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My pack ideas

FirewestgamerFirewestgamer Posts: 30 Member
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I have a whole bunch of ideas for EP, GP, ST, and kits I will post 5 here and others down in comments. Please post your ideas below.

Zoo EP
World: Zootopia
Main feature Go to a pre made zoo or build your own
Traits: Wild, Animal, and Nuts
150 build mode
100 CAS items
That all I had but if I where to guess what the base game update would add I would say hmm tell me in comments cuz idk

French Furniture Kit
It would add French Furniture.

Lego GP (stuff pack)
Worlds: Legoland
It would add Lego building
500 build mode
50 CAS

Ghostly SP
Yes it is like paranormal
More advanced ghosts
50 CAS
50 Build Mode

Please post your ideas below
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