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Do you get inspired by CAS in your real life fashion style?

not gonna lie, I’m usually find the male clothes real cute and sometimes I get many ideas and inspiration from CAS items. Right now Eco Lifestyle is my favorite, because all the material combinations and heavy denim influences. I’ve recently bought a a shirt that is half denim and half Hawaiian-shirt, really inspired by this pack (:


  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 2,038 Member
    A little. Basically, the Sims is where my real style is. I love gaudy colors and flashy outfits, but whenever I try to wear them in real life I never feel like a pull them off properly. My "style" IRL is much more boring than I care for, but alas it is how the world works.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 34,295 Member
    Not at all.
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  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 7,721 Member
    No, but the real world does heavily influence what I do in CAS. I will often picture an outfit, or a piece that I've seen irl, and try it recreate that look.
  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 2,401 Member
    Not one bit! But I have noticed that most of my sims get clothing that I would probably wear (or wore when I was younger) in RL and I dress my men in clothing that I would find attractive on a RL male, so I guess it's the opposite.
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 4,120 Member
    No. I’m way past the age of looking good in a crop top.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,299 Member
    No. I don't really do fashion irl. Don't remember the last time I went clothes shopping. Not interested in clothes at all, I just wear the same basic stuff and only own as many clothes as necessary to always have a new clean stuff to wear really. But with my sims I try will try to make them look good/give them their own style.
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 3,265 Member
    Not really. There's not a lot in CAS that I'd actually want in real life. I'm a very basic Jeans and T-shirts girl, with a strong Boho streak.

    I do find my boho preferences tend to influence how I dress my focal sims, though. Lots of Boho/punk fashion. :)
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,349 Member
    edited July 2022
    Lol, I don't have a "fashion style" in real life. I just wear what's comfortable and mostly black because I can easily wash them all together and I don't have to worry about colors getting mixed. :D
  • haisinhaisin Posts: 792 Member
    edited July 2022
    There are some clothes that I really like in the game, such as that big CoL sweater that has swatches with flowers in the front/"Icelandic" pattern/no pattern. I'd love to have a sweater like that and I have some sweaters that are a bit similar but not quite.

    I have thought that I could try to find inspiration from the cas for my real life style, but I don't know... there aren't that many suitable clothes and I think it would be hard to find similar clothes irl (I don't do online shopping :sweat_smile:).

    But I did try tucking my shirt into my skirt once because I thought "well sims do this too..." and it looked nice! :lol: So I'm going to do that again.

    Oh and yesterday when I was thrifting I saw this black t-shirt dress and I considered getting it and wondered how I would wear it and I thought I could wear it with my flannel shirt and later I realised that there is that t-shirt dress and flannel shirt around waist outfit in Werewolves pack! I wonder if it subconsciously affected me.
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,048 Member
    CAS fashion is pretty much the standard of clothing I would never wear
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  • DarrenDarren Posts: 129 Member
    I have no fashion sense both in and outside the game.
    So, I guess yes?
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,810 Member
    Not at all, more the reverse. IRL my look is as boring as boring can be, along with conventional conservative. Quite impossible to make a simself in CAS, can only get sort of close. My simgals, on the other hand, are vibrant and colourful, usually as close to how I remember the 60s & 70s (when even I was young) as I can get them. If not that then: Regency/Victorian or on occasion a blend of the 2.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 27,171 Member
    No. I've always just done my own thing even when still a Teen, which was decades ago.
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  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,933 Member
    Yes but mainly its the other way around.
    . I've always loved piercings and I had a few but my sims CAS inspired me to get earfulls of earrings. I'm like why do I have to drool over my sims ears? I could do it myself!
    I can't wait till they heal so I can decorate them with Pearls and chains and everything inbetween 🥳🥳🥳 and even now I enjoy cc ear peircing shopping to get inspiration for what I want to do when they heal 😂😂

