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Dog Training RE: Cats and Dogs

TaoronTaoron Posts: 2,031 Member
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I normally only build and haven't played in some time, with a family, but I do have a child now, who is helping train the family dog.

As a professional Dog Trainer, it does kill me a little inside to see a Retractable Leash and that the Friendly Greeting to a dog is to stick your hand in it's face. Simply for reference, Retractable Leashes are not only lazy, but offer zero control over the dog and are overly prone to breaking, often sending the dog into perilous circumstances. As far as greeting, being two completely difference species, dogs hate it when we stick our "Paws" in this face and it's a really good way to get yourself bit.

I think that Cats & Dogs, even being an older pack, would do well to add a, or some, Professions to it's lineup. Mainly Dog Trainer, but Dog Caretaker (Walker, Boarding, Drop-In Checks, etc.) are very popular these days, as a profession and the latter, as the kids say, a good side hustle.

The basic Dog Training Cues (I don't like Commands) are good, but much could be added, for a profession.

Eye Contact (Pay Attention)
Sit with an Extended Stay
Down (Lie Down)
Down with an Extended Stay
OFF (Don't jump on people, Don't Counter Surf, Get Off the Furniture)
Place (Go to your bed)
Leave It (Don't put that in your Mouth
Drop It (Drop What you have in your Mouth
Take It (Put this In your Mouth)
The two previous can be an extended way of teaching Fetch
Recall (Come to me)
...and much More

The Profession itself could be built in stages, built around actual Dog Trainers schooling.

Staring with Basic Entry..

Dog Walking
Dog Boarding

Moving on to...

Dog Psychology
Dog Body Language
Dog Behavior
Dog Wellness (CPR, Basic Medicine, Dietary Needs)

Splitting into two Studies of..

Professional Dog Trainer
Animal Behaviorist

Or even More with..

Dog Grooming
Boarding Facility
Dog Walker

Heck, we could also add a phone App like Rover or Wag, for the side hustle people to earn extra income as teens and young adults. The possibilities are endless. A good Trainer can make $1000+ a week with a really good trainer being worth a couple to a few hundred thousand a year. (Please don't add in Shock Collars...keep it +R training for the sake of the dog and my sanity.)

I'm sure I'm missing things, but just top of my head theory crafting in the middle of the night, I believe there's a huge opportunity for a new world for our quadruped friends in the game, to learn and be more of an active part of our world, opening up new skills and professional opportunity for our Sims.

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