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Wyrd Tales (updated Jul 12, '24)


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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member

    Chapter 39 - Welcome to Glimmerbrook

    The sign said Welcome to Glimmerbrook. Despite it's absence from any map, and the GPS's insistence that there wasn't a road here much less a town, the teens felt no sense of victory upon reaching their goal. The loss of Nick hung heavily over all of them.
    "Why don't you guys freshen up," Miranda said.

    "I'll ask for directions."
    "Mein Gott, are you not Miranda Silveroak-Goth?" the stranger seemed extremely excited.
    "Ummm..." she stammered.

    "Forgive me," the stranger continued. "My name is Professor John Faust. Though we have never met, I have a long acquaintance with the Silveroak family."

    "Please, sit with me," Professor Faust continued. "Do you enjoy chess?"

    "We were, of course, all devastated to hear about the attack on your family... and we feared for your safety. Where have you been all these months?"

    "Eh... if you don't mind, I'd rather not talk about it," Miranda replied.

    "No, of course," Professor Faust nodded kindly. "Forgive me. It is just such a gift to find you well... and here, in Glimmerbrook."

    Miranda considered the Professor, then said, "I... I understand my family, I mean the Silveroaks, had a house here in Glimmerbrook. I was hoping..."

    "Of course," he smiled, "Glimmerbrook Watch has long been in the Silveroak family and now, naturally, it would belong to you."

    "I would be more than happy to show you the way, you and your friends."
    "There is just one thing I must do first," the Professor said.

    "What?" Miranda gasped.

    "Ah, she makes a very good statue," he laughed. "The frog, I admit, is a little on point but I couldn't resist. Oh and Count Vladislaus Straud sends his regards."

    "You >:):#:#:o !" Miranda shouted, the Moonwood Wand in her hand almost without thought.

    "Very good, my dear," Faust grinned. "Now let me show how a real sorcerer duels!"

    "Oh," Miranda snarled, the power of the rising moon surging through her. "You mean like this!"

    "Or THIS!"
    "Well done Miranda," Gwen appeared in a flash of light.

    "Now John," she added. "Why don't your FORGET."

    "Hello dear," Gwen smiled. "I had hoped to meet you but I only just got word you had arrived."
    "Gwen!" Miranda sobbed, throwing her arms around her.

    "Oh," Gwen sighed. "My poor girl. My poor, poor girl."

    Tears pouring down her face, Miranda told Gwen what had happened... finding the wand, her decision to come to Glimmerbrook, Nick's death.

    "Now Beth and Jake have been turned into... well, this," she continued, "and it's all my fault."
    "It's not your fault," Gwen said, "and Beth and Jake will be fine. See."

    "Frog!" Jake gasped. "I was a frog! I think I ate a bug!"

    "It takes a moment, but you'll be alright," Gwen reassured them.

    "I ate a bug," Jake moaned. "I'm a vegetarian."

    "Oh," Gwen rubbed his arm in gentle support.

    "Welcome, friends..."
    ... to Glimmerbrook Watch."

    Fate is a riddle and we choose our own answer. Wyrd Girls
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    @luciusstorm Love it! I have to go back and read up to this point, though. Especially got a nice chuckle from this: "I was a frog I think I ate a bug!" ROFL. Just a little extra protein no worries. LOL
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,396 Member
    @luciusstorm I'm caught up finally. That was so sad, losing Nick. At least he died bravely and bought Miranda some time to stop the attack. I agree with @GalacticGal, that "I think I ate a bug line" was hilarious. Bravo.👏

    Going back to an earlier post you made about the risque line, I know your thoughts and doubts. Over the last 3 or 4 episodes of my story I've had at least one moment in each where I've asked myself did I go too far. It might be a line of dialogue or it might be a screenshot. The price I pay for writing a good romantic story I suppose.😁 I guess if I'm not at least a little uncomfortable I didn't make it interesting enough.😉
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
    The bug thing is hilarious.
    Don't buy broken stuff
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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member

    Chapter 40 - Pain and Choice

    After a difficult and painful journey, the teens had arrived.
    "She's here!" Cassie grinned. "I can't believe she's finally here."

    "I've put them in the spare beds," Gwen said. "They need to rest. I'm worried about Miranda. She's been through so much."

    "We'll take care of her," Cassie said. "She's home... also, are you ever going to tell Cally to stay off the counters?"

    "No," Gwen said. "Why?"

    Morning brought a simple breakfast. Gwen had remembered Jake's declaration of vegetarianism and provided accordingly.
    She took a little time to get to know the young werewolves...

