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Please Add: Randomized Townie Toggles + Npc Management

SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 6,420 Member
edited July 26 in The Sims 4 Game Feedback
It's about time for new ''please add'' thread on my part :lol: so here goes

I wish there was toggles that let us control randomized townies
with these options:

* On/Off Randomized townie generation all together
this so game no more automatically spawns new randomized sims if you have it disabled
aaaaa freedom please let me have it I am so tired of those buggers it would solve so many issues
* On/Off Aliens,Vampires, Spellcasters, Mermaids etc from randomized townie generator
(each occult separate toggle)
this is so people who like having randomized sims
but don't like playing with occults could maintain their saves occult free hence no more nerfing wee
(given if you cured all premade occults game would not spawn more of them)

but also for occult players that don't want randomized townies gaining magical powers from thin air
and would like to keep their lore of only specific sims being able to occult
*On/Off Famous sims from randomized townie generation
This would make it so game doesn't spawn absolute nobodies with fame that run all over your sims and premade celebrities
and it would also just make way more sense if sims actually had to work for their fame not gain it from thin air
Ofcourse this would pose the problem because most of the randomized townies spawn for NPC roles in the game
therefore I think this should come with NPC Manager.

What would NPC Manager do?
- It would let you set sims of your own choosing for each NPC role that game has
the said sims would then show up whenever your game reaches for NPC like say bartender, maid, mail carrier

and/or you could choose so it would use sims on suitable career (say entertainers would spawn as well, entertainers.)
What if game cannot reach for that specific sim if they died or something and you had randomized townies off?
- Game would simply not spawn any sim at all or you could set like couple sims each NPC role

What if I don't want to set my own NPC?
- there could be randomize button to set random sim to the role
(similar to how you can randomize hero roles in sims medieval)

What about venues, schools, customers?
- if you chose to turn off randomized townie generation as whole
these venues should use households in other households and/or my households
if there is no households in other households in suitable age stage/lifestate no sim would show up

and there could be selections like with neighborhood stories
where you could toggle which sims can show up in these roles/for whole categories
like maybe game can just use my households sims or other way around

or maybe you could set which worlds residents may show up in which worlds as walkbys etc.
like say you could choose that Willow Creek sims can show up as walkby in Newcrest but not in Sulani
or choose that there be no walkbys at all except sims of that specific world

Would it still be possible to play game as is at the moment?
- Yes you would just keep all the randomized townies settings on default setting (On)
anyway would you like this feature? would you use such feature? do you wish it was a thing?
because I sure as plum do
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Please Add: Randomized Townie Toggles + Npc Management 23 votes

Yes on all above
CK213Oolonglongmueller_liteEnkiSchmidtcalipossChicklet453681logionLady_BalloraWildIrishBansheeViolettaSimmingalL33tP33tNWWorramotTequila_Rose_13191LT24 15 votes
Yes I want to set my own NPC
crocobauraCattyAuntBetsySkipInklingCleo60telemwill 5 votes
Yes I want toggles for randomized townies
Sorak4 1 vote
Yes I want to turn off spawning of randomized townies
dulcella 1 vote
No I don't particularily care
No why would I want to do that
No I love how randomized townies walk all over my save
PineappleMaple 1 vote


  • telemwilltelemwill Posts: 1,360 Member
    Yes I want to set my own NPC
    Good ideas! I think being able to appoint NPCs might solve the problem we have of not being able to play the Scott family in CoL or Molly's family in the new pack.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 6,420 Member
    edited July 26
    Yes on all above
    telemwill wrote: »
    Good ideas! I think being able to appoint NPCs might solve the problem we have of not being able to play the Scott family in CoL or Molly's family in the new pack.
    Yes it would be nice to be able to assign them back if they were kicked out of their roles
    and also it'd be even nicer if they stayed in their roles when played
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 6,420 Member
    edited July 27
    Yes on all above
    NPC in Sims 4 currently
    (there might be some missing)
    All of these can be taken over by randomized townie by mistake
    (or are always spawning randomized townies)
    and you have no way to correct the situation

    I will mark with :warning: the ones that could be using existing career sims
    yet somehow seem to anyway spawn randomized townies for whatever reason
    it would be nice to see sims in these careers doing these roles instead of sims that have no relation to anything
    Base game:
    Nanny :warning:
    Gardener :warning:
    Pizza Deliverer:warning:
    (these could be sims on fast food part time career)
    Caterer :warning:
    Entertainer :warning:
    Mixologist :warning:
    Mail Carrier
    Repo Person
    Community Gardener :warning:
    Gym Trainer:warning:
    Fisherman :warning:
    Homeless sim
    Stall Vendors (Multiple packs)
    Butler (VGS)

    Get to Work:
    Coworker :warning:
    (if you don't have enough sims on the career its randomized
    there is usually sims that are on career there thankfully
    but even so they're sometimes kicked out by randomized sim for no apparent reason)
    Criminal :warning:
    Pollination Technician (Alien Abduction)
    Outdoor Retreat:
    Forest Ranger
    Spa Day
    Massage Therapist
    Yoga Instructor
    City Living
    City Repairman
    Statue Busker
    Romance Guru
    Get Together
    Chalet Gardens Ghosts
    Pet Adoption Officer (Cats and Dogs)

    Eco Lifestyle:
    Eco Inspector:warning:
    Civic Inspector:warning:
    Dine Out:
    if you don't go through with whole restaurant owning thing
    and even then you may not be able to assign who you want
    Restaurant Critic:warning:
    Jungle Adventure
    Selvadorada Native
    Get Famous:
    Background actor:warning:
    actors use actual actors once in a while but mostly its dominated by randomized townies that spawn endlessly
    Stationary Camera Operator
    Dolly Camera Operator
    Special Effects Operator
    Wardrobe Stylist:warning:
    Makeup Artist
    CurioShop Owner
    OGA Agent:warning:
    Military Personnel:warning:
    Conspiracy Theorist
    Possessed sim
    Realm of Magic:
    Astral Projection Vendor
    Night Wraith

    + Yamachan, Jasmine Holiday, Guidry, Baby Ariel, Temperance,Tragic Clown,
    Grim Reaper, CoL roles, Father Winter
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  • PineappleMaplePineappleMaple Posts: 16 Member
    That will be cool and much more convenient if we have such update, agree
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