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Wyrd Tales (updated Jul 12, '24)

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I am moving and continuing my Wyrd Girls story from What Happened In Your Game Today? over here to Creative Corner. I plan to repost and possibly expand the existing story here and, of course, continue it. - L

The Wyrd Girls

Gwenivar Silveroak-Goth
Age: Young Adult (Immortal)
Traits: Childish, Erratic, Loves Outdoors
Parents: Arianrhod Silveroak (mother, deceased), Doug Brown (adopted father), Lillian Brown (adopted mother)
Romances: Cassanrda Goth (wife)
Children: Miranda Goth

Cassandra Goth
Age: Young Adult (Immortal)
Traits: Creative, Gloomy, Music Lover
Parents: Mortimer Goth (father), Victoria Goth (mother, deceased), Bella Goth (stepmother)
Siblings: Alexander "Xander" Goth (brother)
Romances: Gwen Silveroak (wife), Don Lothario (complicated)
Children: Miranda Silveroak-Goth (daughter)

Miranda Silveroak-Goth
Age: Teen
Traits: Creative, Good
Parents: Cassandra Goth (mother), Gwen Silveroak-Goth (mother), Don Lothario (father)
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    Prologue 1 - The Early Years

    Gwen Silveroak was an ordinary teenage girl, or so, Doug Brown, insisted.

    Doug was a school teacher in Willow Creek. He had had a brief but memorable relationship with Gwen's mother, Arianrhod, some years ago. When he heard that she had passed away, leaving a daughter behind, Doug and his wife Lillian had adopted Gwen.
    Gwen enjoyed painting...

    ... a pastime Lillian, who was a professional painter, encouraged her in.

    She also liked to spend a lot of time outdoors... and had what Doug called "a vivid imagination."

    That "vivid imagination" made it hard for Gwen when she started at the local high school. Odd, intelligent and prone to outbursts of seemingly random emotion, Gwen didn't fit in. Moreover, she didn't even try. There was one other student she got along with...

    Cassandra Goth.
    Daughter to aristocratic, mysterious and dark Goth family, Cassandra didn't fit in well with her peers either.

    The two became fast friends...

    ...and as time moved on, more than friends.

    After high school came University...
    Gwen and Cassie both enrolled in the Fine Arts program, where Gwen pursued her painting and Cassie her music.

    Their relationship continued...

    ... growing deeper and stronger.


    New Years Eve, at the start of their last term. Gwen left Cassie alone at the bar, investigating rumors of a secret society. Cassie didn't speak about what happened that night but afterward something was lodged in her heart, pushing her away from Gwen.
    After University, they got an apartment together in the City. Gwen didn't push. She just made sure Cassie knew she was there and accepted her lovers distance. Gwen understood, healing would take time and the willingness to heal. Gwen had time, far more than Cassie understood, and she would be there when Cassie was ready to heal.

    Cassie poured her feelings into her music...

    ... and looked for something, even if only a distraction.
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    Prologue 2 - Twists and Turns Along the Way

    Cassie had met Don Lothario at club shortly after she moved to the city. He was a handsome, suave, older man. She knew enough to recognize a good pick-up line but he was nice and funny about it. She'd agreed to meet him again at a family restaurant of all places. She had a good time. He flirted outrageously, of course, but somehow managed to not be pushy about it.
    Cassie started spending more and more time with him.

    He was vibrant and passionate... distracting her from the darkness that lurked in her heart.

    The fact that the paparazzi ate it up, getting her (and him) into the media was a bonus. Don knew how to play to the media.

    Her career was rocketing upwards.

    Cassie started staying at his place in the Valley more and more...
    Which had some definite... benefits.

    ... very... serious... benefits.

    Eventually, it just made sense for her to move in full time.

    They didn't really talk about where things were going. They didn't really talk much.

    Cassie was amazed that Gwen wasn't hurt by her decision. For Gwen, there was never any question... they were friends and they would always be friends. This was what Cassie needed to do next in her life. Gwen would support her and be there for her, where ever life led.
    Of course, life takes some interesting twists and turns.

    She probably should have expected this, given that Don though "fidelity" had something to do with stereos. It probably shouldn't even have surprised her to find him was messing around with her old college friend, Jessie.

    Well, Cassie wasn't about to let Don have any doubt which of them was the best woman. She'd prove it!

    Don had no objections.

    Afterwards, however, Cassie insisted that Don take their relationship seriously from now on.

    Don was very apologetic and assured Cassie he would do whatever it to took to prove himself to her.
    He probably should have known better.

    The day of the wedding...

    It was a small affair... just family and friends and a setup in Don's back yard.