    Jake was still star-struck to find himself talking to someone as famous and influential as Cassie!

    The panicked cry of Gwen's cat, Cally, and a peal of wild laughter brought them all running to the living room...
    Miranda stood in the center of the room, laughing maniacally while flames surged uncontrollably around her. The couch was already engulfed in fire. Flames licked the edges of her clothes and her eyes were wild.

    Even as the teens ran, looking for a way to extinguish the flames, Gwen gestured imperiously, her voice hard with command. Obedient, the wild flames died. A negligent gesture restored the couch and scorched floor boards, but Gwen's eyes remained fixed on Miranda.

    Tears ran down the young woman's face as her hysterical laughter hiccoughed away.

    "The fire... it doesn't even hurt," Miranda sobbed. "I'm so cold... I'm so... I thought ... I thought I could... but Nick! It's too much."

    "I know," Gwen said softly. "I know. We've faced so much pain. So much fear and such deep loss. You've carried more than I had any right to ask of you..."

    "You don't understand," Miranda wept.

    "I lost everything... here," Gwen replied softly. "In the place you are standing, I watched my mother and grandmother die. I fled into the night, like you. I found safety, like you... and it almost destroyed me. I was broken... for a long time. The feelings inside me... I still can't always contain them."

    "How... how do you live with it?" Miranda asked.

    "Mediation and magic," Gwen smiled sadly. "This potion settles my mind, helps me stay... well, maybe not sane but functional. Drink. It won't heal your hurts but it will make the pain bearable."
    (So, that happened. While I'm paying attention to Jake and Beth, suddenly a notification pops up that Miranda found a fire. Turns out, Miranda was on fire and moving rapidly toward dying of hysterical laughter if the fire didn't kill her first. Sorry, I didn't get any good screenshots... I was a little busy keep my main character alive. - L)

    "Oh God, Miranda!" Beth cried. "Are you alright?"

    "I'm... calmer," Miranda allowed. "I... I'm so sorry...."

    "Just don't do that again," Beth declared. "I'm not going to lose you too!"
    "I..." Miranda wasn't sure what to say to Gwen.

    "Miranda," Gwen said softly, "do you understand wyrd?"

    "Yeah, we're definitely not normal people."

    "No, my sweet child. Not weird (though, I agree, we are that as well)... wyrd," Gwen said. "It's an old word... most often translated as Fate. Most people think that Fate is something that happens to you. Something inescapable and predetermined. That isn't what wyrd means. It shares the same root as a word which means "to become" ... Wyrd is that which has happened, is happening and will happen. It is the sum of the events around us and of our choices.

    "You're werewolf friends have a closer tie to the wyrd," Gwen continued. "They understand, instinctively. So, they understand that what happened to Nick is not your fault. You made a choice, to find the Moonwood Wand and bring it here. Nick made a choice, to go with you and to risk his life to protect you. The nameless vampire who came for you made a choice, to kill Nick... and all of those choices - yours, Nicks, even the vampires, were shaped by the choices you had all made before, by the choices of others who were not there, even by the wind, the rain and the moon.

    "Honor Nick's choice, and grieve, but do not carry guilt over that choice. It was his to make and he made it bravely. I'm only sorry I never got to meet him."

    Later, while the others rested, Gwen considered the wyrd. She hoped she had made the right choices. Only time would tell.
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    edited July 2022
    Chapter 41 - To Stand the Watch

    The following day seemed a little brighter. Beth and Jake had howled out their grief and Miranda's emotional storm was calmed. Also, there was french toast in the kitchen.

    "When do your moms sleep?" Beth wondered.

    "I don't think they do, unless they want to," Miranda admitted. "When I was little, I didn't even know that was strange."

    Gwen and Beth started to share what they each knew about the Mooncasters, the history of the werewolves and the ancient conflict with the vampires. They also kept an eye on Miranda.
    "Guy's, I'm OK," Miranda declared. "The potion works. No more crazy."

    "Alright then, young lady," Gwen replied. "Let's see how well you've kept up your magical studies... and show me what this wand can do."

    "Oh!" Gwen said a few moments later.

    "Maybe in the interests of the curtains, we should take this outside."

    "I think," Beth said, "that it's time we knew what all of this was about. I mean, we know that this house is protecting some kind of magical artifact from the vampires and the spells are somehow tied to you, Gwen, but..."

