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Starting a new story based on the oregon trail and american pioneers.

Alrighty, I got my new story all set in place, I been playing a phone game called "The Oregon Trail" and I love History and time travel stories.
I've done medieval stories, now I'm trying something different.

June 10th, 1848
Its been a month since the wagon train left their home in Independence.
Things seemed to have been running smoothly for the time being, supplies
were full and their spirits high. They were bound for Oregon City.
Their first destination would be the log house, a well known stop for travelers braving
the trail, there they would be able to refill on supplies and take care of their needs.

Mary: Oh? Look over yonder! I think someone might be on the ground.
Mary, the elder of the group was a plump little lady with a pudgy face. Everyone
loved her and she was a motherly figure to everyone. Naturally, her giving nature
wanted to go and see if someone was in trouble.
Joseph: I think Mary might be right, might want to take a gander and see if we can help.

Joseph was a priest from the local church, he was leaving independence in hopes to spread
the word of god to other good folk. He was rather gruff looking with his long beard, and rounded
belly, but anyone who knew Joseph, knew he was a gentle giant.

Celeb: I'll go check on them, and report back.
Celeb, the youngest was the leader of the wagon train. Despite his age,
he had experience in leadership and his group looked upon him for guidance.
Celeb had recently lost his father, and was heading west to claim his rights to his home
and fortune.

Harper: A nap sounds just right...good maker its hot.
Harper shot up quickly from her sound sleep, rubbing the dirt from her eyes.
The prairie sun was beating down on her face, causing her cheeks to turn bright

Harper: Where am I? Where's camp.
Harper quickly viewed her surroundings, no longer was she at her summer camp, where she was camp conselor
to a bunch of grade school kids, but in the midst of a mountain forest.She looked far and wide and not a house nor
car could be seen. She looked down at her clothes.
Harper: Who put me in this tacky prairie dress? She moaned as she grabbed the bottom of her dress.
She searched frantically for her phone, realizing it was no where to be found.

Caleb: Excuse me Ma'am, but are you in need of assistance?
Harper heard a gently voice call from behind her, she turned to find a young man staring at her.
She eyed him for a moment, noticing his features.
Caleb: Are you okay?
Harper: Oh.I think so. I'm sorry, I'm just a little lost is all.
Caleb: I can see that. Where is your group?
Harper: My group? I don't have a group.
Caleb: You're traveling alone?
Harper: I'm not traveling...

Mary: Oh dear, you shouldn't be wandering out in the wilderness
alone, you might get robbed or eaten by a bear.
Caleb: Mary! Don't say that, you'll scare the poor girl.
Harper: I'm not sure what's going on, or who you all are.
Mary: How rude of us, I'm Mary. I'll be happy to help you dear.
This is Caleb, He's our group leader. And behind me Joseph.
Harper: Are you some sort of roleplaying group?
Mary: "Roleplaying?" Never heard of it.
Harper: Did I hit my head or something?
Mary: The poor dear is confused, we can't leave her out here.
Harper: I'll be fine, if you just point me to the nearest town.
Caleb: I'm afraid you're miles from the nearest village, and its no
trouble. You can ride with us.
Joseph: It would be a pleasure to have you on with us.
Mary: What's your name dear?
Harper: My name is Harper.
Mary: Well Harper, why don't we get you something to eat and drink.
Caleb: We'll make camp here then.
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    Had to break this down in 2 parts.

    Mary decided it was time to drawer water for tomorrow's bath.
    She gave the bucket a quick smell, there was no peculiar smell
    coming from the bucket, she deemed the water safe to use.

    The group gathered around the firepit to spend some time sharing
    stories and getting to know each other. Caleb noticed Harper was
    keeping her distance from everyone and thought that he should go
    and check in on her.

    Caleb: Mind if I join you?
    Harper: Oh...of course.
    Harper scooted over making room for Caleb to sit down next
    to her. He smiled waiting for her to say something, when she didn't,
    He initiated conversation.

