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TwistedMexi WeatherBB throwing errors, quick help?

columbia93columbia93 Posts: 319 Member
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TwistedMexi doesn't seem to let you ask for help unless you're a paying member. They also don't provide too much info on these smaller mods.

So...while I've been using this mod for quite some time without issue, it's now causing problems in the game and comes back on TMs Exception Report. I also have the Weather Realism Overhaul installed so wonder if that's the problem, although as I said, I've been using both of them for many, many months and never had a problem. It's all updated. Just wondered if anyone else was having problems...would ask at TwistedMexi but can't.
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    StuffyMarxStuffyMarx Posts: 330 Member
    You might be better off just disabling it for the short term, until there's an update.

    You've got two mods playing about with the same thing (weather settings), maybe disable both, then re-enable them one at a time to see which one is causing you these new errors.

    Good luck!
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