    "What's it all about?" Gwen replied. "You'll be surprised how much of it you already know."
    "Long ago the ancient sorcerers, in their hubris, tried to create magical servants for themselves... immortal beings who would need neither sleep nor food. The spell failed, disastrously. Those magical beings fell upon their creators, drinking their blood. These were the first vampires and as they fed upon those with magical blood, their magical power grew.

    "Your people, the werewolves, came into being in part to fight these vampires... when the old Mooncasters took into themselves the strengths of their wolf familiars.

    "In the end, after a long conflict, the vampires were driven from the Magic Realm and settled in this world, feeding and creating more of their kind. The werewolves settled in Moonwood and soon spread out into world. My own people settled here, in Glimmerbrook.

    "You still haven't told us..." Jake began.

    "I know," Gwen said. "Follow me."

    "We settled in Glimmerbrook, you see," Gwen said as she lead them down the path along the river, "not only because it's a lovely, and hidden, place.

    "We settled here, because it is the chief place where this realm and the Realm of Magic meet. This is what Vlad seeks. What the Coven of Glimmerbrook Watch is bound to protect - the Gateway. If Vlad breaks the spells that protect it, he will return to Realm of Magic and destroy it. The consequences to the mortal world would be devastating.

    "So, I have taken up my family's task" Gwen said quietly. "Soon... I believe in the dark of the year, under the dark moon... Vlad and his vampires will come. None of you have to stay. You have all done more than I should ever ask of you. No magic binds you. No promises hold you. Go... or stay and stand with me."
    "Yeah," said Jake, "Like any of us are leaving. Bring them on."
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    Interlude - It's a Kind of Magic by Queen

    One Dream

    One Soul

    One Prize

    One Goal

    One golden glace of what should be

    It's a kind of magic
    One shaft of light that shows the way

    No mortal man can win this day

    It's a kind of magic.
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,396 Member
    @luciusstorm Miranda is so lucky to have all these people behind her. She's going to need them. As powerful as Gwen and Cassie are I feel like it's going to be Miranda's fight to win. With assistance, of course. I love how with just a handful of pictures and a sentence with each you have really built up an atmosphere of tension, foreboding, and drama. Even if you hadn't mentioned the trouble you were having with the epic battle, you can feel it coming. When I see that posted I'll be sure to have a bowl of popcorn ready to munch on while watching events unfold.
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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member
    @DaniRose2143, thank you.
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    Chapter 42 - The Battle of Glimmerbrook Watch, Part 1

    In the darkest part of the year, under the dark of the moon...

    "At last," he hissed.
    "Faust with me," Vlad commanded.

    "The rest you," he continued, "kill everyone in the house. Tonight, I will have my victory. Let there be no survivors."

    "Gwen, Miranda... follow Vlad!" Cassie charged down the front steps.

    "We'll deal with these and catch up!"
    "Delay them, Faust," Vlad hissed, racing down the path toward the gate.

    "I'll slow him down!" Miranda cried.

    "Miranda, no!"

    "The last Silveroak," Faust jeered. "Face me."

    "Maybe I'll let you remember this time," Gwen grinned fiercely.

    "Now," Vlad hissed, "there is nothing to stop me."

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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member

    Chapter 43 - The Battle of Glimmerbrook Watch, Part 2

    "My Lord has taught me the dark moon's magic, witch," Faust growled. "You don't stand a chance tonight."
    "This is his night..."

    "The Realm will fall to him..."

    "There is no one who can stop him."

    "The night isn't over," Gwen stood firm.
    "You?" Vlad laughed. "She sent a child against me?"

    "You're not getting through this gate," Miranda shouted. "We're here to stop you!"

    "We?" Vlad sneered. "You are alone."

    "There is no one coming to help you."

    "Your friends will all fail..."

    "...and fall"

    "You aren't the heroes," Vlad smiled.
    "You are pawns..."

    "... sacrificed in a last, desperate gambit."

    "You have already lost."

    "Now," Vlad roared, "step aside!"

    "Never," Miranda cried, defiant.
    "Then I will remove you," Vlad hissed.



    "Ahhh," Vlad sighed. "Delicious.

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    Chapter 44 - The Battle of Glimmerbrook Watch, Part 3

    "Why keep fighting?" Faust laughed. "Surrender and serve him. He may yet let you live."
    "Never!" Gwen snarled.

    "You haven't won yet, Faust..."

    "... We're stronger than you think."

    Miranda? Don't be dead. Get up, Miranda.

    "You can't stop him," Faust staggered back. "His victory is fated! It is written!"
    "How little you understand," Gwen replied.

    "You think fate is inevitable..."

    "... but I know fate is a choice... and we have chosen ours."

