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Best and worst thing about each sims game you've played


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    EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 849 Member
    edited August 2022
    Sims 1:

    Pros: Different locations to visit; Careers
    Cons: No age progression from babies without visiting Magic Town, Limited BB/CAS

    Sims 2:

    Pros: Too many pros to list
    Cons: Limited BB/CAS

    Sims 3:

    Pros: Beautiful World, Gameplay, CAS
    Cons: BB, The Sims' appearance

    Sims 4:

    Pros: CAS
    Cons: Lack of gameplay
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    telemwilltelemwill Posts: 1,777 Member
    My Sims: Does this one count? I loved making furniture! I hated that there was not room for everyone to live in the town.

    Sims 2: I loved the Sims themselves and the quirky ways they behaved. I loved being able to build a trailer park that actually functioned. But CAS was limited and there was no multitasking.

    Sims Freeplay: I love the way it used to be when it was truly free play with some fun quests. The babies were the best! I hate the grindfest it became. I would still be playing otherwise.

    Sims 4: I love the way it looks. The occult Sims are awesome. The toddlers are adorable. But I want my trailer park back, and I hate the bugs.
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    OnverserOnverser Posts: 3,364 Member
    edited August 2022
    I would say

    Sims 1: Never played

    Sims 2 (limited playtime so can't fully judge)

    Pros: Whackiness, personality depth
    Cons: Closed world, no create a style, dated graphics, pretty similar to 3 but doesn't have the open world + create a style so I prefer 3

    Sims 3

    Pros: Open world, world landscapes are beautiful, in depth packs, create a style, whackiness
    Cons: Major and regular crashing issues, slow loading, ugly clothes and sims without cc, can't go between worlds without moving

    Sims 4

    Pros: Great items, looks good up close, fast loading and limited crashing, best version of occults, toddlers and restaurants in the franchise (with mods to fix Dine Out), Selvadorada and Sulani are beautiful
    Cons: It often feels like the target audience is eleven year old girls (despite the game being rated teen), packs are shallow and lack depth, lack of QA, still not a fan of the furry werewolves 😬
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    RedShoe7RedShoe7 Posts: 713 Member
    I've never played Sims 1 and 2.

    Sims 3
    Pro: detailed gameplay
    Con: technical difficulties

    Sims 4
    Pro: graphics
    Con: limited gameplay
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    skybird14skybird14 Posts: 90 Member
    The Sims 1:
    Pros: It felt new and exciting to me to be able to play a nice slow game as opposed to the sports/fighting type games that you could usually buy.
    Cons: Lack of CAS options made Sims look very similar.

    The Sims 2:
    Pros: Without a doubt, this was my favourite version of The Sims and I wish I could still play it. I loved the options for world customisation and the gameplay was interesting whilst giving you the option to play the way that you wanted.
    Cons: That there isn't a remastered version available to play on newer PC's!

    The Sims 3:
    Pros: Create a style was a good addition and I loved the various things that you could do with toddlers in this game.
    Cons: Those pudding faces and the extremely long loading screen at the start of the game.

    The Sims 4
    Pros: Much better graphics than in previous games.
    Cons: Gameplay is more dull than in previous games. New content is often released with lots of glitches and bugs. Lack of customisation options in neighbourhoods means that you can't really create your own worlds the way you want.
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    nanashi-simsnanashi-sims Posts: 4,142 Member
    edited October 2022
    TS1 - best: this video game was my first love / worst: randomized children
    TS2 - best: THE SIMS + everything else (this is still my favourite game) / worst: loading screen when you have 15GB+ of CC
    TS3 - best: world adventures / worst: the sims were hideous + rabbit hole buildings :s
    TS4 - best: all of the things that can be done / worst: bad animations + the sims are boring + lot customization sucks
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    CordeliaBeaufortCordeliaBeaufort Posts: 76 Member
    edited October 2022
    Sims 1:

    Pros: Puzzles, funny jokes, eastereggs, challenging gameplay that requires strategy.
    Cons: No age progression besides a spell comes with Makin Magic

