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Friday Highlights July 15th- A Week on The Sims Forums

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July 15th- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers,

Another week, another Highlight! I'm excited to kick off the weekend revealing some great discussions and chatting with you all! :)

💠Simmers! Join us for the High School Years Livestream on Twitch here today, July 15th, @11 AM PST! You can follow along in the dedicated thread here as well.

'Rain is nothing when really sleepy'- astounding scene shared here by @Ellupelluellu.

🔸Not sure about you guys, but I just love browsing around to get new ideas for my own builds and lots. While doing so, I stumbled across this stunning creation, 'Lakeside Cabin' by @Aaleyn, shared here. What a lovely house, congrats! <3

🔹Another topic designed for you to discuss your gameplay with your fellow Simmers is: 'Best aspiration to go with Paranormal Investigator career?', by @FanPhoria. We'd love to hear your thoughts!👻

🔸Next, a visit to "The Sims 4 Ideas Corner", where we can find the interesting thread: "Trade jobs, do you want them/what kind of pack should they be added in? ", started by @Nicocacola1992. This topic was suggested by our dear @BreeMiles, and we both agree 'it makes for interesting thoughts'! 💭

🔹While you are thinking about 'Trade Jobs', why not jumping into 'What happened in your game today?' thread, and be amused by the remarkable couple, 'Andre and Nia'? Those screenshots posted by @O-meezy, are sight for sore eyes- absolutely gorgeous! . 🤩 You guys must check them out.

🔸Now, the next discussion is on fire! 🔥 What would you guys do to avenge an evil neighbour or in @jpsulsuldagdag's own words: 'Any "Evil" things I can do in this game?'. I wont spoil the fun as I'm sure you guys are dying to know what's going on in that neighbourhood :smiley:

🔹Last but not least, another from the series 'Most eligible Sim', by @Emily4331: 'Who is Sunset Valley's most eligible gal?'. Please, leave your votes! :wink: ✔️

I hope you enjoyed this week's picks. :) If you come across any great topics and think they would make a great Friday Highlight feature, please let me know!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!



  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 28,052 Member
    Congrats to all mentioned! Have an awesim weekend!
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  • TeeSeaTeeSea Posts: 993 Member
    Thanks for the great list @EA_Mari
    Congratulations to all mentioned.
    Have a good weekend!
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,566 Member
    aww, thank you for using that picture <3
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  • maggie_jrmaggie_jr Posts: 1 New Member
    how do you star to play the game
  • AaleynAaleyn Posts: 95 Member
    Thank you very much @EA_Mari for the mention, it was a wonderful surprise, and I'm still smiling :blush:
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