    "We will stand against you."

    "The fate which is written..."
    "... it's a riddle."


    "Do you know the answer, John?"

    "Because I don't," Gwen finished.


    Go away, Bluebell, I'm dying.

    Why do you want to do that?

    "Now," Vlad considered. "How to open the gate... Where is Faust?"

    Miranda, get up. You need to stop him.

    How? He's too powerful.

    Use the moon's magic!

    There is no moon, remember.

    The moon's magic is part of the wand, and the wand is part of you. Get up!


    "What is this?" Vlad hissed. "What does it take to kill you all?"

    "No. No! NO!"


    "Are you two alright," Cassie asked.

    "Yeah," Beth gasped. "We're fine. Go, help Miranda!"
    "Is it over?" Cassie asked.

    "Vlad ran off," Miranda said quietly.

    "He won't be back anytime soon," Gwen smiled. "Miranda hurt him, badly. His followers are broken and scattered."

    "So, we did it!" Cassie grinned. "We won."

    "Mom, what are doing?" Miranda asked.

    "Texting my PR guy," Cassie smiled. "The last time I was out of touch this long, I was having you... and he didn't think I was dead."

    "Mom!" Miranda cried. "You are so embarrassing!"
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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member


    Beyond the gate...
    She waited...

    ... and the Sages, leaders of the Realm, came.

    "So," said Mischievous, "is it over?"

    "Is anything," Gwen replied.

    "Why do you give here these openings?" the Practical Sage groaned.
    "We have made new friends," Gwen said.

    "... and we have lost friends."

    "We have returned to the world."

    "There are loose ends..."

    "The vampires will be seeking a new leader. For good..."

    "... or ill"

    "And Vlad?" the Untamed Sage asked. "She let him live."

    "She made a choice," Gwen said. "I will not challenge it. Yes, he will be back..."

    "... but evil is never defeated forever. It will always return."

    "When it does... we will be here."

    "The Coven of Glimmerbrook Watch... Wyrd Girls, all."
    So ends Wyrd Girls: Year of the Wolf (Well, that's the title I gave it in my head). I hope you've enjoyed reading it almost as much as I've enjoyed creating it. It is my hope that Gwen, Cassie and Miranda will return... if the game ever gets patched, my mods get updated, my computer stops flaking out, etc. Until then, may your choices bring you a good fate. What was, is and will be is a riddle and we bring our own answers. - L
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,396 Member
    @luciusstorm Excellent story, and there is still a plot line left open for a sequel. I knew it was Miranda's fight, you could feel it. I love how you worked the phone in too.
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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member
    @DaniRose2143, thank you again. Looking back, for as much hard work as creating the conclusion was, I feel like it was worth it. I really enjoyed writing this and I'm glad you enjoyed it too.
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,396 Member
    @luciusstorm You did a fantastic job and I look forward to whatever story you do next. It's time for me to head back to Tartosa.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
    That was fun! Thank you @luciusstorm !
    Don't buy broken stuff
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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member
    @mightysprite, I'm glad you enjoyed it
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    Wyrd Girls - Book 2

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    Chapter 1 - Spring

    "I died here, in this very spot... murdered by a vampire lord who was trying to conquer the Realm of Magic. So, yeah... my life is pretty strange."
    "I asked Gwen why I didn't stay dead. Why did I come back? Why did she? How did she bring mom back... and why can't she bring Nick or Grampa Mortimer back? Why? Of course, her answer didn't really make any sense. When I told her that, she just said that when I could figure it out I would understand. What's that even supposed to mean?"

    "Typical Gwen, really. Lots of mysticism and mystery, power and knowledge coming out of her elf-y ears and she still didn't notice I dyed my hair. I mean, it's blue for Pete's sake!"

    "I needed a change. New year, new hair. OK, I'm still wearing Nick's jacket... but he died for me. I don't want to let it go. I guess I'm not that ready for a fresh start."
    "I tried to explain it to mom..."

    "She kind of understood... I guess the whole Goth family macabre thing comes in handy. That and the fact that she died too... and she doesn't understand Gwen's riddles about life and death either."

    "She liked my hair."

    "Life in Glimmerbrook is OK. I still have to go to school. Seriously, defeat a vampire lord, save the world and then start a new high school... I ask you, is that fair?"
    "At least this one has some interesting subjects to study."

    "Plus, Gwen's teaching us meditation."

    "We don't have a TV, but I got used to that in Moonwood Mill. There's one in Elixirs and Brews that we can use."

    "I get to play my music..."


