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The other things for the teens to add to the game :
  • Food fight (TS2)
  • Sleeping bag (TS3)
  • Food truck (TS3)
  • Ice cream truck (TS3)
  • Pinball (TS1, TS2 & TS3)
  • Skateboard (use like a bike)
  • Kick scooter (use like a bike)
  • Venue : Nerd shop (TS3)
  • Venue : Arcade (TS3)
  • Venue : Fastfood restaurant
  • Venue : Skatepark (The Sims FreePlay)
  • Comic books (TS3)
  • Boarding schools (TS3) : Military school, sports academy, art school, hippie school or a posh prep
  • After school Activities (TS3) : school band, student newspaper
  • Teen house parties / Sleepovers (TS3)
  • NPC police officer (TS3) : If your sims' party gets too wild, the police may come to defuse the party.

Part-time / Odd jobs
  • Domestic helper : Lawn mowing, Pool cleaning, Ironing
  • Petsitting
  • Homecare service
  • Food delivery

Seasonal jobs
  • Theme Park employee
  • Hotel employee
  • Ski station (Winter)
  • Beach restaurant and services (Summer)
  • Gift Wrap job (Before Winterfest)
  • Holiday Center animator
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