    Sims 2:

    Pros: Drama, families with huge family trees, memory system, well polished relationship and attraction system
    Cons: No open world

    Sims 3:

    Pros: Challenge, unique adventures, puzzles, openworld, cas and bb customization, well polished mood based gameplay, pretty much everything. (I think its pretty much evident that Sims 3 is my favorite)
    Cons: Lags and system requirements

    Sims 4:

    Pros: CAS and Build mode, optimization, travel across worlds option, occult sims, aspiration system, emotion based gameplay
    Cons: Lack of various aspirations and traits, (hence, billions of custom aspiration mods)

    Sims Medieval:
    Absolute masterpiece. No cons, only pros.
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    DivorcedMarySueDivorcedMarySue Posts: 7 New Member
    (+) humour
    (-) grinding

    (+) sims relationships
    (-) you go on a date with the same highscholer your grandma did (no time outside one lot)

    (+) living worlds
    (-) performance

    (+) build mode
    (-) life simulation
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    Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 795 Member
    Sims 1:

    Pros-Fun to play,great music,lots of stuff to do,no age progression
    Cons-Needs drained way too fast

    Sims 2:

    Pros-Fun to play and lots of stuff to do
    Cons: Age progression,Needs drained way too fast

    Sims 3:

    Pros: Open world,lots of great packs
    Cons: Lag,glitchy,buggy,prone to crashing,and the pudding-faced blobby-nosed Sims(really,EA-there was NO excuse to make every Sim look like that)

    Sims 4:
    Pros:CAS and building are great,nice scenery
    Cons:Not enough variation in venues,traits never work,you can't customize festivals, you can't build/customize your own apartments, way too many annoying Sims 3-type rabbit holes, most of the worlds are too small,you cannot use certain lot traits(historical,etc),way too many useless and pointless decor buildings.
    Why do you hide inside these walls?
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    SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,634 Member
    edited November 2022
    The Sims (Complete Collection):

    Best things:
    * My favorite pack was Makin Magic. I tend to like supernatural stuff, and enjoyed the Vendor Quests, the mini-golf courses, and the customizable roller coasters.
    * I loved the way Pets worked, I love the nostalgia, I love the objects that you still don't see anywhere else in the series: the inside wind machine for indoor sky diving simulation, The diving tank, the recipe books, the giant cake (attractive female, attractive male, or gorilla), the mini slots machine that either ate or spat out simoleons, the mechanical bull from Hot Date, the evil genie lamp, the magic device that acts as a recipe book, the magic crafting table. Even the steam machine from Superstar.
    * I love having more major features, CAS items, AND build mode and buy mode items included in EVERY expansion pack, and the freebies that regularly showed up on the website (a few sponsored, like the Big Mac stand).
    * The community lots I also really enjoyed once they introduced them.
    * Mods and custom content were much simpler (and anyone who tried could make them) since the game was not true 3D. Only object mods and interaction menu mods were available for Sims 1 due to the limits of the game.
    * The television stations were customizable as well as the radio stations.
    * EXCELLENT soundtrack.
    *It is also the tiny details that made the game:
    ** There were also NPC interactions like the purse whipping of Mrs Crumplebottom, Clare the bear stealing trash or trying to steal honey, raccoons getting into the trash, Sims being woken up by anyone getting into the trash, and any pet dogs they had chasing away trash thieves before they could wake the Sims up.
    ** Then there were the House Parties with either the mime, the party crashers, or Jim Carrey.
    ** With Superstar, there was also a new fashion magazine Sims could read for fun and information.

    Worst things:
    *There was no toddler stage. Kids did not naturally grow up. Babies were objects generally, and came in bassinets that were pink, pastel blue, or yellow.
    *No basements, more than 2 stories could not be built.
    * Friendships deteriorated too quickly, friendships required for promotions.
    * Sims would not care for themselves when left alone. Sims with less than 3 cooking skill would ALWAYS start fires if allowed to use a stove. Sims with less than 3 handiness skill would ALWAYS die of electrocution if they attempted to fix a TV or stereo.
    * Hard to locate and use building objects and buy mode objects if you had a lot of them because they were NOT well categorized at all. Not enough food items that came with the game, even after all packs were released.

