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July 22nd- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers!

Do you know what day it is today? - Okay, potentially, it's a cool holiday in your Sims game. But it's also Friday! And we all know what that means ... it's time for our Friday Highlights! 🎵 Whippna Choba Dog!

💠The latest Laundry List is now live. Click here to learn what you can expect to see over the next several weeks.

'Life has progressed', by @GirafHuntr and shared here.

🔸The title "Hot or Not- The Sims Edition" is pretty self-explanatory, but @Shae's thread might inspire you to express your 'individual creativity to the world' and a great way to do so, is by Creating a Sim 🖊️🧑‍🏫. Whether you wish to share your creations or simply rate someone else's, this is a fun space for us to do so! :sunglasses:

🔹If you have experience with challenges, or if you're looking to start something new, then @WiggleyTuff's thread: "Challenges to combine for both building and generations play + using all of my packs?" surely is a great thread for brainstorming few ideas. I'm positive that a great challenge will emerge from that! 💡

🔸How about giving some tips on your favourite builder to one of our Simmers? @wylmite1986 is looking for builders on YouTube, specifically, and I'm sure there are loads out there, so please, join the "Simtube — builders" conversation and leave your suggestions. :wink:

🔹Time for our building pick and this time, 'Yuma Heights Vineyard' by @sarabeth2984, caught my attention. With breath-taking landscaping, your Sims get to enjoy a vineyard, fruiting trees, prepare a variety of drinks or simply enjoy the magnificent surroundings. Lovely creation! 🍇🌳🍹

🔸How about a bit of The Sims 2? Let's welcome back @DarkMagic2012. After being away for years, they're back in the game adventures with a bit of misfortune: looks like their Sim is destined to die 😟 and you guys can follow the drama here. I really wish that Katrina's story (that being- if you start it again), will end up with a happy ending next time! 💗

🔹And to finish today's highlights... are you guys Simlish fluent? 🤔 Let's see if you can translate that small sentence Ive used for greeting y'all earlier: Whippna choba dog. :smiley:

I hope you enjoyed today's highlights! I'm looking forward to reading about/seeing more from your gameplay - and if you have a thread in mind that you think would be great for next week's highlights, please send it my way!

Have a fantastic weekend and take care! :heart:



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