WCIF, Mod request...is it even possible

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Does any know where I can find, if someone can make it or if its even possible to make Custom TV channels or movies.

I am currently knee deep in the Fall - winter holiday season and I was thinking it would be really nice to have custom holiday channels or movies.

Spooky movies for Spooky Day (Halloween), Festive movies for Winterfest (Christmas) etc.. but With the custom channels or movies I would like for them to fill some of the holiday traditions like spooky spirt or festive spirit.

I would love to have my Sim family sit around and watch a beloved festive movie after spending the day decorating the tree or playing in the snow. Or get into the spooky spirit after watching a favorite horror movie.

I know there is a spooky movie option in the Movie hangout pack but I would like it to fulfill the spooky spirit.

Does a mod like this exist and if not how hard would it be to make for a modder who only really does recolors, and the occasional simple tuning conversions. Would anyone be willing to make it if its more challenging? Is it even possible at all.
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