Do you have an emotional attachment to your sims ?



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    A little
    SERVERFRA wrote: »
    It depends on which household they are. I have many different timeline game saves now, so I have a bit of trouble remembering most of my households. ;)

    Same here! My saves got overwhelming.

    But when I was pretty new to sims4, I got attached to certain ones. These days I don't seem to want ot create any new sims, just play with townies, which irritates me that if I start a new game, I HAVE to first make a new Sim or download one from the gallery. Why?! Why can't we just enter the world and start playing the household that we wanted to, that's already there?

    I like to do strange things with them like see what happens when you have a teen go fall madly for Vlad, get knocked up by him, and try to juggle football practice with being pregnant and passing exams and going to prom but then going into labor at prom!

    That kind of thing has me rolling, but unfortunately, nothing actually happens. Everyone and everything just proceeds as if this is part of a normal Tuesday.

    It's so hard to make drama in the Sims4 because nothing ever really matters, it's all perfectly fine no matter how absurd it is.
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    To answer your why? question, you can thank the online origin of the game. In online games you need to make your player character first so you can enter the game world. EA couldn't/wouldn't alter that to recognize already existing sims as a possibility for playing.
  • JackieDawJackieDaw Posts: 18 New Member
    I mean, I try to start a legacy over and over again, but I can't continue when my sims get old because they have to die of old age...
  • PlayerRayLeePlayerRayLee Posts: 5 New Member
    Yes, I do get attached to my sims, but that's what I love about sims, you never know which sims you will want to keep forever and sims you want to kill lol. Yeah, I know they are pixels but they are my pixel :) s and they help me get away from reality for a while so I can go back and deal.
  • LJKLJK Posts: 208 Member
    Yes, very much so. I'm the kind of Simmer that will create character profiles for his Sims. My main Sim, I have a deep attachment to and by extension, has the most detailed profile out of all my Sims. That said, excluding my main Sim, I don't let attachment interfere with the story/gameplay. Attached or not, if a Sim dies, that's it. They're dead. It helps me remain emotionally invested in the game.
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    Yes, for some sims. I play my simself's family, so it feels like they are a part of me. And the game is an important part of my life, but I do take breaks from it. If I played pre-mades or just sims I made up, then they would feel more like characters in a fictional story, with not so much emotional attachment.
  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 851 Member
    Of course I do! They're my babies! But the thing is, I can't get attached to every sim of mine even if it tried to. But some sims just have that magnet. Im drawn to them. Whether it be their style, personality or backstory. Or maybe i just relate.
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    Absolutely, I wouldn't play the game if I didn't care about my Sims. This is also why I create them myself in CAS, over playing the premades. It's also why I watch certain TV series, and not others. If we can't relate, if emotions aren't evoked, what is the point?
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  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 5,541 Member
    Without a doubt. I feel their emotions too. That lip quiver when they're uncomfortable or sad, breaks my heart. I want to give them a hug when that happens. The Sims is more than a game to me. The sim in my profile picture, it could be said she saved my life. Playing her character and through her and the stories I made for her I could live vicariously. She and I became a team and now there is small group of sims in her current story that I've come to think of as virtual friends and family as well.
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  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 626 Member
    A little
    I do care about my Sims, because pretty much every Sim I play, I created them. Some of those Sims do marry townies.
    However, on the flip side, I plan to have those Sims create more children, and I plan to turn age back on for them to pass on.
    Some Sims I download from Gallery based on series I like I tend to care a bit more for, since I watched the series they came from, and only make Sims of my favorite characters.
    Pretty much all save files are on the first generation, so I may end up becoming more attached to a Sim, but my goal is the make as many generations as I can, so I am not super attached to my Sims at the moment.
  • LamaaaayLamaaaay Posts: 62 Member
    A little
    It really depends on the sims, like in one of my current save where the permeance of the save is that. a teen moves in with her grandparents in Bridgeport after her parents die and slowly moves up the fame ladder. (basically I hadn't played with the fame system in a while and had downloaded a mod to make it more difficult.) So the teen, now young adult, I have become quite attached to but her grandparents just kinda exist so I don't really think I will care when they die.
  • HyawehHyaweh Posts: 36 Member
    Not with all of them. But for example lately I do have a save I totally adooore. I'm taking my time, I enjoy every moment of it and it's so good to play with them.

    But it's not always the case. Sometimes, I just like them but I'm not really attached. That's a part of what I do like in that game... it always surprises me when I don't expect it to.
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  • JustinB113JustinB113 Posts: 299 Member
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    A little
    Sure. Nothing over the top but like, I think of them fondly and I’d be a little sad when they die, although also a bit happy if their life went well.

    I played a legacy family for a while and switched to a different household, and it’s always so nice when I see the old ones in a community lot or something.
  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,161 Member
    Well, after all I've created them. I've spent time on making them and thinking about their stories and what to do next.
    I have a set of sims who I recreate every The Sims game. Their stories and appearance may be different to accommodate the way the game plays, but it is so. I haven't taken them to other games though...
  • rjssimrjssim Posts: 1,284 Member
    I do.
  • octotigeroctotiger Posts: 42 Member
    Yes, there are some sims that I've made that I don't want to see die, so I have them eating life fruit, growing death flowers, or I turn off aging for a particular save. Sometimes, I wonder if my interest in keeping them alive is due to the amount of time I'd spent playing their household and building up their skills though, as sims behave similarly to each other aside from their traits and appearance.
  • xoJessixoJessi Posts: 1,827 Member
    They're all my little babies :D:D

    (Okay maybe not that severe)
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