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How about "Lore Section"?

JinxIndigoJinxIndigo Posts: 45 Member
edited July 2022 in Forum Ideas & Feedback
Im one of simmer who's very interested in Sims lore. Landgraab Family history; from Sims Medieval Tredony lord Demetreus Landegraab to Admiral Landgraab and his nectar crisis with Necteaux couple. Goth Family and ther magical lineage, Lady Ravendancer Goth to Crumplebottom family. Historical Sim figures from lore; Queen Hatshepsut, King Raymundo Rodiekhkare, King Nayr and Queen Nosylla, Mad Mary McArthur and Princess Cordelia. Im also interested in supernatural lore and werewolf pack introduced very interesting lore, even including spellcasters. I would love to see a place where members discuss lore theories; (Were Calientes behind Bella's abduction, was Avelina Lunvik actually a vampire, was Olive Specter bethored with Grim Reaper, whats about Tragic Clown, did Bernard from Von Haunt Estate killed his wife Mimsy, who's Lolita Goth etc) and share lore findings (I haven read all the item describtions from buy mode in all games and many interesting lore can be found in item describtions. lately I have learned there is a Goth Family member named Morgana, drive men insane with her beauty after I read stage prop doll from Sims 3 Showtime)


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