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Friday Highlights August 12th- A Week on The Sims Forums

EA_MariEA_Mari Posts: 178 EA Community Manager
August 12th- Friday Highlights

Sul,Sul Simmers and welcome to this Friday Highlights ...

💠On Wednesday we had a Sims Delivery Express with new Create a Sim items and swatches for your Sims! As well new Scenario for teens, a new oversized sweatshirt & face paint that shows off school spirit & two hairstyles!

Pics from cheer practice! Posted here by @tatselk.

🔹While checking out the amazing builds other Simmers are working on, I've found a great creation this week! @zucchinionpizza has shared this really beautiful 'Family Modern House' in the thread "Share your newest The Sims 4 creations here!" that deserve attention. :) 🏘️

🔸Don't you also feel like we could do with something fun on this Friday? Let's get in "A 3 hint riddle game?" created by @Gamer12. 'The rules are simple: think of a noun (person, place or thing) and create 3 hints about the word. The hints can only be 1-2 words. The person who responds to your post can try to guess your word and proceed to make their own hints'. Stop by, and join the fun! o/ 🎮

🔹Next, a suggestion sent by @mightysprite: 'from @DaniRose2143's story Under the Tartosan Sun- Londyn reconciling with her parents, who took a long time to accept the fact that she loves someone of the same gender'. Such touching story of overcoming struggle, acceptance, reconciliation and reunion, which filled my heart with hope and really, really got me (not crying at all 😌 ). I am glad for the suggestion and for the creativity of this amazing community. My days are happier with all of you! 💙

🔸You know those times when we are too busy and don't have time to even remember to eat? Then you reach out to your bag for that cereal power bar, that has been sitting there waiting for this exact opportunity. Well, the same happens to our Sims, and if we don't feed them, we all know what happens! Based on this, @bruceleroy98 asks: "What is the best food item to keep in your inventory to fill you up?". Send your suggestions, Simmers! 🍰😋

🔹And to finish off our Highlights for today, I'm very happy to bring up a topic for The Sims 1 that hasn't been discussed here in a long time: "What happened in your game today? (Sims 1)" with fresh updates from @haisin. Im so happy to know that youre still having fun playing The Sims 1, and I also love that big tomato! 🍅

That's it from me! It's time to get ready for a long & sunny weekend with plenty time to spend with my Sims.

As usual, if you have any recommendations for next week's Friday Highlights, please send them on to me!

Take care everyone & Happy Simming! 💟


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