Saved Games Using Only OneDrive. Is this normal?

SandyLee149SandyLee149 Posts: 65 Member
I cleaned up a few documents in my OneDrive today. I did something unintentional because all of my saved games were gone. I google it, and one person said that saved games have a .save extension. So, I created a new game and the only thing with a .save extension, during the time I saved my new game, was saved to OneDrive\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4. I even searched my entire C:\ drive for all files created with today's date, but there were no other saves at that time. So, it appears the only place Sims is saving my games is on the OneDrive folder. I always thought OneDrive functioned as only a backup folder. Is this normal???

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  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 4,006 Member
    As far as I know, you have to deliberately choose to have anything saved to OneDrive. There isn't anything on my comp that's saved to there, everything is on my drives.
  • SandyLee149SandyLee149 Posts: 65 Member
    I would never intentionally do that, but it certainly isn't impossible that I did it unintentionally. I appreciate the input.
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    You should never let OneDrive sync your whole Documents folder, which is what it tries to do by default in Win 10 & 11. In games like the Sims 4 it results in files getting lost.
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    I have OneDrive uninstalled since I have ran Windows for the first time. Yet, my EA folder (saves, mods, tray) is still in c:/users/name/OneDrive/documents... This is weird, but I just don't see the option to move it somewhere else.
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    I appreciate the input. I am pretty sure I never selected OneDrive as a default. I personally hate that Microsoft tries to bully us into any type of behavior. I tried turning off OneDrive and had so many problems that it wasn't worth it. So, I just check periodically and delete what I can. In this case I screwed up my Sims game. Thank again.

    BTW.. Sages Appreciation Club... very interesting. (smiles)
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  • shorty943pshorty943p Posts: 238 Member
    Having the same problem, the fix is to NOT use the default MS account for daily use.
    Go into settings\add user and make a new Offline user account, you still have to run the Sims 4 system folders in the main documents folder but it doesn't actually go to MS One Drive.

    I even went to the extent of uninstalling One Drive, and still EA\Origin tries to force me to use Cloud Storage for my mods and saves etc.

    These corporations are getting out of hand when it comes to our rights in our own homes on our own PC's.
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