    Caleb: So, Harper. Where were you heading?
    Harper: I wasn't heading anywhere...
    Caleb: I don't know many people who wander around the trail
    unless they were heading somewhere.
    Harper: I guess I'm the first then..
    Caleb: I suppose so. Where you from?
    Harper: New York.
    Caleb: You're a long way from home...if you weren't going anywhere.
    Harper: If I knew the answer, I wouldn't be here.I'm just as confused
    as everyone else here.
    Harper didn't mean to snap, but she was a bit irritated, not knowing what
    was going on, and being drilled on top of it.
    Caleb: Sorry, I didn't mean to pry, just trying to get to know you.
    Harper: I know, I'm sorry...I'm just moody, I guess.
    Caleb studied Harper for a bit, her light hair gently blowing in the wind.
    Caleb You ever been on horseback?
    Harper: No.
    Caleb: Come with me, I think its time you learn.

    Caleb watched Harper struggle to get on the horse. He chuckled
    and offered to help. In which she refused.She wanted to accomplish
    this herself.

    Harper: ...This isn't my forte...I don't like heights.
    Caleb: Don't worry, I'll catch you if you fall off.
    Harper: What a gentleman.
    She rolled her eyes and held the reigns as if she was dying.

    Caleb: Harper, be careful! If you need help, I can help you.
    Harper: no thanks, I'll get off myself.

    Harper gently grabbed the saddle all the while praying the horse
    wouldn't throw her, she didn't need any head injury.
    Caleb: Oh, veggies. These would be good for supplies. Mind helping me?
    Harper: Of course! This is my forte here, I love plants.

    Harper managed to harvest twice as many potatoes as Caleb did.
    She stuffed them into her bag and loaded it on to the house, the
    two set back to the camp.

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    As Harper was wandering about, she tripped over a small object on
    the ground.She soon realized it was her cellphone.
    Harper: Yes! Its here...but no service. Its like a total dead zone out here.
    She waved her phone around and tried to pick up a signal, to no avail.
    Actually, I probably shouldn't wave this about, might be tried for witchraft or something

    Caleb: Evening Miss Harper, can't sleep?
    Harper: No, I got a lot on my mind.
    Caleb: I bet you do, care to talk a walk?
    Caleb beckoned Harper over to the fence offering
    to stay up and chat. She gladly accepted his company joining
    him over on the fence.

    Caleb: You have any family back home? Not that I mean to pry..
    Harper: I am sorry for snapping yesterday, I really didn't mean to.
    Caleb: Think nothing of it, Harper.
    Harper: Just my mother... my father passed recently.
    Caleb: So did mine...
    Harper: I'm sorry...I guess you know the feeling then.

    Caleb: I sure do.
    The two spent the rest of the evening talking and getting better acquainted, before
    eventually turning in for the evening.

    Caleb: Good morning, Harper.How are you holding up?
    Harper: Just fine, though I am a bit tired.
    Caleb: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep you up so late.
    Harper: Not your fault at all.

    The day started just as any other day., hot and humid.
    What little shade the trees gave, provided no relief from the humid
    sun. Harper tried to fan herself cool as she hustled along, lagging behind
    the rest of the group.

    Harper: Maker! Its so hot! I can't take this anymore.I want out of this
    tacky dress.
    Mary: Harper, Dear, what's troubling you?
    Harper: What's troubling me is this heat! You could just die from it.
    Joseph: I think you might be embellishing it a bit, dear.
    Harper: I come from an area of cooler weather. This is pure torture.

    The party was halfway to their check point for the night, but spotted
    a traveler's shop. They decided to give Harper a break and let her cool
    off in the building

    Harper: I'm sorry for bickering earlier, thank you for letting me
    voice my grievances.
    Mary: It's no trouble dear, we all need to speak our minds every
    now and then.Are you feeling better?
    Harper: Much better, thank you.

    Another day done and over with. Harper wondered how much longer
    she could take this traveling, and wondered how she would ever get back home.
    She soon found herself drifting off to sleep.

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    Joseph: Miss Harper, good morning.
    Harper: Good Morning Joseph, Caleb.
    Caleb: How you holding up, Harper?
    Harper: I'm fine, thank you.

    The weather seemed to be a bit cooler than usual. Fall was just
    around the corner, and Harper loved this weather! As usual she tried
    getting her phone to work, but to no avail.Why do I even bother?
    The group marched on hoping to reach the Fort Pierce before the end of
    the week.