    "... and I'm taking up painting."

    "It's Spring. Gwen says it's a time for Beginnings (You can even hear the upper-case "B" when says it. I've got to figure out how she does that). I guess I can make a start here... in the place where I died."
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,396 Member
    @luciusstorm I loved it. Excellent as always.❤
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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member

    Chapter 2 - Cassie!

    For the second time in her career, Cassandra Goth found herself needing to reappear after an absence.
    Granted, this time she'd only been out of the spotlight for a year or so, rather than more than a decade, but she had, officially been dead this time.

    They pitched it as "The Resurrection of the Raven Witch"

    The press ate it up.

    Officially, the story was that the family had been forced into hiding after an attack by the sinister crime ring lead by Nancy Landgraab and Vlad Straud. The old feud between the Goth and Landgraab families was rehashed in the media, prompting vigorous denials from the Landgraab's legal team. The mysterious background of Count Straud, still officially at large and being sought by authorities, added an even more disquieting aspect to the story.

    At the advice of her PR firm, Cassie neither confirmed not denied anything. Difficult questions were answered with a knowing look and a sultry smile.
    ("Thanks mom," Miranda muttered. "Just what every teen wants to see... her mom's butt plastered all over the entertainment news."
    "At least they haven't found those pictures your father took," Cassie smiled ruefully.
    "Ewww... I did NOT need to know that!")

    Resurrected and at the top of the music scene, Cassie's agent suggested they needed to try a new project... Acting!
    Cassie was resistant at first, wanting to focus on her music...

    ... but Gwen suggested that a new project was just what she needed...

    ... and, as always, she was willing to help Cassie on that new path.

    They started small... commercial spots endorsing instruments.
    "Ugh... mom!"

    A guest spot in the musical segment on a popular children's program...
    "Seriously mom?"

    "You know someone can physically die of embarrassment, right?"

    ...and finally a popular daytime TV show.
    "Well, this isn't so bad," Miranda allowed.

    "Mom! What did Gwen say about this?"

    "It's just acting dear," Cassie smiled. "Besides, she didn't actually object to me living with your father, making you and almost marrying him. So, I'm really not sure what she would object to... and I certainly don't intend to try and find out."

    Certainly the new acting roles garnered attention and Cassie found herself invited to the Starlight Accolades...

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    luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,832 Member

    Chapter 3 - Starlight and Dreams

    OK, Miranda thought, the Starlight Accolades... I'm at the Starlight Accolades.
    Exclusive venue, top celebrities, biggest night of the season. No big deal. I'm here to support mom.

    "So, this is kind of neat," Cassie grinned. "I've actually never been to one of these."

    "It's OK," Miranda said. "You think you'll win something?"

    I'm cool, Miranda thought. Celebrities are just peop... Oh. My. GOD!

    "Hi, Thorne," Cassie said, grinning inwardly.

    "Evening, Cassie," the musical star smiled back.
    Get ahold of yourself, Miranda thought firmly. Watch the show. Ignore the superstar.

    Award for most boring speech, Miranda groaned.

    Award for being dumb enough to wear blue shoes with a brown jacket.

    I mean, you're a rich star right... buy some socks.

    And another... oh my God...
    "Mom, that's Danielle Chabert, the romance novelist" Miranda gasped, a little more loudly than she intended. "I love her..."

    "I mean, Beth," Miranda corrected quickly, "Beth loves her novels. I haven't... I mean, I maybe read a couple... because Beth..."

    "I'll tell her... your fiend... enjoys her work," Londyn said with a grin.

    While Miranda tried to remember or, failing that, invent a spell for invisibility, Cassie found herself called to the stage to accept her own award, for her new album, Moonlight on the Brook.
    "I want to thank everyone who made this possible," Cassie said. "I especially want to thank my wonderful wife, Gwen, for her support and my perpetually embarrassed daughter, for her tolerance."

    "Good press is always better than a good performance, I suppose..."

    "... and good looks count for so much. She hasn't aged a day in almost twenty years... Eternal youth and beauty."

    "We shall have to see about that..."

    "... little Raven Witch."

    With special thanks to @DaniRose2143 for letting me have Danielle and Londyn from the wonderful Under The Tartosan Sun make this little cameo. They may show up again. - L
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    GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 29,102 Member
    Awesome! I love this sharing of characters!
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    DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 9,396 Member
    @luciusstorm It felt kind of strange and a whole lot of wonderful to see into one of the possible futures for Londyn and Danielle.😁

    @GalacticGal It is cool. I'll have to get in on the fun here.
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