    Sims (2000) was a real time-management game (Diner Dash style) as well as a simulation game, and this made it very difficult.
    * The tragic clown made sad Sims even more miserable.
    * The mascot on the Vacation island hated kids and would not leave them alone.
    * The Rabid Fan would invade famous Sims homes and steal their trophies. (Hello Stan, the stalker man).
    * Unused newspaper piles were often left on the doorstep, then Sims would react to them like someone else's trash.
    * Mailboxes would get full.
    * Bonehilda, the maid and butler were better at cleaning up than any Sim.
    * The genie was more evil than most Simmers would have expected, and kind of made mistakes on purpose.
    * If any two Sims fought, the loser would automatically leave town, never to be seen again.
    * If any child Sim received an F, they boarded a bus to military school, and were never seen again.
    * There was something called a "Room Score" for the lot that gave more points for an open house plan. Most of us could not figure out how to keep our Sims from hating their environment because of the room score.
    * Flies would NOT stop buzzing around if the toilet was dirty.
    * Cockroaches regularly infested EVERY Sims home, unless they had cats, in which case they would transform to mice and pet cats could hunt them.
    * Cleaning skill and gardening skill were not viewable.
    * Sim interests were introduced near the end, but some premade Sims simply seemed to turn out with ZERO interests of any kind, which meant they found all conversations unpleasant or boring and lost relationship score when having these conversations.
    * The thief would sometimes steal your Sim's refrigerator.

    The Sims 2:

    Best things:
    * Adorable cut-scenes. First kiss, woohoo scene, college entrance and graduation scene. Its these little things that matter enough to make or break a game.
    * Limos and HELICOPTERS!
    * Secret unlockable lots, especially hobby club and treasure lots.
    * Expanded skill books, ESPECIALLY the fire safety and parenting books.
    * Toddlers, teens and elders came on the scene for the first time! Babies had far more options than before, and cribs were customizable (as opposed to three choices of bassinet).
    * Much more building options, far better object organization system. Basements and third story and above were introduced. Apartments and dorms were introduced.
    * Easier to customize game content - third party items were loaded into documents instead of the game program directory.
    * Great hotel system, nice vacation location-based achievement system that was reasonably easy to complete. Plus room service!!!
    * Much better choice of food and drink options.
    * Actual third party mods that changed game play (rather than only object interactions).
    * More Community retail lots that could be visited: particularly bookstores, clothing stores, and grocery stores.
    * Vampires, Werewolves and Plantsims were introduced for the first time.
    * The Cowplant was introduced for the first time.
    * Drivable cars were introduced for the first time. Plus you could fix up old broken-down clunkers.
    * Memory System
    * Attraction system
    * Aspiration system was introduced for the first time. (Before this, players came up with their own aspirations). Aspiration reward objects.
    * Choice between private and public schools for kids and teens. Headmaster interview.

    Worst things:
    * Loading game, then loading town, then loading sub-town (uni, bluewater, city center), then loading Sim household.
    * No fame features, except for the one catwalk that came with H&M stuff.
    * University was available to teens/young adults only. The young adult life stage was NOT available unless a Sim attended Uni. And if you did not go there when a teen, you permanently missed out, and got a sad memory.
    * University often took a long time to complete.
    * Nannies hired were worthless. They just sat around and did nothing except keep the social worker from arriving until just after they left.
    * Restaurant system was difficult to use: the tutorial did not tell you that when you are ordering, unless your Sim finishes the order, the food will never arrive and they will starve to death. The waiter/waitress never asked you if you were done ordering either. (No "Will that be all for you today?" Or, "was there anything else you would like to order"?)
    * Stuff packs were introduced. The packs had good content, and in themselves were not a bad thing, but it was a foreshadowing of bad things to come. Ditto the online Sims 2 store.
    * One of the aspiration reward objects (a mood booster) could actually KILL your Sim if your aspiration level dropped, and several others had potentially negative effects as well as positive (toddler super milk).

