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First time modding and playing TS2. Any tips or recommendations?

VailsVails Posts: 45 Member
edited August 22 in The Sims 2
This is probably one of those questions that gets asked pretty frequently, so I apologize if could've been solved with a simple Google search.
However, a lot of the resources/sites that appear are now years/decades old and I'm uncertain of the information and mods that are on them, due to their age. It was already a pain to get the game running on Windows 10, the last thing I want is some incompatible mod making the game unable to launch.

I have already installed the 4 GB patch, made the game recognize my graphics card, and limited the FPS to 60. Do I need to do the same things to bodyshop? I haven't experienced any graphical glitches in game so far (knock on wood) or any gameplay bugs, but I do have less than 6 hours of total of game time and I've only played TS2 in 15 minute intervals previously, so I could have easily brushed something off due to being a new player.

I've heard this game can be very easy to corrupt (game or neighborhood wise) if you're unfamiliar with the game mechanics or if you don't have certain mods installed. . Is there any mods in particular I should download or any in-game things I should avoid so I don't experience corruption? I already know never to delete tombstones, don't interact with NPCs outside of their purpose, don't remove default replacement skintones/hair colors without fixing the Sims data in simPE, move child gravestones to a public lot so NPCS don't come to your lot outside their dedicated purpose, ETC - but is there anything else I'm missing?

Secondly, is there a mod that syncs time & needs between all lots? The fact that isn't vanilla feature really bugs me :(

I understand this game is from 2004 so I can't be too harsh in regards to the games graphics. However - do you guys have any mods or tips on how to improve the overall looks of TS2? It's very rough around the edges compared to the later games in the franchise.

Thank you for any help or pointers!


  • IamJIamJ Posts: 43 Member
    Oh wow that’s a lot and I’m a bit in a hurry so I’m not going to answer everything, just some things real quick.
    * I only have the 4GB-patch and have done nothing further, and the game has worked fine for years. My computer is older however and I have windows 7 instead of 10 on it. But unless you actually start having problems you don’t need to do anything else.
    * The corruption thing is so over exaggerated with sims 2. These are the things not to do: don’t ever delete tombstones. Don’t ever delete sims. Don’t move occupied lots between worlds. If you avoid those things you should be fine. Of course if you cheat and mod the game to do things it wasn’t intended to do, check first to make sure. In any game corruption is always a risk when you cheat and mod. I will say, I’m at my sixth generation with over 50 active households in my game, and my mod folder is immense, and I have no corruption. Just check before you do certain things: like if you want to cheat to add certain NPC’s to your household that the game won’t let you do without cheating, you should probably do a quick google search first.
    * There’s this mod for syncing time but I haven’t tried it myself cause the time sync doesn’t bother me:
    * Yes there’s plenty. I don’t have any myself but I’ve seen lots. Check Pleasant sims, on her website I think she links a few. You can also check Modthesims, or simply google.

    Good luck!
  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,611 Member
    Sims 2 and corruption get overexaggerated many times due to all the times players spent arguing with Simmers on the official forums that would claim that it's not possible to corrupt the game. And it's one of those things that if you get caught unaware and you get unlucky with how quickly the corruption spreads you can learn the hard way about corruption. You tend to be passionate about things that burned you in the past.

    Sims 2 is one of those games where while it is easy to corrupt your game, once you know what not to do, it's hard to corrupt your game.

    Here's a page that goes over corruption and the various myths, also has a list of various mods and utilities that can help prevent, diagnose, or fix corruption:

    It looks like deleting Sims in game and disappearing gravestones are one of those things that got roped into causes of corruption, but actually aren't. At least through the SimBin. The deleteallcharacters cheat is still considered unsafe.
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