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More kitchen ideas



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    crocobaura wrote: »
    Here's an idea! How about more off-the-grid camping gear? Gas portable grills, a pot to place over a fire, a way to use the heat of the sun to cook things? I've seen an experiment like this with hotdogs.

    Would be nice to have a pot and hanging frame to suspend it over any fireplace, but heat from the sun only really works in the hottest summer days and hotdogs you don't really need to cook, more like warm up. I wouldn't dare eat meat cooked that way.

    I doubt it would do a frozen dog as well, but Sims make mac and cheese with nothing but cheese, this shouldn't be too far-fetched. The experiment was placing the hotdog on a metal rod- dissecting it in the middle- and using... was it foil? To shine the sun rays directly onto the hotdog. it was more of a cheap alternative.

    Also, why don't Sims have condiments? Where do they get pepperoni for the pizzas, and why don't they have classic hotdog toppings?
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    Apparently my internet crapped out when I tried to post. My DesktopPC just shorted out. Was making electrical sizzling/crackling noises & smoke came out of the APC. Yikes.

    @Dianesims Ah. That makes sense. I think in the US we just call it a mixer or mixing bowl. Kitchenaid is a good brand.

    @Gamer_34567544 That sounds like more outdoors stuff than kitchen. I believe I actually had a thread on such ideas once upon a time. If you want to start a thread on it, I would happily join in. Although, I suppose it could be considered "outdoor kitchen" so could still be in kitchen category. I was actually thinking of starting another thread on bbq areas and outdoor kitchen areas. I need to find a Heartland America catalog because they have all sorts of gas cookers & camping stuff to peruse. I had really wanted medieval cooking style stuff as well. More off-the-grid stuff. I've seen the foil method used in videos but never tried it. I don't like hot dogs though. LOL.

    @crocobaura I like that idea. I've been wanting something like that where the pot can go over a campfire or inside a fireplace. I could see a hanging/suspended pot for cooking and even for laundry. I still vaguely remember an old cartoon where someone took a ladle to taste what they thought was a cauldron of soup but it was laundry. I think the sun heating is a method where the sunlight is amplified with mirrors or something & is able to create more heat than just direct sunlight.

    @Ararine I agree. I wish there was more crossover with campfires and fireplaces. I wish that fireplaces could have at least some of the campfire interactions and that they could roast marshmallows, cook hot dogs, or cook other foods.
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    I'm not starting a thread on new content. I'm done buying content for now- but I was thinking more along the lines of a castaway type kitchen. A fire could be put out by rain- what alternatives have you?
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    @Suceress that is a good point that not everyone can use manual can openers. And wow that is a cool pantry! I'm about to measure a wall and build a shelf pantry in the kitchen myself.

    No judgement about liking the bread box but not wanting to play family games. Not everyone wants to become a parent, and in fact,
    a lot of women in the US who don't want to risk having no choice in the event of circumstances outside their own control (such as contraception failure or assault), are now seeking sterilization.

    Shockingly, many of them are being discriminated against by doctors who are unwilling to perform voluntary sterilization unless the woman is some arbitrary age (such as 30 or even 35) or has already had kids! Men seeking vasectomy for the same reasons aren't told they must meet those conditions first.

    If I had one thing added to the game, for cooking, I would want it to just be a kettle, that heats on the stove, or the campfire, or the grill, or the fireplace, that makes all the things real kettles of boiling water make possible: coffee, tea, herbal infusions, hot chocolate, yerba mate. Electric kettles being the big deal that they are, instead of stovetop ones, in the UK, sure, it could be electric, but then it takes up countertop, whereas the stovetop kettle sits on the burner when not in use.

    Another neat thing would be if Sims could put objects like appliances, away, in the upper and lower cabinets their kitchens are so full of. The useless storage taking up so much space is as frustrating as the artificially inflated need for so much space in the first place by so many one-use appliances. The open Snowy Escapes cabinets were a good start, but the only things that will go in there are the Kava Bowl, the Drink Tray, the Summer Beverage Pitcher, and the Hotpot. Nothing else fits, so if you want a popcorn popper, ice cream maker, microwave, coffee maker, tea maker, you better be prepared to have an insanely huge kitchen so as to have THAT much counter space in addition to the 2 spaces needed to prep a meal, and to serve it.
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    @Gamer_34567544 fair enough. I think for outdoor kitchens or lanai (closed in porch) kitchens, we could have large bbq units. I had an image I was going to use but its on my desktop & I'm not sure if it will run-- need to find something else to plug it into to see if it flips a breaker or if its my APC that is toast. I was thinking large stainless steel bbqs-- maybe double width ones with grills. I also want to have medieval style spits that have supports and things can be turned over the fire. A pot can be suspended from the fire. Clay pots for cooking, cast iron, etc. I had a thread about medieval style stuff somewhere. Covers can be put over to prevent rain from putting fires out. I live in a very rainy area and even some of the harshest rain won't put out some fires.
    I am back on my pc. Port on my APC was fried bc cats threw up on it. This is one example of the barbecues I was thinking about.

    @ignominiusrex Ooh, I always get excited about renovation projects. I'm on the forums and they have been helping me with planning. My pantry is lined with metal windowscreen on all walls and ceiling in an attempt to keep mice from chewing through. Unfortunately, they chewed through a gap in some boards in the ceiling and got in. I have to plug the hole with steel wool and staple up sturdier material. They can fit through 1/4" gaps. I'm in the woods living in an old house with walls open to the underside so mice get in the walls. My cats catch them from time to time but they can't always get to them.
    You're very right about the women and the struggle to avoid pregnancy. I have a friend who had a prolapsed uterus on her last birth. Her doctor said she could die if she got pregnant again & she couldn't carry to term. She asked for a tubaligation-- already had 4 kids. The only doctor her insurance would cover at first refused saying her next boyfriend might want kids. She finally convinced him-- or so she thought-- so he cut her open and pretended to do it but didn't. She got pregnant again. He then refused to do anything about it. She miscarried in early term so she was safe, but she's really mad at the doctor. She'd sue but can't afford a lawyer. He also refused to give a hysterectomy to a woman I know who had stage 2 uterine cancer. She already has 2 kids but he said she can have a few more. Oncologists said the only way to cure the cancer was the hysterectomy.

    The rolltop appliance storage was one of my solutions but it does take up counter space. The ability to put appliances away in the cabinets would be nice-- even if they are technically too large to fit. I would like to see more standard kettles and tea sets.

    I will have to make more collages. I will also have to go over cc and make a list of things on my wish list that people have made and where to find it- but that will be in a thread in a different section.
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    I was watching Iron Chef and wanted to know what appliances they have available and found this:

    They have something called an anti-griddle (I think it freezes suff) and an immersion circulator. I'm still going through the images and list of stuff so I can find things to add. I suppose a traditional deep fryer wouldn't be bad for a commercial kitchen/restaurant lot.

    I will make collages of those later. For now I want to add meat thermometers, hanging pot racks with lights, and wire shelf racks.

    I should add more to the shelf racks but I was feeling lazy. They are used a lot in restaurants. A friend of mine has some in her kitchen, along with a baker's rack.
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    Immersion circulators/water ovens

    Griddles (which I'd also like to see incorporated with a bbq set)

    Anti-Griddles/freezing trays

    Ice Makers

    Ice Cream Makers/churns

    Pressure Fryers


    Waffle Irons
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