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game not saving? anybody having this issue?

cleo224cleo224 Posts: 87 Member
When I exit the game I always choose save and exit. The last couple of times my game loads on the same monday, with sims in the exact same places, and progress was not saved from the last time I played. I am also having issues with the game options not saving, I have animal aging off (but it isn't working, animals still dying) and I have wants and fears toggled off, ( have to constantly re-do that because it doesn't work either.) I searched the forum because I thought I had seen someone who had also been having this issue but I can't find the post. I don't have any mods or cc, and never have.
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    LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,436 Member
    You might want to ask this question at the link.
    This was the closest I found to your issue.
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    cleo224cleo224 Posts: 87 Member
    Thank you LaBlue, i have been reading through those and some are close to my issue. One of them has a suggestion to remove the options.ini file but I don't have that file. Trying to decide if I need to make my own report or find the other person that posted this so I can click me too! :)
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    wylmite1986wylmite1986 Posts: 1,771 Member
    Do you download cc? If so I know some of the custom content that was created after high school pack had a glitch in it. I found a mod (I’m sorry I can’t remember who it’s by) that points out what cc it is so you can remove it from game.
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,850 Member
    There was also an old issue where that would regularly get broken, I don't use save and exit ever but if you see that problem save it normally then exit it's just an extra click. I would also save as for your file to see if that helps.
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