    Caleb: Harper, what do you like to do in your free time?
    Caleb asked. He wanted to get to know Harper a little better, but
    tried his best not to pry, she seemed to be quiet and reserved and he
    was trying to help her open up a bit.
    Harper: Oh? I like writing and painting.
    Caleb: You like to write? That's very impressive.
    Harper: Thank you, but I'm sure your skills are more impressive.

    Mary: Where is Harper? I don't see her around.
    Joseph: You are right. The young lady is gone.
    Caleb: Good maker! Keep walking, I'll go find her.

    Caleb searched everywhere he could for Harper, she wasn't anywhere
    to be found, the only sound he heard was the rustling of a lonely deer and
    a few rabbits rushing through the bushes.

    Caleb: Thank the maker! There you are. We've been searching everywhere
    for you.
    Harper: I'm sorry, I spotted this fruit garden and wanted a few strawberries.
    Caleb was clearly frustrated with Harper.
    Caleb: Harper, I'm not sure how your groups were run, but we stick together
    here. Kindly let us know where you're going.

    Harper: I do apologize, I'm used to being alone, I didn't mean to
    make you all worry. It won't happen again.

    Caleb smiled at Harper, feeling a sense of relief knowing she was okay.
    Caleb: Don't worry about it, Harper.I'm just glad you're okay.
    He gave her hand a gentle squeeze and beckoned for her to join the rest
    of the party.

    Harper followed Caleb over to the camp site, where Mary sat lazily
    in her chair knitting away.She peaked up over her project and looked
    Harper over.Harper could feel a motherly lecture coming on.
    Mary: You know dear, you really shouldn't run amuck like that.
    There are bears that will eat you out here.
    Caleb: Mary! Don't tell her that.
    Mary: A little fear might serve her well, she won't be so reckless.
    Harper: Yes, I understand. I apologize, I won't do it again.
    Caleb shook his head and gave Harper the "Its okay" look.

    After dinner, Harper decided to watch the wildlife, she spotted a mother
    rabbit and her babies heading home. Caleb took great interest in watching
    Harper, and found himself smiling at her enjoyment over simple things.
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    The next morning proved to be quite beautiful.Harper stood for a moment basking in the warm sunlight.She wasn’t used to such clean, refreshing air.It was a nice change from the city life.

    Harper: Look over there.
    She pointed to the distance, it seemed to be an old wagon.Something
    in Harper's gut told her to go check on the wagon, so without waiting for the
    others she rushed to the decrepit wagon.

    Joseph: Harper, please wait for the rest of us.
    Mary: I can not keep up with this young sapling. She has too much
    energy for me.

    Charity: Sonny, mama's gone to be with god now...just you
    you and me! -cries- I want my mama.

    Charity: Oh a lady! Are you here to help us?
    Harper: Where's your mother?
    Charity: Mama went to be with god, she had Cholera.
    Harper: What is Cholera?

    Joseph: Cholera is a disease you get from drinking contaminated
    water. A risk we take whenever we drink from these ponds. Most
    likely caused the young lady to become dehydrated.
    Harper: We can't leave her out here.. Where's Caleb?
    Charity: Who is that?
    Harper: Don't worry, he's very nice, he'll take good care of you.

    Charity instantly latched to Caleb, not wanting to let go.
    Charity: Are you gonna leave me out here?
    Caleb: Of course not! We don't leave people alone.
    He looked up at Harper and smiled at her.

    Charity: She is right, you're a nice person!

    Charity and her dog Sonny joined the wagon train, they continued
    on toward their next pit stop.

    Caleb: Why are you smiling like that? You look suspiciosly like
    the cat that swallowed the Pidgeon.
    Mary: Canary.
    Caleb: What?
    Mary: I look like the cat that swallowed the canary.
    Caleb: Not the point, why you smiling.
    Mary: You were watching her, with great interest I might add.
    Caleb: She's a lady..I was looking to her for guidance.
    Mary: Oh. And what guidance did you find in those swaying hips?
    Caleb: No, I wasn't looking at her in that sense..
    Mary: Of course not.

    Caleb: I hate you. You're an evil woman.