    It had been Cassie's idea to invite her college friends, Gwen, Jessie and Luna...

    Don was happy to meet more of Cassie's college friends...

    Don was happy with the whole thing really. Cassie was beautiful, fun... and a star. She was perfect.

    So... why did he feel lead weights in his stomach? Why did he want to freeze, or run, or shout FIRE at the top of his lungs?

    Don wasn't one for soul searching. He knew that there wasn't much worse he could possibly do to Cassie than breaking up her at the moment he was supposed to be marrying her. He also knew, without any doubt at all, that one of those few things that would be worse was actually marry her.

    Instead he broke her heart.
    ... and out of that broken heart started to seep all the pain, the darkness and the hurt that Cassie had bottled up inside.

    She was ready to heal and Gwen, as she had always promised, was there to help.

    Cassandra Goth had rediscovered her power... and no one would take it away again.

    Not from her or from the child she carried.
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    I have been meaning to read your Wyrd Girls story, it always looks so interesting. I have to start prioritizing my time better so I can find more time to read what my fellow storytellers are writing. I really love that you've made the move down here to CC. You are going to love the freedom to be more creative and not worry so much about spamming a thread. You really can't spam it, it's your thread to do with what you want.

    I have been meaning to ask and since it's on my mind I will. Are you a fan of the Discworld series, and did it inspire your choice of title and the story? When seen the title I instantly thought of the Discworld book Wyrd Sisters.

    I look forward to getting to know your story, and welcome to Creative Corner!
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    @DaniRose2143, thank you for the welcome. I hope you enjoy the story.

    While Discworld has been recommended to me often, I confess I've never read it. I suspect this is more a case of Terry Pratchett and I sharing a taste in mythology.

    The Wyrd Girls, the Wyrd (weird) Sisters, the Three Witches, the Norns, the Fates, the Wiccan Triple Goddess... Wyrd being the Anglo-Saxon term roughly translated as fate or destiny... and my three witches.

    Not that Gwen, Cassie and Miranda are goddesses... well, at least I'm pretty sure Cassie and Miranda aren't. Gwen?
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    Yay! Bookmarked

    @DaniRose2143 I love the Terry Pratchett Wyrd Sisters too but doesn't the title come from Macbeth originally?

    edit: okay yes @luciusstorm it's much older than that :)
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    Prologue 3 - Country Life

    Gwen had moved out of the city into a sprawling farm house by the river in Old New Henford. When Cassie moved in, she had wondered how Gwen could afford the place but Gwen had simply smiled.

    Some months later, Cassie gave birth to a daughter - Miranda.
    Gwen happily welcomed Miranda into the family as if she was her own daughter. Cassie was grateful and glad of a partner who didn't mind late night feedings and changing. Even as a baby, Miranda already felt a special bond to Gwen as a second mother.

    The years that followed were good ones...

    Miranda grew into a precocious toddler.
    Gwen continued to pursue her art...

    ... and her Craft.

    Cassie gave up giving concerts to focus on raising Miranda but she continued with her music.

    Miranda had a happy childhood...

    ... full of love, joy and wonder.

    Cassie loved Gwen with all her heart. She knew that now and wondered why she had ever doubted it. It was time, she decided...
    In the company of family and friends, they married.

    Cassie even invited Don and he was happy for them both. Some members of wedding party still felt some bitterness toward him though.
    Gwen turned him into a pumpkin.

    It was an exciting day... a little too exciting for Miranda who wore out before the ceremony was over.

    More years passed and Miranda grew...
    She did well in school...

    ...and made friends.

    Cassie and Don agreed that he should be part of Miranda's life...

    ... but Gwen continued to turn him into a pumpkin when no one was looking.

    Cassie released some of her new music. Despite more than a decade having passed, her fans hadn't abandoned her. People loved her new songs!
    The renewed attention of the paparazzi did make date nights a little difficult...

    ... but she and Gwen made the best of it.

    "Your mom's are neat," Imran observed to Miranda.
    Miranda shrugged, "They can be really embarrassing sometimes... but they're OK.

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    Chapter 1 - A Beginning

    Summer was ending and Miranda had her birthday. She was officially a teenager now.

    Gwen gave her two special gifts, an old wooden wand and an old book...
    "All the stories of magic we read to you at night... some of them are true. This was my first wand and now it's yours."

    Even after reading the through the book, Miranda wasn't sure she believed in it all.

    The quick trip into the Magic Realm with her moms was eye opening.
    Unfortunately, even here, Cassie continued to be embarrassing.
    I mean, sure mom, you're a world famous musician but this is a whole different Realm... Stop giving autographs!