    Sims 3:
    Best things:
    * Open world, create a pattern, create a style.
    * Futuristic world with Plumbot building. Time travel features.
    * Junkyard object restoration.
    * Horses.
    * Deer.
    * Fairies were introduced for the first time.
    * Your Sim could walk, cycle, drive, or run as much around the open world as you wanted, and you could still see them from the town view.
    * World Adventures tombs and quests
    * You can actually see underwater with your diver or mermaid.
    * Mini-game hidden object finder that was added with Into the Future.
    * The Sims 3 online microtransaction store was a good place to find official content between end of development for Sims 3 and market availability of Sims 4.

    Worst things:
    * Game was tethered to Origin and no longer will run on Windows 11 with EA games manager when the play button is pressed on the Sims 3 launcher.
    * The worlds had so many other features but there was not enough room for all the new lot types in one world, and Sims could not travel between worlds.
    * Rabbitholes were also annoying. All the stores and workplaces were rabbitholes. Even the cafes/restaurants were rabbitholes unless your Sim dined outdoors.
    * Fairies were too mischievous and on their own would pull too many pranks on other Sims, including playing Cupid.
    * Witches automatically hated fairies and fairies hated witches.
    * The Sims 3 store was a PC game introduction to microtransactions. You bought coins at the store to use for items, but if you had change, you cannot redeem it for anything. Not even store credit on another game or other game DLC (like discounts on Sims 4 packs). And yes, I also hate it when video arcades do this, which is common. The only thing you get if the arcade closes is maybe a collectible coin or a worthless arcade card.

    Sims 4:
    Best things:
    * Clubs!
    * Toddlers are probably the best implemented of any game.
    * No massive store content transactions. (Kits instead of a separate website? Go figure.)
    * Wedding events! Customizable Holidays!
    * City festivals. Now if those would just appear on the calendar at least 3 days in advance instead of the same day.
    * Strangerville storyline.
    * Working bicycles return from Sims 3.
    * Hidden lots return from Sims 2 and Sims 3. And like Sims 3 world adventures, the player can actually see inside them.
    * LGBTQ friendly identification system and clothing customization (some of the mens clothes I have wanted to use for my female sims for a long time, and vice versa).
    * Active high school and university class lots. Especially the two new high school venues. (Now we just need a theatre venue for the Drama club).
    * Ladders actually work instead of being only decorations.
    * Any lot can be designated a rental (guess this is our new hotel system, minus the lobby, front desk, reservable rooms, swimming pool or spa, continental breakfast, room service, minibar and nice views?)
    * Scenarios: I like this feature. Plus you can even play more than one scenario in the same save. Now if there were only a way to keep track of which households in a given save are running a scenario.

    Worst things:
    * Paparazzi follow famous Sims into the bathroom. (Awkward!!)
    * Not enough occult club activities
    * They STILL haven't found a way to keep Sims from washing the dishes in the bathroom sink that they just used for shaving. I guess they like hairy food. Is there any way to designate sinks for "kitchen" and "bathroom" by setting flags in the program somewhere? Meanwhile, I guess I'll use Scumbumbo's mod, as it was updated in his memory by another Simmer.
    * Loading screens have returned from Sims 2.
    * Numerous game bugs have not yet been resolved. See answers HQ for the list.
    * Wild foxes look very weird and distended in Household view. Also known as "🐸🐸🐸🐸 is that".
    * There is only one pair of shoes under swimwear, which are the fins. Maybe flag other sandals that are waterproof as swimwear also? We need more swim shoes for the beach!
    * Why do all the Maxis premade clothing sets come in brown, and only brown?? I have some Sims who don't like brown.
    * Why are "unbreakable" toilets not magic prank-proof?