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    Harper: Caleb, that was awfully nice of you to let Charity ride.
    Caleb: Think nothing of it, Ma'am, poor girl has suffered enough.

    The party continued their long trek into Arizona. Harper's feet
    were ached something awful.. They had lost their wagon a wile back
    due to the wheels giving out, and lack of items to repair it.

    Charity: Harper lets play tag.
    Harper: Alright.I'm going to die in this god forsaken sun.
    The girls spent the afternoon playing, charity taken a liking to Harper
    and wouldn't leave herside.

    Harper: Maker child! you have a lot of energy.
    Charity: Mama used to say the samething! You're a nice lady just
    like mama.
    Charity: We'll take good care of you.

    After reaching the town of Dustyville, Harper decided the group
    needed some fresh water, seeking the cleanest option, she decided
    to get some from the well. Caleb watched harper with great interest.


    Stranger: Howdy, Travelers might I trouble you a moment.
    Caleb: Hello, what can we do for you?
    Teddy: My name's Teddy, I lost my group a while back on the trail
    and haven't been able to catch up. By chance, are you heading to Oregon
    Caleb: We are..
    Teddy: Then would it be too much to ask if I might accompany you on
    your travels? I'm a good fisherman and hunter, I'll be able to help with

    Caleb: We'd be happy to have you aboard. I'm Caleb by the way,
    Teddy: Thank you, Caleb, that's mighty nice of ya, I promise ya I'll
    be handy.

    Caleb: Is this a private gathering, or may I sit with you? Caleb
    said, noticing Harper lost in thought.
    Harper: Oh, Caleb...Of course, let me move over.
    Caleb: Are you feeling alright?
    Harper: I suppose I'm just a little homesick.
    Caleb: I can don't speak of your home often.
    Is there a reason.
    There is a reason, but I don't think I should say Harper
    didn't think it was best to tell the truth.
    Harper: There is...but I'm not sure if I'm ready to talk.
    Caleb: Understood...We're here if you are though...

    Caleb: You know much about stargazing Harper?
    Harper: Can't say that I do, I never stargazed.
    Caleb: Sit.I do it when I'm feeling stressed, it helps me relax.


    Caleb unconsciously slipped his hand onto Harper's.

    Taking the young lady by surprise.

    Caleb pulled back, looking away.Maybe I shouldn't have done that
    He thought to himself, but Harper slid a little closer, hinting that it was



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    Harper: Teddy, you traveled quite a bit in your time right?
    Teddy: That's right Ma'am.
    Harper: Have you any stories from your travels?
    Teddy: Ah, you wanna hear about my travels do ya? I'd be happy to oblige.

    Teddy: There was one time I had to fight off a grizzly with just one
    bullet left.
    Harper: Oh maker! How did you manage that?
    Teddy: With pure luck and god on my side. I managed to hit
    the bear in just the right place. That's when I met my previous
    wagon train.

    Caleb: What is he saying to her?
    Mary: Mm? Oh Teddy? Probably telling her one of his tall tales.
    Frankly, I think they are all nonsense.
    Charity: I like teddy's stories! He's funny.

    Caleb: She's still listening to his tales...Doesn't he ever stop talking?
    Joseph: Am I detecting a bit of jealousy.
    Caleb: No...just a bit of "I'm sick of hearing his tall tales".
    Joseph: If you say so.

    Harper: Good morning, Caleb.
    Caleb: Morning Harper, enjoying Teddy's stories?
    Harper: Oh yes, he has many stories from his adventures.
    Have you listened to any of them?
    Caleb: Just bits and pieces.You shouldn't believe every
    story he tells though, most of it is just nonsense.
    Harper: Oh I know. But he gets such enjoyment out of
    telling me them.

    Caleb: Where are you off to?
    Harper: I'm going to hear more of his stories.
    Caleb shook is head in annoyance and watched Harper run off to walk
    with Teddy.

    Teddy: And that's how I got away from the natives.
    Harper: You are so brave, very impressive!
    Teddy: Thank you, Miss Harper, I enjoy telling you my tales.

    Caleb: "Thank you miss harper I enjoy telling you my tales" Please.
    You're just being a showoff.
    Joseph: Someone's ego is hurt.
    Caleb: I'm not jealous.
    Joseph: No? Then you're just whiny.

