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Worst Build-Mode Sims Game?



  • hellohannah2hellohannah2 Posts: 599 Member
    Sims 1
    Build mode has only gotten better and better since TS1 in my opinion., Sims 4 has its flaws, absolutely, but the amount of things you can do with it, all of the details you can include makes it the best by far for me. It's come to the point that if you dream it you can do it - none of the other games have come close to the amount of details you can include in TS4 so even though the basements and the rooms are really really annoying, I'd still pick it every time. I have to say that I really miss being able to customize everything like in TS3 though, but I've gotten over it! There's so much cute stuff.
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 6,036 Member
    Sims 4
    Since the poll question specifies build mode I voted accordingly. I never played TS1 or TS2 so it comes down to TS3 vs TS4. Judging it strictly on build mode only and creating the house or building itself, TS4 is worse than TS3 for me. Roofs, ceilings, and floors in TS4 make me want to scream. Trying to do anything more complex than one single roof that covers the entire lot is maddening. Having a smaller roof coming in at a 90 to the main roof and trying to match pitches only to have part of the smaller roof visible inside the house. I don't remember things like that in TS3, but it has been a couple of years since I could play TS3 and maybe I just forgot. It can be frustrating trying to create a second floor that is a veranda overlooking a portion of the first floor. Someone else mentioned it, but trying to delete a small number of specific floor tiles only the game forces you to either remove the entire floor or none of it.

    I always lump build and buy together, and when I look at it as both modes together, TS3 is worse than TS4 for me. I would like to have TS3's build mode with TS4's buy mode. I will add the caveat that I am working off memory. Since I had this computer built in 2020 I have not been able to play TS3 because of the horrible lag.
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