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My Sims 3 stories (Adora the Warrior Maiden)

Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,781 Member
I may write stories about Sims whenever I come up with an idea for a story.


The Guardian of Neverglade summary: Jasmine is the oldest in her family - and also the most powerful. She has big dreams; travel abroad, marry her boyfriend, and have a family. And raise up the next generation of witches. However, a dangerous threat shows up, and she must defend the ones she cares about.


Adora the Warrior Maiden summary (Characters are from She-Ra, but the storyline takes inspiration from both versions of the show): Adora thought she was fighting for the right side, but time spent outside Horde Fortress caused her to rethink the propaganda that had been drilled into her mind during her childhood. Now that she left the army she grew up in, she must help her new friends defend Dragon Valley. She has another goal - to learn about her origins and where she came from. Will she save Dragon Valley, and will she find her true family?
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