    Charity: Why is Caleb so mad Mary? Did I do something?
    Mary: No, child. You didn't do a darn thing. Its something you'll
    learn when you get over.
    Charity: Did he steal something? Stealing is bad.
    Mary: Maker! No.Just never you mind, dear.

    Harper: Hi Caleb!
    Harper looked around and noticed the rest of the group was no
    where to be seen.
    Harper: Where's everyone else?
    Caleb: About a mile back, where you both left us all to go
    galivanting and reminiscing.
    Harper: I'm sorry, I didn't realize we were so far ahead.
    Caleb: That much is clear.

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    Mary: Caleb, what's wrong? You seem rather upset.
    Caleb: I'm not upset, but does he really have to brag about his
    fishing and his shooting, and his everything.
    Mary: Jealousy is not a good color on you.
    Caleb: I am not jealous. Why would I be jealous?!
    He's just very irritating and I'm about to send him packing.
    Mary: I think you are overreacting a bit.

    Charity: I can count to ten!
    Teddy: That's very good, young lady.Who taught you how to count
    like that?
    Charity: Miss Wilson, my school teacher!

    Harper was assigned to prepping the meat..She felt rather guilty
    grinding up the deer and bird and apologized multiple times in
    the process.

    Harper: Hi Caleb! You feeling any better?
    Caleb: What do you mean? I'm feeling just fine, Harper.
    Harper: You seemed like something was bothering you.
    Caleb: Its nothing, but thank you for your concern.Come
    out and eat with us?
    Harper: Of course.

    Joseph: Caleb, we're running low on supplies, might not have
    enough to last until the flood waters subside.
    Caleb: Someone will need to ride into town and pick up some.
    Harper: I'd be happy to go.
    Caleb: I'm not sending you out there alone Harper, if you're going
    someone will have to go with you.
    Teddy: I'd be happy to accompany the young lady.

    Caleb: I think that someone should be me. I'll go with Harper.
    Teddy: Are you sure? I'd hate for ya to have to leave your party
    while you ride to town.
    Caleb: Joseph can look after everyone, it will only be a couple days.
    Teddy: If you insist, then okay.
    Caleb: I insist.

    Harper and Caleb set off for the closest village, which was about
    20 miles from their camp. Their travel proved quite uneventful.
    Harper: Are you sure you're fine leaving everyone back there?
    Caleb: They'll be fine, Joseph will look after them.
    Harper: Teddy was more than happy to help.
    Caleb: I rather not send you with someone we barely know.
    Harper: If that's how you feel...okay then.

    Caleb: Horses won't make it over the bridge, we'll have to hitch them
    to the post and continue on foot.

    Harper and Caleb made their way cross the bridge. Every now
    and then Harper tried to walk on the railing, but Caleb kept pulling
    her down.
    Caleb: Please stop doing that.
    Harper: I'll be fine....
    Harper said as she continued to balance across the railing, her next
    step caught her foot and she stumbled, falling over the bridge and into
    the the river below.
    Caleb: Harper!

    Harper thrashed about in the water, trying to bring herself back up.
    Unfortunately she didn't know how to swim and kept getting pulled
    under by the rapids.
    Harper: Help!
    Caleb: Hang on Harper, I'm coming.
    Caleb didn't hesitate to pull his shirt off and jump into the river
    after Harper.It was a long struggle to reach her, as the rapids kept
    sweeping her down the river, but finally he reached her and pulled
    her to the shore.

    Caleb: Maker...Harper...
    Harper started gasping and coughing trying to gain air.
    Caleb: Here, I'll help you up.

    She immediately threw her arms around him and didn't let go.
    He held her close, until she pulled back.

    Caleb: Harper, are you okay?
    Harper: I think saved me.Thank you.
    Caleb: Of course!
    They stood for a moment, smiling at each other. He gave her
    hand a gentle squeeze.
    Harper: Maybe we should go back...I'm cold!
    Caleb: Yes, let's go back. We can get another time.
    They made their way back toward camp, Halfway through
    Caleb decided he needed a break. He noticed Harper shivering,
    and pulled her close to keep her warm.