    * Kits - Less and less for more and more money. Five bucks is still five bucks not spent on a gallon of gas, or a soda, or a few office supplies, or a mocha. Smaller and smaller bits of content are being released piecemeal, giving us less for more money. For some, that five bucks represents 20 minutes at work, before taxes. Or if you go with the US federal minimum wage, 30 minutes at work or more. Maybe an hour plus if being exchanged for household chores at a teen's home.

    * Like Sims 1, the babies are object babies and mostly cannot be interacted with. I hope that the rumors are true and this gets changed soon.
    * Major features introduced late in the game, including some basic features from previous games were only included after the fact in paid packs.
    * Constant pestering to go to Batuu with every new household I play. Also, I am kind of getting tired of the meet the neighbors party with every new household I play, though it IS useful in having new Sims (as opposed to NPCs I chose to play) actually have SOME Sims they know.

    * Constant Social Bunny notifications if you friend more than 2 Sims. Turning off the notifications does not work because you still see the lighted dot for notifications there. Introverts and Social Bunny apps do not mix. Those of us who are older, remember the AOL "you've got mail" verbal notification of new emails?

    * No cars, buses, trucks, trains, skateboards, tricycles, scooters, electric vehicles, or subways. Regular mountain bikes don't work too well on steep inclines unless you are already strong enough to climb mountains or run marathons. The werewolf underground rabbithole tied to the door box that came with the pack is a start on making a subway.

    * Not enough buildable lots. I don't have enough room for all the beautiful gallery lots I downloaded!
    * Not enough huge empty buildable lots (64x64) for mansions and community lots. An empty world with 4 of these would be useful, even if it had no other lots in it.
    * Rotational play in the same save messes up the Strangerville storyline once it has been started.
    * Elevators are not placeable. They either come with the lot, or they don't.
    * You cannot edit/customize the apartment lobbies, and in some cases, the apartment decks. I really want to put a laundromat in some of my apartments, as well as patio furniture and vending machines. (I would love to edit that storage room to put the washer and dryer in). Too bad it isn't a separate lot type similar to apartments with the mail chutes and trash chutes as required items. Or a community lot of sorts for the residents with the garden/marketplace/makerspace features. Of course, you would still need to leave enough walking space around the elevators so all residents could access it. You also cannot create your own apartment lot in say, Newcrest.
    * No spiral stairs.
    * Werewolves are great, but did we really, really, really need to add the Twilight vibe to the game? Ugh. At least the vampires don't sparkle. Unless they are famous Vampires visiting a lounge at night.
    * Geek-con keeps getting rained on, resulting in broken computers, televisions, consoles...everything but the rocket ship. I always end up editing the karaoke lot that the festival is hosted on in all my saves so that it has computers and games in the basement.


    The Sims Urbs:
    Pros - Great background and storyline.
    Cons: Less features than full-fledged main Sims series games, only playable on consoles.

    The (Sims 2) Sims Stories:
    Pro - play with specific, focused stories and tasks while still enjoying some sandbox play and decent customization. The one I liked most was the one with the island survivor.
    Con - once you have played out the storyline, there isn't much left to do.

    Similar to a Lego The Sims, if there had been one.
    Pros: Cute art style, much longer, enjoyable storyline than Stories. Furniture crafting feature.
    Cons: Very limited play outside the storyline, very limited customization.

    The Sims Medieval: Pro - plot flexibility, medieval setting, UI consistent with medieval setting. Con - Although the story is complex and has a lot of different options, there is very limited play outside the storyline.

    The Sims Social:
    Pro - Tons of custom objects, great (mostly) crafting system.
    Cons: Unplayable with severe internet lag or if you do not have enough FB friends to finish crafting. Yeah, that's why it isn't around anymore, too many of us simply ended up with boxes all over the place that never got opened (even after a month of it sitting there) and stopped playing. Also, no rewards for daily play. Plus there are no repeat events to try again for unlocks of event items.

    The Sims Freeplay:

    Pros: LOTS of building options, player made homes are easily available. Largely a sandbox game in the style of Sims 3, but with only one world. Daily rewards, friend Sim interactions. Neighborhood time-limited events for event exclusive items. Like Sims 3, both lot view and neighborhood tracking view is available, though graphics are much less detailed and low poly than full Sims games.

