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Paints with dark brown trim.

Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,310 Member
Can anyone direct me to somewhere that does a selection of paint colours with a wooden/dark brown trim?


  • KbobsterKbobster Posts: 149 Member
    Like, in actual game or Custom Content? This is sadly, the only dark wood trims we have in the game. I miss the color wheel for that option.
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,310 Member
    I was referring to CC walls with darker trim. I'm re-creating a coffee shop from a TV show and their walls have a darker trim. I could use a white trim but i like to try and be as accurate as possible regarding re-creations.
  • KbobsterKbobster Posts: 149 Member
    No, sorry. TSR and Tumblr and Patreon have a lot of good CC. I hardly get BB CC, so I can't recommend anyone in particular. But the trim in this game is lacking, no offense to them.
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