    Harper: What are you doing?
    Caleb: You're still shivering Harper..You okay?
    Harper: Yes, I'm fine.
    He smiled at her, studying her expressions.

    She finally pulled back from his embrace, still shivering from
    her wet clothes.
    Harper: I'm getting a little tired...maybe we should return to camp?
    Caleb: Of course.
    He gave her a slight nod.


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    Harper: Morning Caleb.
    Caleb: Morning Harper, are you okay after last night?
    Harper: I'm fine.
    Caleb: Please don't be so reckless again, you could have died.
    Harper: If Dysentery hasn't killed me, I don't think a little water will.
    Caleb: Don't get snarky. It was reckless.
    Harper: I'm sorry, I won't do it again..
    Caleb: Do you mean that?
    Harper: Yes.
    Caleb: Really? You mean it?
    Harper: No.
    Caleb: Maker's breathe.

    Teddy approached Caleb and Harper, offering to take Harper
    into town to get supplies, seeing how Harper's mishap cuased
    some delay in restocking.
    Caleb: I don't know, I still don't want to send her off with someone
    we don't know well enough.
    Harper: He'll be okay with me, Caleb. You don't have to worry.
    Caleb: I'm not so sure I can trust you not to fall off a bridge again.
    Teddy: I will not take her across any bridges.

    Caleb: Are you absolutely certain you want to go with him?
    Harper: I promise to be careful.
    Caleb: Alright, please just get what you need and come straight
    Harper: I will.

    Caleb watched Teddy and Harper leave for town.He hoped he
    didn't make a mistake sending her off with Teddy.

    Caleb: Maker.

    After getting their supplies, Teddy decided it would be a good
    time to try to be a little flirtatious with Harper. Little did Harper
    know Teddy was not part of any wagon train. He planned on
    robbing stage coaches. His plan was to use Harper to get
    what he wanted, and thought perhaps if he flirted a bit, it would open
    her up.Harper was not interested in flirting though and just wanted to
    head back to camp.
    Harper: ..Let's just head back, Teddy.
    Teddy: But why? We're alone, we got some time to get to know each
    He reached for her hands..
    Caleb: Keep your hands to yourself.

    Harper; Caleb, what are you doing here?
    Caleb: Stepping in just in time I see.
    Teddy: It wasn't what it looked like, Caleb.
    Caleb: No? I hear her say no, and see you step forward.
    You tell me what it was. Stay away, or I'll put two rounds in
    Caleb placed his hand on his holster, waiting for Teddy's move.
    Teddy shoved Caleb.
    Caleb: Don't shove me.
    In which Caleb shoved him back, the two ended up in a brawl in
    front of the general store.

    Annie: Someone go get the Marshal, they're going to kill each
    Daniel: I'll go get him, be right back.
    Harper: Both of you stop it, you're going to get yourselves killed.
    Annie pulled Harper inside, suggesting she not get involved.

    Marshal Dillion: Break it up all of, that's enough. Show's over
    He motioned all the townsfolk to move along.
    Marshal Dillion: Now, tell me what is with this nonsense.
    Teddy: This man jumped me in front of the general store!
    Marshal Dillion: What's your name?
    Caleb: Caleb...and that's not entirely true.
    Marshal Dillion: His arm and scratches say differently,
    you show no injury have no choice to bring you in.We
    can speak more at my office.

    Marshal Dillion: Not let me get this straight, you said he try
    to harass a young lady, you stepped in and he shoved you,
    and then you returned the shove and things got heated...If
    that's true, then how come the young lady didn't speak up.
    Caleb: I'm not sure where she went, but she is rather shy.
    You'd know that if you met her, she's not going to argue with
    a marshal, that for sure I can promise you. And I rather she didn't.
    Marshal Dillion: Everything points to you being the instigator, I'm
    sorry, I have no choice. I think a week in here will be fine.
    Caleb: While I think its not fair, I didn't do anything wrong, I won't
    argue, you're just doing your job.
    Marshal Dillion: Well, thank you for your corporation.

    Marshal Dillion: Hello, young lady.What can I do for you?
    Harper: I'm here to speak to Caleb.
    Marshal Dillion: you must be the young lady he spoke of.
    Harper: Yes, I am, Marshal.