    Also got inspired to try those shorts with the side chain straps holding it together. I was recently obsessed with those.
    But in general I have a WIDE variety of fashion filling two walk in closets so I don't usually get inspired because it's already in my closet lol. Blame it on my uncle.
    (I know, I know, I'm trying to downgrade 😭😭😭)
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  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,933 Member
    Oh and chokers too. I recently tried chokers because of CAS 💛
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 5,902 Member
    once in store, iI bought a skirt, I remember thinking I saw this skirt before.. later it hit me where, CAS :D
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  • PenguinFoopPenguinFoop Posts: 1,580 Member
    I don't really get much inspiration from the CAS because the majority of the mens' category do not appeal to me. I can't stomach "waders" or crops but I think that's because during my formative years, if you wore pants that were at or above the ankles you were mercilessly picked on. So yeah, I suppose that has been retained for the last 40 years.

    However, having said that, I am intrigued with kilts (from my Irish lineage) and man-skirts, whatever they're called. I have always had an affinity to clothes, especially pants and even shorts because of their restrictive nature. So man-skirts would possibly solve that, as long as they look masculine.

    The only thing stopping me from checking it out is geography, my state is very resistant to change, especially in men's fashion. It's not that they are phobic but just resistant to change over all. ,

    In fact, everyone in my area knows that I've had a very diverse relationship history; men, women and of different nationalities. Yet still I can still walk down our road at 3 am without fear (well, except for the ghosts that allegedly haunt our road. 😆)

    We even talk openly about it, some of us do. Sorry, I'm going on about this. I just feel that I have to defend them against those who mistake our local demographic.
  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 3,979 Member
    Real life fashion style, hahaha.....I have no fashion style, it's jeans and tshirt every day
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,236 Member
    edited July 2022
    No I have yet to buy a croptop :lol:
    and I think its for the best

    also no sorry to disappoint but I don't actually walk around in victorian ballgown either even though i sure love that in the game it just doesn't seem very... practical.

    + they don't really make much interesting clothes in my size anyway irl so its not like i have the option if there was thing i liked

    I mean sure I could make my own and all but meh not that into it really

    and tbh most of the game clothes just look tad uncomfy to me like whats with all this exposure life ain't eternal sunny beach
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,103 Member
    edited July 2022
    Only one time, that was during the early decade challenge, all my ladies wore a hat in their hot weather outfit. One day, when I was in downtown during a hot summer day, I suddenly had the wish for one and bought a straw hat. It was a good decision, since I have no sunglasses.

    Edit: I have to correct myself, I remember the second time, that was the waterfall shirt, which was looking good on my simself, I bought some in RL and got compliments from my fellow colleagues too.
  • duriankindduriankind Posts: 62 Member
    I’ve actually never thought about it until now, but no, I don’t think CAS really influences my real life fashion choices. I will say though that I like fashion in real life and I absolutely love playing around with my sims’ personal styles and building outfits for them. My own style in real life is all black and red lipstick. I like skinny jeans, t-shirts, leggings, sundresses, floppy hats, combat boots, flats… those are my staple pieces and I don’t normally stray too far from that. In my game, though, I’m kind of the opposite in where I love experimenting with different colors and styles. 😁
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  • HopeCrashHopeCrash Posts: 119 Member
    Thanks for the comments!
    Last night I watched CAS review of Eco Lifestyle and it’s inspired me to search and learn about this kind of style. Also - the new HSY leads me to check depop app and I love it.
  • blueyblueskyblueybluesky Posts: 1,296 Member
    Nope. I'm very much a home body, so I live in my pajamas. Obviously except for the odd time I drag myself out then it's just pants and shirt.
  • OriginalNameOriginalName Posts: 347 Member
    I don't. If I don't leave the house I am usually perfectly happy in sweatpants, a sweatshirt or tee shirt, and socks. There are a few button up shirts in CAS that look like something I might wear when I go out, along with some jeans and tennis/sport/trainer shoes.
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