    Cons: Ads galore, microtransactions galore, subscription based VIP, no repeat events, no special rewards for players who played the same event more than once. Playable only on mobile devices (unless it becomes available in the Windows or Amazon mobile store). Neglected games leave Sims with low motives and pee puddles in every Sim's home. (Punishment based incentive to play daily). Real time tasks. (who has time to spend a real life day on only one full life day of your Sim)? Cannot find lots in other friends worlds/cities to complete rewarded activities for social points.

    The Sims Mobile:
    Pros: More community lots, neighborhood square, active jobs, "risky actions". Storyline.

    Cons: Only playable on mobile, limited graphics, microtransactions, ads.
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    I have been playing The Sims since 2001, when Livin Large came out. My avatar deliberately looks like Chris Roomies from TS1.
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    ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,094 Member
    Sims 1
    Pro: Sims had personality
    Con: Only baby child and adult life stages

    Sims 2:
    Pro: Amazing base game perfectly designed to work with every expansion that came with it, added on Sims 1 personalities with all life stages
    Cons: It did not have more expansions

    Sims 3:
    Pro: Color wheel and open world
    Con: Ran poorly they never updated to 64 bit and the Sims were so ugly

    Sims 4:
    Pro: Build mode
    Cons: Sims are lifeless they have no personality or awareness to Sims and the world around them also no cars and 8+ year wait to get infants and left us with adult sized teens and the most boring child Sims in the history of the Sims. Also no way to edit or create worlds way to go backwards
    Sims 4 went from "You Rule" to "One of the stories we want you to tell"
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    Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 870 Member
    edited November 2022
    Sims 1:
    Pros: many fun random objects, interesting gameplay options from every EP.
    Cons: The lack of aging/life stages

    Sims 2:
    Pros: Wants & fears, amazing detailed interactions, gameplay, interesting career aspiration objects, great from family game play, lore and really is just so filled and complete for the game as a whole.

    Cons: Shorter lifespans can only be expanded with life elixir or cheats. Build mode can be annoying to maneuver.

    Sims 3:
    Pros: Open world, so many traits that help create very unique sims, SO much content for gameplay, ultimate customization.

    Cons: Can only move to new worlds without losing relationships with a mod. Lag (but that can be fixed with mods, etc). The store was/is so expensive.

    Sims 4:
    Pros: good B/B, nice build customization, good B/B search engine. Nice aesthetic. Multi-tasking.

    Cons: Lack of depth in gameplay and sim personality. Too much empty shell “set dressing”. Packs so overpriced. More “doll house” gameplay and needs too much player micromanaging, which I do not enjoy.
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    AdamBurtSimsAdamBurtSims Posts: 39 Member
    Only played The Sims 4, I wanted do my best and worst of The Sims 4

    - Some female Sims
    - My sim cats
    - World exploring
    - Some great items
    - Can do alot (First time playing The Sim, thinking of playing The Sims 3)
    - Soundtrack specially Theme (It stuck in my head)
    - Can have relationship with many

    - Sims get tried/hungary/desparted for loo quicky
    - Get push when try to hug/kiss even in relationship
    - Sim don't do as they told
    - Day/time go by quicky
    - Farts (what the point of it)
    - Loading take too long
    - When take photo/selfie it got stuck at times
    - Sims/Game seem stuck even not on pause at times
    - Can't sim back when dead
    - Can't get toddler/baby back when taken away
    - Sim leave their item behind (Left my (sim's) tablet somewhere)
    - When traveling buffling seem stuck at sometimes
    - Toddler refuse hugs
    - It get it data messed up by PS4 Update