    Marshal Dillion: Is what he says is true?
    Harper: They were both at fault Marshal.
    Caleb: Really? That's how we're going to be.
    Marshal Dillion: Caleb, let the lady speak. What's your name?
    Harper: My name is Harper, Marshal. Yes, Teddy tried to
    put his hands on me. I told him no, but they both were instigating
    each other, threating to put rounds into one another, that's
    when the shoving began and the brawl broke out.
    Marshal Dillion: I see. Do you know where Teddy is? I think
    a little one on one time in a cozy bed might do him some good
    as well.As for you Caleb, I still stand with my choice, both of you
    and Teddy should know we do not put up with fighting.The proper
    thing would have been to get me.
    Caleb: Yes I know.
    Harper: I think he took off, he's not at our wagon's camp.
    Marshal Dillion: I will go look and see if I can find him.
    You may speak to Caleb.

    Caleb: Thank you so much for defending me Harper.
    Caleb said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.
    Harper: You know darn right well you overreacted. Where
    I come from making threats to put two rounds into someone
    would not stand well. Both of you acted like children.
    Caleb: Perhaps so, but if you didn't find the need to flirt
    and bat your eyes at every man that looks at you, you wouldn't
    be in this predicament.
    Harper: And what's that suppose to mean?!
    Caleb: I saw the look you made speaking to the marshal, with
    your pretty smile. I swear your beauty is going to be your

    Harper: You think I'm beautiful?
    Caleb: ...I didn't..
    Harper: Now look who's being all cute.
    Caleb: Don't change the subject Harper..
    Harper: Thank you for trying to defend me,
    Caleb. I appreciate it.
    Caleb: You owe me a favor. Next time I ask
    you to do something.
    Harper: Sounds fair enough.
    Harper took Caleb's hand in hers and squeezed it gently
    pulling him closer.



    Harper: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.
    Caleb: What do you mean? Why?
    Harper: ..I can't tell you why....
    what am I suppose to say, I'm from 2022 and
    anything I say and do here, is going to change history.
    I'd be tried for witchcraft..ok maybe wrong time period,still.

    Caleb felt a little hurt by Harper's words.He wanted her to open up
    and share more about herself with him. But she kept pushing back.
    Caleb: I..understand..
    I guess I got you all stuck here for another week.
    Harper: Don't worry Caleb, we'll get you released soon.

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    Caleb: Charity, what's the matter sweetheart?
    Charity came running over to Caleb arms wide open and
    tears running down her cheek.
    Charity: Harper left.
    Caleb: What do you mean she left?
    Charity: She came out of her tent crying and said she had to
    go home and left.What if she dies like mama?

    Caleb: I won't let that happen, Charity.You go back to bed.
    I'll go find her.
    Charity: You promise?
    Caleb: Promise.

    Caleb: Come on Georgia, we have a run away to find.

    Harper managed to get her ipod to work and decided since she
    was alone she could use it.
    Harper: singing along: She comes down from Yellow Mountain
    On a dark, flat land she rides. On a pony she named Wildfire,with a whirlwind by her side
    On a cold Nebraska night.

    Caleb: Where do you think you're going?
    Harper: Oh maker! You scared me.
    She quickly stuffed her ipod into her pocket.

    Georgia missed Harper and decided to give her a big sniff as
    a Hello.
    Harper: Hi, Georgia.

    Caleb: What are you doing Harper?
    Harper: What do you mean? I'm resting.
    Caleb: Why'd you take off like that without telling anyone.
    Didn't I tell you before not to do that.
    Harper: I'm trying to find my way home.I'm tired of
    this walking and traveling, Caleb.I want to go home.

    Caleb: You could have said something. I could have helped you,
    if aren't happy with us. But you can't just wander off like that.
    Is that what you did with your last party?
    Harper: I told you, and I will tell you again, I did not have a party!
    Caleb: So you say.
    Harper: Its the truth, maker you're starting to irritate me.
    Caleb: And you are starting to irritate me Harper.

    Harper: Caleb, you don't understand, and won't understand.
    So kindly, please go.
    Caleb: I won't understand, because you won't let me. You
    refuse to talk to me about anything.
    Harper: I told you, I can't tell you.
    Caleb: Yes I know, because its all some big
    secrete where you're from. Where you going?
    Harper: Back to camp, if it will calm you down.
    Caleb: Don't be angry.

