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Website Doesn't Show Latest Posts/Replies.

CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,524 Member
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Does the site not push more recent posts' replies to the top of page anymore?

This isn't a problem for TS4 other than Feedback but is a problem when looking at the page that contains Categories, Discussion, Activity, Best Of.

If you notice all other game categories are not showing the latest post, reply and date (not bumped to top).

This is true in all other categories except TS4's game however, it's not bumping the most recent reply on a post in TS4 Feedback, either. If you look at the particular page I mentioned above.

I thought the site used to update and push the latest reply to a post to the top but right now we see a topic with the last reply sometime in June when there are other topics with later comments/replies that should be pushed to the top of the page that have later dates in July.

Click Categories to see the problem. For example, in TS2's section the page shows last comment to a topic was in June, when actually if you enter the TS2 section the latest topic and comment are much later than the one showing on the page of Categories. It makes the site look like no one comments on the older games and or TS4 Feedback for many weeks.

New Example July 23: If you look at the Category Page and see down in Feedback/Ideas the site is showing the thread 'I don't want to load last house' thread. However, the thread inside actual Feedback is the thread ' What is your biggest Criticism of TS4' but it's not showing in Feedback/Ideas Category as the most recent thread that has received comments. No, the older thread from July 2nd is supposedly the most recent thread in those categories to be commented on.

I'm not sure why threads are not appearing as they should as the latest thread with comments. Is this something done by a person or by bots to control what is seen as the most recent threads and posts? Just asking.
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