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One of those of oh C#@P moments

LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,436 Member
It's been a bit since I last played Sims 3. Currently, my game saves revolve around Sunset Valley and Bridgeport. So I decided to start up a fresh new game in Moonlight Falls. It takes my game a while to load up for the first time, let's just say I watch a few Youtube videos to kill some time. The town finally gets loaded. Now before I start any new game save I will go through the town and fix, and adjust a few of the community lots. I met to hit edit town but instead hit to exit to the main menu. That was when my palm hit my forehead and oh C#@.p came out. lol

So all I could do at this point was just start up for the town of Moonlight Falls, again and watch a few more Youtube videos. Finally, the town reloaded. The first time the town loaded it was very dark and overcast, and the second time it was bright and sunny. Gotta love moments like those. :D


  • PleaseMisterPostmanPleaseMisterPostman Posts: 23 Member
    I remember doing stuff like that back when I had an older laptop. I used to not play the sims 3 as much because of how long it took to load and how laggy it was.
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    Now I wanna play 3. LOL!
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,853 Member
    There is a mod that stops the extra lots being placed in a new game. That speeds things up considerably. But then you have to place those lots manually. B7t then you end up with the lots you want and where you want them.
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