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  • DKguruArtistDKguruArtist Posts: 278 Member
    If sims 5 gameplay is going to be as forced directed and player control rooted as sims 4 is or have as bland and super artificial expanded gameplay as sims 4 currently have. By example neighborhood stories were supposed to give evolving neighbors and neighborhood, but all it run 100% through player decisions in the most annoying and frustrating ways possible, so either you have option to disable it which doesn't work completely or be forced to either ignore phone calls or go through the tedious and repetitive same options again and again on daily basis. Add to that the mechanic choices is extremely poor implemented and feel artificially fake, sims would ask you advice on things that make zero sense for them to ask, like for instance sim with hates children would ask you to decide for them if they should have more kids. The addition of fears and wants felt like a horrid step back from whims, also they made it so its impossible to disable far as I can tell. The options again feel rushed and incoherent take my werewolf sim as example, he would get want to get engaged with his fated mate, next time option reset he got want to wish to break up with fated male all this within 2-3 days, he had no erratic personality or mean personality or anything to suggest this option would feel natural. I feel every time we ask for more depths or gameplay its a step backwards, if sims 5 is going to be like that I am out.
  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 191 Member
    If most of the surrounding world is set dressing like in TS4 then I will have zero interest in it. I'm so tired of seeing cute "shops" that are just empty shells and not interactable. I want my sim to be able to DO things. I want to be able to interact with the world around my sim!
  • IllandryaIllandrya Posts: 53 Member
    edited November 19
    I have been playing since sims 2 and sims 4 still seems incomplete and missing so much. I have only recently returned to playing after a few month’s off and online play through the EA app has already meant I couldn’t load sims 4 twice this week, so I will not be moving onto sims 5 if it is online.

    If we are limited to swatches for colour choices and the colour wheel doesn’t return, I’m out.

    If we don’t have open neighbourhoods, I’m out.

    If the base game doesn’t have all life stages, I’m out.

    If babies are objects, I’m out.

    If the neighbourhood graphics aren’t improved, I’m out (2D trees that rotate to give the impression of 3D? Please don’t insult me again)

    If the team focuses on trying to distract us with new contact instead of fixing bugs, I’m out. The gardening bugs alone are a big turn-off for me at this stage.

    If there are moods, I’m out, nothing frustrates me more than a sim getting a routing failure because the queued action required a particular mood and it changed before they got there because of some arbitrary event I had no control over.

    If my sims can’t go on a date without every sim in the vicinity wanting to chat and making it “awkward”, I’m out.

    If mischief can’t be turned off, I’m out. As an introverted autistic girl who has suffered from bullying, mischief makes me VERY uncomfortable.

    I could go on, but these are the deal-breakers.
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  • InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 1,133 Member
    • Subscription based
    • Nickle and dimeing EVERYTHING as if it were an actual free to play game
    • Multiplayer only OR the game is nearly forcing you to go multiplayer if you want to do anything

    Consider me out if those things happen. TS4 is where I will happily stay.
  • LexstraLexstra Posts: 18 Member
    I do not think even if they did do a good job id get it.
    I cannot fathom how there was a sims 2 server fire AND IT STILL TURNED OUT BETTER THAN THE SIMS 4!!!!

    There is simply no excuse for it being so bad, i have almost all the sims 4 packs and i still find myself favouring ts3-2 over it.
  • akuheikomatsuakuheikomatsu Posts: 73 Member
    I agree with many other sentiments that I will absolutely not play TS5 if there is any requirement to be online, forced multiplayer, or subscription model.

    I also am not interested in playing if the initial release is anything like TS4, ie. missing life states/stages, no cars, no create a world, no color wheel, no open neighborhood, no pools etc.
  • Pipersfun2Pipersfun2 Posts: 704 Member
    Sims 4 is not completed. & if Sims 5 has less realism. I will be done purchasing the game and it’s packs if EA continues to ignore the sims community then I will continue to ignore their trash files 🗑

    If the sims do not look real for once. so I don't have to find mods just to make them look so. And if it is only only. otherwise sims team hear this. It will be goodbye have been with from the beginning and it will be hello Paralives!
    while we are playing them,WHO IS PLAYING US?
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 13,782 Member
    edited November 24
    I will not purchase TS5 if the game is less creative than The Sims FreePlay and the previous games.

    TSFP had a lot of content that we will never get on PC.

  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 548 Member
    My list:

    Forced Multiplayer


    And the worst offender of all:

    Any kind of non-fungible token (NFT). It seems probable that they will jump on this fad. Hot Wheels already did for some reason.
  • Sarah26CatSarah26Cat Posts: 14 New Member
    I won't buy sims 5, whatever the final name is, if it is not an upgrade from Sims 3. I can predict this with 100% accuracy because my family decided to skip Sims 4 because it was such a downgrade from previous Sims games. I mean, babies in basinets you don't get to carry around your home, we didn't have that since Sims 1 folks... Sims 4, yes I've played it when it became Free, it has the open neighborhoods that are playable, but the neighborhoods can't be altered like previous games. It wouldn't be so bad if most of what you see weren't just decoration anyways.

    Now that I've gotten a chance to vent... I can predict it with 100 percent accuracy that the new sims game must be an upgrade to previous games. Making it an upgrade to Sims 4 isn't too hard, which is probably why you guys did it that way. I tell myself that after a hit like TS3 you knew whatever you pumped out next would suffer by comparison, so you let it suffer so that your next game could be 10 times better. DON'T RUIN MY EXPECTATION!
  • TzivaTziva Posts: 19 New Member
    There are a lot of things that will make me less interested in the newer Sims - if the multiplayer ends up more like an MMO rather than "play with your friend," if the build tools aren't as robust, or if the business model seems even more costly than Sims already is.

    However, I think that will REALLY draw the line for me is how much CC creators are supported and how many move on to the new game vs. sticking to the old ones. As a builder, CC is what makes this game for me, and I can't imagine the game having remotely the same appeal to me if it didn't have that. I typically don't even like simulation type games as a whole, but Maxis' support of CC and the amazing creators out there have made a game that would never otherwise be my jam end up as something I have thousands of hours in.

    >@Pipersfun2 said:
    > If the sims do not look real for once. so I don't have to find mods just to make them look so. And if it is only only. otherwise sims team hear this. It will be goodbye have been with from the beginning and it will be hello Paralives!

    I think Paralives looks great with what they've showcased so far, so this isn't a negative comment on my part, but it seems a little weird to jump there if Sims 5 fails to deliver on realism since their character design seems just as unrealistic, with its almost hand-drawn vibe. I don't know where alpha fans should head, if not to CC, but I feel like if that's your style, Paralives isn't going to scratch that itch either.
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