    New Years Eve at Orchid A Go Go was worse... what's a teenager to do but roll her eyes as her mom mugs for the paparazzi and tries to get cheers from the crowd.
    At least Gwen seemed to understand. She even had a quiet toast for Miranda, a special drink Gwen prepared herself.

    Gwen secretly hoped that the potion would keep Miranda safe. Even in the city, she could smell something coming with the night wind and the light of rising moon.
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    Yay! Bookmarked

    @DaniRose2143 I love the Terry Pratchett Wyrd Sisters too but doesn't the title come from Macbeth originally?

    edit: okay yes @luciusstorm it's much older than that :)

    Titles aren't subject to copyright, so there's no worry. Also, I, too, have bookmarked this thread. :)

    What a cad Don is! Of course, he is and always has been one. He likes to chat up the ladies to get into their pants! Run, Cassie, run.

    Just read part one. I had no idea of where Gwen got her start. So very interesting. (My emails load the newest first, so that that I end up reading the newer ones before the slightly older ones.) :open_mouth:
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    @GalacticGal Thank god they aren't, I'd be staring at one for my story. :D

    Speaking of which, Don and Leonardo sound like they may have been separated at birth. They're kindred spirits and scoundrels at the very least.
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    @luciusstorm You have quite the propensity for leaving a hook at the end of your posts! Very, very good.
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    From here, I'm going to start reposting (and probably lightly editing) the original posts from WHIYGT, just so everything is together in one place. Once I'm "caught up" I'll start posting new stuff. :)
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    Chapter 2 - Hanging Out

    It was a busy time for Miranda... juggling school and learning magic from Gwen. At least learning magic was fun.

    Of course, mom was barely around anymore now that she had gone back to performing. Still, Miranda thought, does she have to perform all the time? She can hardly go out anymore without being mobbed by fans and the paparazzi. She doesn't have to like it so much, does she?

    At least mom took Miranda into the city when she went for one of her shows... which gave Miranda a chance to sneak off with a new friend to visit the Spice Festival.
    "Ugh, you see what I mean... every time we go out!"

    Hot... hot... HOT! Ok, maybe spicy food isn't Miranda's thing.

    Cough... OK, maybe bubble blowers aren't either...

    Of course, mom being off giving a concert wasn't all bad. It meant, with Gwen staying behind to tend the farm, Miranda could go to the Finchwick Fair alone. OK, not as glamorous as the city but a chance to finally spend some time with Imran.
    Her grade school crush was now her high school crush, and Miranda just didn't know what to say...

    ... but she had found a spell in one of the books that she thought might help break the ice.

    OK, that... helped. Meep!

    Cassie was so sure they were safe, but Gwen had felt them, even in her sleep... dark and hungry, lurking around the house in the night . So, she kept her eye on Miranda from afar...

    "I might need to talk to that girl about a few things," Gwen mused.
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    Chapter 3 - The Talk

    It was high time for Gwen to sit down with Miranda and have a talk...

    ... and share some things about the dangers of mixing magic and romance.

    "Really, does he like you for you or because you put a spell on him?" Gwen asked.

    "Well.. umm... how will I know?" Miranda stammered.

    "... we talk to him."

    The next day, Gwen sat down with Imran and Miranda together and explained a bit about magic. Imran was fascinated. (Miranda just cringed.)

    Later that evening, at the Gnome Arms, things were a little awkward.

    ... but really, Imran admitted, he liked Miranda and had since they were kids. If she was a little overeager about kissing, well that wasn't so bad. Maybe they could just start again and see where things went.

    "I'm so OK with that," Miranda smiled.

    A family dinner was a rare event these days, but it was nice for everyone to sit down together. For the first time in a long time, mom was just mom - instead of the glamorous superstar - and they could just chat about things. Really, Miranda thought, things are looking up.
    "Soon," he mused. "Soon"
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    Chapter 4 - Perfect Day (lyrics by Lou Reed)

    Oh, it's such a perfect day

    I'm glad I spent it with you

    Oh, such a perfect day

    You just keep me hanging on

    You just keep me hanging on...
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    Chapter 5 - Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Night on Olde Mill Lane

    "Gwenivar Silveroak," Vlad smiled. "The last witch of Glimmerbrook Watch... I am so pleased to finally make your acquaintance."
    "Did you really think I would allow you to build a new coven that could challenge me?" Vlad declared.
    ... but Gwen's attention was on the the other vampires as they moved in to surround her.

    "Did you really think I was defenseless?" Gwen threw back at him as fire engulfed the nearest of them.

    "Your mother thought she could defeat me as well," Vlad hissed. "She did not have the strength to resist me, and neither do you."



    "So ends the Silveroak bloodline," Vlad smiled. "Pity... she tasted rather good."