    Even with more worse than best still love the The Sims 4, and become one of my favourite. I see most have negative about the Sims 4 than other three Sims.
    I'm a British Geek who love Bella Goth, Behr sisters, Liberty Lee, Summer Holidays, Pleasant sisters and other Sims wafius/girlfriends. And like his Sims cats.g8pvk4adgueh.jpg
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    Stones36Stones36 Posts: 9 New Member
    sims 1
    Pros: First game on the market that allowed you to 100% customize your avatar and home
    Cons: Pixelated graphics and limited clothing options

    Sims 2:
    Pros: The burglar, repo man, the social bunny, and random ghosts that would show up in your yard
    Cons: House fires and sims getting trapped in the pool and dying

    Sims 3:
    Pros: Color wheel and material options for build mode
    Cons: Glitchy and slow

    Sims 4:
    Pros: Online gallery
    Cons: Downgrade from Sims 3
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    SimlingtonSimlington Posts: 26 Member
    > @Stones36 said:
    > Sims 2:
    > Cons: House fires and sims getting trapped in the pool and dying
    You must be one of few people who think those are cons. ;)
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    AnthonydyerAnthonydyer Posts: 1,198 Member
    edited March 2023
    Sims 1: Never played, but hope to some day.

    Sims 2
    Pro: For an old game, there is SO much packed into this game. Someone did a series on youtube about hidden features in this game. Build mode is superior!
    Con: This game can be rather harsh. Aspiration decays quick, homework can be tough, cannot visit friends' homes.

    Sims 3
    Pro: Game features an open world and this was implemented in a reasonably balanced way. Build mode is superior! Trait system is great, balanced, and influences the behaviors of the sim.
    Con: Community lots can be lacking.

    Sims 4
    Pro: Did a pretty good job with multitasking. Sim outfits and hair is more realistic than previous games.
    Con: Too much has changed from prior series. The game uses a fictional map (as opposed to TS2, TS3) and Build mode is very restricted. No cars. Trait system is bad: can only pick 3 and traits only influence emotions.
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    AnthonydyerAnthonydyer Posts: 1,198 Member
    edited March 2023
    Meliathena wrote: »
    The Sims 2:
    Pro: World customization possibilities!
    The fact that we could choose to create world from scrap made it so easy to create themed worlds/neighborhoods, without having to use mods or anything complicated like that.
    Con: Honestly I don't see many cons. The Sims have evolved, new features have been added, but TS2 is still a good game while it came out 18 years ago!

    @Meliathena This is the point I was alluding to in my post. Old style sandbox games always had some kind of Custom Scenario or World Builder. You could start from scratch and it was generally simple to do so; we did not need external downloads, mods, or overly complicated software.

    The tool in TS3 is complicated. I was about 30 minutes into it and gave up. Perhaps gave up too soon.
    I do not see anything like this in TS4. It is even further enforced that TS4 uses a fictional/cartoony map and does not represent the logical layout of the worlds. I do not like this.
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    AnthonydyerAnthonydyer Posts: 1,198 Member
    JinxIndigo wrote: »
    Sims 1:
    + Adult/dark jokes and nostagia
    - No aging, no customization

    @JinxIndigo Agreed with the adult humor. There had been a handful of debates about this on the forums. The Sims was originally intended for Teen and Up. I had noticed the game be dumbed down to accommodate children. I do not believe this game is intended for children; My Sims is if anyone remembers that series. Of course, I am not advocating for anything M rated, but the later games seem to lack that stuff. I think a good portion of the adult humor would go over the child's head anyways.
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    EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,965 Member
    Here are my pros and cons:

    The Sims 1
      Pro: Well, besides the fact that it was the first, I have to go with unique things it had. Like Magic Town.
      Con: The difficulty for sure. The needs go down so fast that you need to keep a strict routine. Thus it makes it hard to do storytelling.

      The Sims 2
        Pro: While I could bring up the new additions that have shaped The Sims games to come, I have to go with the fact that you can easily create your own neighborhoods.
        Con: The fear of corruption. While most of the things have been debunked, many players still feel a little uneasy. There have even been comments on the internet of people who fear even playing The Sims 2 as they may corrupt it.