    Harper: Caleb, I'm tired, I don't feel well, I don't mean to be
    angry, but I really can't do this much longer.
    Harper started fanning herself, feeling her cheeks burning with heat,
    it was unusually hot compared to other days she thought.Caleb felt
    her head with hand.
    Caleb: Harper, you're running a fever.Let's go back to camp.
    You need rest.

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    Had to break this in 2 parts

    Mary: Harper looks like she's still not well.
    Caleb: I'll go check on her, thank you mary.

    Caleb: You feeling okay Harper?
    Harper: I'm fine.
    She quickly turned away and wiped her eyes.

    Caleb: Did you take the medicine Mary gave you?
    Harper: Of course, she made me.. I'm just tired, I'll be okay.
    Caleb: Do you want to ride Georgia, I can walk.
    Harper: I rather walk, but thank you.

    The group found an abandoned wagon trapped under a rock.
    They searched for the owners, but its apparent the group left some
    time ago.They did manage to find an abundance of food, medicine and
    spare clothing and packed as much as they could into their sacks.
    Unfortunately, the wagon itself was beyond repair.

    Caleb: Harper you dropped something.
    Caleb bent down and picked up the strange box.
    Caleb: What is this? He put it to his ear and pulled it back
    when he heard music coming from it.

    Harper: Its nothing, I'll take that, thank you.
    Caleb: What was that? It had music coming from it.
    Harper: No it didn't, you were just imagining it.
    Caleb pulled harper's hand, taking her outside of the in
    and into the barn.

    Caleb: Where are you from, Harper? I know you are not from here.
    But where?
    Harper: I really can't tell you, Caleb.

    Harper: Your charm isn't going to work on me, Caleb..
    Why do you have to be so charming.
    Harper: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
    Caleb: Why not give me a chance to believe you Harper.
    Please, I want to know more about you.
    Harper decided it perhaps it was time to open up about her
    home. She invited Caleb to sit down with her, who listened carefully
    to Harper. She expected a lot of judgment from his end. But he proved her
    wrong, and he listened and supported Harper.

    Harper: I suppose you think I'm a little strange.
    Caleb: Harper, I believe you. It all makes sense now. Why you
    didn't have a group, why you didn't speak of home.
    Harper: Yes, and that's why I should leave.I'll say goodbye this time.

    Caleb: don't have to..That doesn't change anything.
    At least stay a little longer.
    Harper: I don't think I should...I'm sorry.

    Caleb: Harper...please..


    Mary: Caleb, Dear, are you okay? You look like someone just
    drained the life out of you.
    Charity: Where's Harper? I have something to show her.
    Joseph: Why don't you come show me.
    Caleb: Harper is going home.
    Mary: Oh, I see now..

    Teddy: Having a rough time right now, Caleb?
    Caleb: You...what do you want?
    Teddy: Now is that anyway to greet someone tryin to help ya.
    Caleb: Any help you have, I don't want.

    Teddy: Why not forget that party wagon of yours and come join me.
    It will take your mind off of your troubles.
    Caleb: You mean completely abandon my group? That
    wouldn't be fair to them...besides I don't even know what you're
    up to.
    Teddy: I'll be Frank with you, Imma planning on robbing coaches
    as they pass through.

    Caleb: Someone should really get the Marshal on you.
    Teddy: Now ya wouldn't do that to me....if ya don't want to join
    I'll just go and leave ya here with your group and your troubles.
    Teddy turned to walk away, after a brief pause...
    Caleb: I'll come with you.
    Teddy: That's my boy, we'll take your horses.
    Go get dressed.

    Caleb: ...I don't feel right taking both horses from the group
    Teddy: Don't be turning cowardly now, Caleb. Either you're going
    all the way or you ain't going at all.
    Caleb: Fine, let's go.

    Caleb stopped for a moment looking back at the camp.He shook
    his head and continued forward.

    Teddy: Maker, Caleb, forget that girl, you don't need her.
    Caleb: Easy for you to say.
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    oops duplicate lol
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