Sitting down postures

lebgirl_18lebgirl_18 Posts: 140 Member
Are there any mods that change the sitting down posture? I mean, no one sits down the way the sims do with their hands on their lap. It looks a little awkward and I want more realistic sitting postures


  • ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 2,472 Member
    That's something I never thought to even notice, now I'm curious. But imagine the storms if they did have 'sit styles'. Which cultural norms to adopt, and how sexist to be or not to be? I guess there could be cross legged either at knee or ankle for all genders, and legs not crossed nor held tightly together, just separate at the knees. That's going took very strange in short skirts though. All the ideas around assigned gender-specific modesty codes, double standards that mostly penalize women, the hot topic of what is and is not "manspreading" and so on.

    I wouldn't want to be in charge of opening that can of worms!
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  • lebgirl_18lebgirl_18 Posts: 140 Member
    @ignominiusrex I love what you said here and yeah I can see how it would be difficult to figure out what works but I would like for them to not look so stiff while sitting, like who sits like that!?! 😂
  • jandenbjandenb Posts: 11 New Member
    how often do you really have your sim sitting down doing nothing?
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