been working on the fifth one for at least 5 of those years or longer. If they could create the Sims 2, an amazing sims game for it’s time, four years after the release of the first game, back in 2000. Then there’s no excuse in my mind that by year ten of the sims 4 they shouldn’t have The sims 5 ready to play, and no reason why it shouldn’t be the best game yet. I think that’s why the sims 4 has ran so long and why it’s been a dissapointment in so many ways, I think when it released they knew they messed this one up and I theorize that they went almost straight back to the drawing board and began working on the fifth sequel soon after the fourth started and they have been putting more of their energy and resources to make this next one exceptional. And after ten years of waiting for something better I ll I got to say is I hope it delivers.


  • WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 2,341 Member
    I really miss the individual bios and the nonsensical humour of the first two Sims games.
    Also agree about Neighbourhood stories. I still feel as though the game is trying to force relationships and stories on me even though I've got it turned off.
    Something I would definitely like to see in a Sims 5 game, and Sims 4, is less focus on mobile phones and no more phone calls from Sims asking for relationship advice!

    I do feel that the Sims 4 has become a bit over-focused on relationships, to the point where a lot of the interactions have become mundane. It seems to me a little pointless to include the ability to have realistic conversation topics in a game where the characters speak gibberish, plus most of these interactions look the same.

    Would be cool if the personality traits could have more effect on sims' mannerisms when interacting, like shy Sims in Sims 2.

    This is just a personal preference, but I would really like to see, or have an option for more randomly generated occult townies with non-human/occult skin (green, blue, purple, etc). Would also love to be able to paint my Sims skin with different colours and patterns like the werewolves in Sims 4.

    In general I would just like to see less obsession with mirroring real life (or at least, for this aspect to be optional for those of us who like to let our imaginations go crazy) and more of the nonsensical fun of the earlier games return in the next generation.
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