        The Sims 3
          Pro: It innovated the game really well. Open worlds, create a style, traits, moodlets etc.
          Con: I could bring up the bugs and crashes, but I rather bring up the fact that it is really difficult to play rotationally in one save. Switching households erases wishes and opportunities and even without Story Progression it may make changes, like put an unemployed/retire to work.

          The Sims 4
            Pro: It brings awesome ideas and concepts to the table. Clubs, occult skill trees, lifestyles etc.
            Con: Just feels so... shallow and incomplete... It is truly a rich persons' game as all the DLC currently totals up to 1 044,37 euros/dollars.
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            ItsMeThatGuyItsMeThatGuy Posts: 305 Member

            The Sims:
            Pros: Very simple and easy game
            Cons: The lack of decoration feels boring, however.

            The Sims 2:
            Pros: Very complicated and has a lot of depth unlike the Sims
            Cons: The foods system. Each food only stores around a quarter of your hunger.

            The Sims 3:
            Pros: Like the style of the neighborhoods. Looks historical!
            Cons: Lacks "realness" when it comes to creating Sims. The hairs look like pieces of straw on their heads.

            The Sims 4:
            Pros: Has a lot of positivity and optimism. Love how much it changed from the Sims 3 and 2.
            Cons: It's a fun game! No cons for the Sims 4!
            I am NOT part of anything in EA and I'm just a player. I try my best to answer questions in the Sims forums, and showing info about the Sims, even posting answers and thoughts of feedback! I have been playing the Sims 4 for 2 years.
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            Horrorgirl6Horrorgirl6 Posts: 3,330 Member
            1.PRO It started the sims series .
            Con it's limited and needs run out to fast, and no weekends
            2.Pro wants, fears, small details like open the door and tv a cab randomly fall

            Cons it's limited

            3.Pro open world, customizarion, gameplay , worlds
            Cons can have graphic issues

            Pros styles deep certain features, and able to get the other worlds
            Cons close worlds, lack of gameplay.

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            Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,540 Member

            Sims 1 (the first which got me hooked) :
            - making magic, especially the dueling arena and the pet dragons come to mind
            - not being able to age up a child

            Sims 2 (long time favourite, perhaps the best yet) :
            - aging (sims 2 was the first game with aging),
            - sims felt like they had a personality personalities due to relevant wants and fears, aspirations, memories and turn on and turn offs.
            - start of the one occult per pack tradition.
            - danger of file corruption

            Sims 3 (never completely warmed up to it) :
            - many occults
            - into the future
            - ugly sims I just couldn't get attached to.
            - The open world was a pain when I tried to switch between different household members across the world.
            - Every pack had a separate world that did not relate to the other worlds

            Sims 4 (slowly getting better and better, still a work in progress) :
            - household manager : looking back at the sims 2 it is great to be able to edit every single household
            - in depth occults: the cas customisation of werewolves, mermaids, aliens and vampires is amazing. The skill trees for werewolves, vampires and to a lesser extent spellcasters makes them more unique and gives a reason to commit to developing them (quality of occults is excellent, the quantity however is depressing only 3 in depth occults in 9 years)
            - new configurable systems like clubs and holidays
            - Too 21st century : I miss landlines, news papers. To many phone/pc/tech related careers and gameplay. The constant smartphone usage is too much. At times this felt like a millennial simulation rather than a life simulation.
            - too many bugs and bad tuning of new features (wants and fears for example)
            - no possibility to edit the world
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            PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 3,267 Member
            Pro: Makin' Magic. Establishing itself as not just a boring, average life simulator.
            Cons: No aging, no customization.

            Pro: CAW, introduced aging and other occult life stages
            Con: No one else aged, time freezing on your lot when you're gone, no way to start a new game and have everyone be reset.

            Pro: Open world, NPCs age alongside your sims
            Con: Being stuck in one particular world unless you go on vacation, occults, UGLY, UGLY art style

            Pro: Visually appealing, freedom to move between worlds
            Con: Worlds are too small, a strange heel-turn in providing wacky gameplay and occults only being given to us every few years instead of with most packs like in the past.
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