Best and worst thing about each sims game you've played



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    Pro- Everything exists because of this game. Plus we had a great storymode on the console version. Oh and the humour was easily the best here. Cake dancers. Cake. Dancers.
    Con- It's old enough that everything except for Magic Town has been done three times by the newer games so it's not as good to play in long bursts


    Pro- It's the Sims 1.5, better everything. Drama central and apartments still haven't been done better since. Still the most unique personalities in the series, (compare a shy and serious adult talking to an outgoing teen. They have different reactions and body language!)
    Con- I love you Sims 2 I really do, but I wish my neighbourhoods weren't ticking time bombs that have me worrying about the longevity of a save the second my Sims fear being chased by their toddler.

    Pro- Open worlds fun just to run around and seeing some neighbour have a fight on the sidewalk
    Con- Coming from the Sims 2 it's a bit hard to get used to how the Sims require more extreme slider work to look unique, also just harder to create Sims that look anything but Caucasian. Also no male voice 1 from the Sims 1 and 2.

    Pro- Character creation is probably at its peak here in terrms of Sims looking unique. And hey would you look at that, I can actually have my Sims wear a hat and have hair of their choice. No more bald Sims needing a buzz cut to wear a hat.
    Con- Drama doesn't feel natural and townies are just intentioanlly absurd to the point it kills my mood seeing them walk in the same place as my Sims dressed like budget carnival clowns. Humour feels way too goofy to the old titles. Oh and wheres the placable lots, if I want to make something like Mt Komorebi more than just 3 houses packed with 8 people just to fit more Sims into it then I'm forced to move people to places they don't fit. Because of that I also don't like how every world is intergrated. You live in Hawaii. Why are you knocking on my door in the middle of Arizona. Now why when I vacate to rural England are you somehow here too? Yeesh I just wanna have a uniform world.
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    Pros: The first one to set forth so many iconic sim moments to happen down the line, so many objects to play with, The vibe is quite creepy but in a fun way, Will Wright was clearly just very passionate about this project and it showed.

    Cons: Lack of life stages/aging, no days of the week so no set days off of work for sims.

    Pros: So much lore imbedded into the game, interactions are so detailed between sims, cutscenes for big life moments, Introduction to aging (within active household), still very challenging but not as difficult as TS1, OFB is just one of the best packs out of the entire The Sims franchise, kids and teens have so much to do, life/job aspiration reward objects are so cool.

    Cons: Sometimes taking care of their needs can be a lot if you are trying to do other specific things, if your sim dates when in college, if that sim isnt in your household too, then they wont age with your sim and wont graduate college as they are just an NPC meant to stay in college lol.

    CAW is amazing!! I am obsessed with finding new CC worlds made by other simmers to play my household generations in, color wheel giving endless customization to everything, open world, diving spots from IP are my favorite, soooo much for kids and teens to do with the generations pack, definitely the most ambitious game within The Sims franchise, so many different lot types to do different things and mix it up without getting bored.

    Cons: Open world causing not a lot of sims to spawn on the lots you are on for performance reasons, the color wheel sometimes creates major lag if i use it too much in one go, alot of the clothing is outdated and not my fave (but that is nothing cc cant fix) the many CC clothing items creating that weird t-shirt that autogenerates onto babies, toddlers and children, lag or crashes if i play for too long lol, but thats more of a personal issue i guess :D And the routing issues and bugs for some sims, areas of worlds, and for the active careers.

    Very pretty, the design of the sims themselves are cute and I quite like the look of them, B/B has many lovely items, I really enjoy Dine Out even with some of its bugs, CAS definitely has the most details and diverse of options compared to the previous games, overall it has a nice aesthetic, B/B catalog is the easiest to use with it's filter options.

    Cons: Not as much for kids and teens to do--even with added packs, the large amount of shell buildings used as set dressing around worlds to make them feel more alive but not giving any gameplay for sims in the form of rabbitholes, getting Cats & Dogs instead of Pets really was disappointing because I love getting the smaller pets that don't become members of your household, lack of gameplay depth overall, lack of/reuse of so many animations, about 9 years into this game and still doesn't even have all of the basic things that the previous games gave, "semi-open world" causing long paths for your sim to run down before getting to the loading screen.
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    Pros: 1st game in the series/I outgrew playing with Barbie and Ken despite still wanting to play but it just couldn't keep my interest anymore, I was into video games so that was perfect timing to continue in a brand new way/In-depth gameplay and attention to details

    Con: None that I can think of except I can't install it on newer operating systems so I can play

    Pros: Everything mostly in 3D/360 camera and a nice zoom function/Generations/Family Trees/Genetics/Aging/In-depth gameplay and attention to details

    Con: Progression with one lot at time and manually having to play the other households to keep everyone advancing in age, life. For this reason I rarely played with generations and usually played with aging off

    Pros: Open world/CASt (RGB/HEX)/real-time simulating and aging/no loading screens/creative freedom/more realistic graphics and aesthetic/realistic Sim A.I. personalities beyond traits and dynamic A.I. driven stories

    Cons: No in-depth open shopping and dining experiences initially which is what TS and TS2 brought to gameplay and was important to me. Even still mods have to enhance what was bought in the store because how the game engine is coded to handle service and role Sims/Not enough player freedom to control how you want to play your game with being able to modify any and all options such as different aspects of story progression than just on or off.
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    The Sims
    Favorite: Creepy phone calls. No, seriously, there's just something about being told that the end is near that adds that extra zest.
    Least Favorite: Lack of aging and natural death. I had a number of mods and hacked objects in my game just to have generational game play.

    Sims 2:
    Favorite: The Drama. When I first started playing it, my favorite thing was that it added aging, but now we have Sims 4, which does an even better job at that. The most important aspect where Sims 2 still reigns supreme to this day is that it has so much intricate relationship game play. It was a soap opera simulator and I loved that about it.
    Least Favorite: The game play mechanics were more complicated that The Sims, but less flexible than Sims 4.

    Sims 3:
    Favorite: Much faster loading times compared to Sims 2 at the time.
    Least Favorite: Next to impossible to play on rotation. I'm a dyed in the wool rotational player and I gave up on Sims 3 after a bit because it was a massive step back for my play style, compared to Sims 2.

    Sims 4:
    Favorite: The flexibility of the game play mechanics makes it an ideal environment for playing through quirky challenges.
    Least Favorite: Traits barely give sims any personality. They've gotten better, but they're still not great. In the first two iterations of the sims, personality dimensions had a powerful effect on the sims behavior.
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    Sims 2:
    Best: Being able to create our own worlds from scratch. Pets having jobs, and a lot of other things.
    Worst: Being in the era where the graphics were limited, so the CAS pales to what we have today.
    Sims 3:
    Best: How detailed the CAS was in some aspects, like being able to choose the hair color from root to tip. Open world, and how it added to Sims 3.
    Worst: Not fond of how the Sims looked, and I didn't like not being able to play other Sims without losing progress. Also, Sims 3 would basically kill my computer whenever I played it.
    Sims 4:
    Best: I like how detailed we can make Sims in the CAS. Love the CAS for pets and werewolves too.
    Worst: Don't like how the game can sometimes feel like a dollhouse compared to Sims 2 and Sims 3.
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