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How do you feel about a potential Sims 5 announcement?



  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,558 Member
    I'm interested but I'm worried it will disappoint me
    It may sound heretical, but to me it sounds more like "we want more money". Whenever a game is doing too well, when most players have bought all the add-on components, you throw out a new version, which then has to buy all the add-on components again. I don't like the idea.

    Tbf though it's not just that. TS4 came out 7 years ago on an already brittle engine. But even if it hadn't, even if the core had been much more solid, 7 years is half an eternity in video game land. So it honestly does make sense to build a newer game. That I personally don't have issues with. What does bother me though is that the franchise as a whole is decreasing rather than increasing in quality with each new generation. I want TS5 to be what TS2 was to TS1 - actual improvement in deep gameplay. So far all we have seen from project Rene is just more about building and sharing. I wonder at what point EA will realise that while building is important and things like more flexibility and a color wheel are 100% needed, if there are no deep, new and improved gameplay mechanics complementing those build improvements, TS5 will suffer from all the same problems TS4 suffers from today.

    Only time will tell I guess.
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