    "Find the others, and deal with them."
    "The famous Cassandra Goth. Have you ever eaten a celebrity before, my friend?"

    "You know Cassandra, I promised your father I would never harm you. As you can see, I am a vampire of my word."
    Run, Miranda. She didn't know where the voice came from, but it sounded familiar and urgent enough to wake her. Run and don't look back!

    "Such a beautiful night," Vlad smiled, victorious.

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    Chapter 6 - Sympathy

    "Recapping out top story, on the disappearance of acclaimed musician Cassie Goth."
    "Authorities are not releasing details but at this time we know that Cassie, along with her daughter Miranda and wife Gwen, are missing and there are signs of violence at the family's home in Old New Henford. There are unconfirmed reports that some, perhaps all, of the family have been killed..."

    In times of tragedy, one seeks comfort. Mortimer looked for his comfort in the routine of his regular chess match with a friend.
    "Mortimer, my dear fellow, forgive me but you are quite off your game."

    "How... how could she be gone? My daughter, Vlad... I can't even reach her spirit. I've tried... oh, how I've tried... but I can't find her."

    "My dear friend," Vlad hissed soothingly. "I am so... sorry... for your loss. Keep searching. I know you will find her spirit... and please, keep more informed of anything more you learn about this tragedy. I wish to help in any way I can."

    "Thank you, Vlad," Mortimer replied. "I don't know what I would do without your support?"

    Leaving, Mortimer felt a renewed purpose. Cassandra's spirit was out there and, as a skilled medium, Mortimer was sure he could make contact with her.
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    Chapter 7 - Miranda Alone

    Miranda had run, through the night, through the woods, and up into the mountains. The rain had started to fall a while ago, chilling her to the bone. Eventually, after what felt like hours, she was too cold and tired to run...

    What was she going to do. She knew... she knew something terrible had happened. She'd seen them... their cold white skin, bloody dripping from their mouths... The monsters had come. Mom and Gwen were... oh God, they were gone. She'd just left them... left them to the monsters. She was alone... really, really alone...
    No, Miranda, the voice said. You're not alone.
    "Terrific... I'm going crazy," Miranda sighed. "On top of everything else, I'm going crazy now."

    You're not crazy, the spark of light tittered. I know we haven't talked in a while but I never left you.

    "You're my imaginary friend, Bluebell," Miranda shuddered in the cold. "My imaginary friend from when I was a little kid. You're not real!"

    Of course I'm real, Bluebell chimed. I was Gwen's friend when she was young and she passed me to you. To take care of you... and I mean to. You can't stand here in the rain forever... you're not immortal enough for that yet. You'll catch a chill. We need to keep moving... I know a place.

    Between madness and freezing in the rain, Miranda picked madness... and followed the fairy's directions.

    Through the cave, through the woods beyond and finally to a small cottage.

    Rest here, Bluebell said. He won't mind.

    Miranda was too tired to wonder who he might be...

    In the morning, Bluebell led her to the garden, a simple breakfast of fresh fruit and finally...
    ... to her mysterious host.

    The old hermit welcomed her, and Bluebell, warmly.

    She was welcome to stay, he told her. The monsters would not find her here... but if she stayed, she would never reach the place she needed to be. The choice, he said, was hers...

    "Let's go," Miranda said confidently.
    You seem in better mood, the fairy chimed.

    "I know a secret, Bluebell" Miranda smiled. "I know..."

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    Chapter 8 - A secret

    "... they're alive!"

    "Gwen," Cassie woke, puzzled. "What... How... How are we alive?"

    "At the risk of sounding glib, my love... magic!" Gwen replied. "My potions are good for more than keeping us looking young and beautiful. I knew Vlad and his brood would be coming... I'd felt them lurking around the house for weeks... Eventually, he would strike. So, I prepared. My potion revived me and I was able to call you back."

    "Oh my God!" Cassie gasped. "Miranda! Where's Miranda!?!"

    "She got out," Gwen replied calmly. "She ran... and she ran. She's on the road now. The road to where she needs to go..."

    "You left her!?!," Cassie leapt to her feet. "You left her alone, with those... those monsters out hunting for her!"

    "This what she needs to do," Gwen replied, unruffled, "for herself and for all our sakes."

    "Enough with our mystical mumbo-jumbo," Cassie snapped. "You're not the only witch in this family, you know!"




    "Cassie, I love you," Gwen embraced her wife. "and I love Miranda. She's my daughter too..."

    "... but we can't be with her now," Gwen continued. "Alone, with us gone, Vlad won't see her as a threat... any more than he did me when I was her age. If we went to her now, he's come for us all... and I might be ready next time. Miranda is on the road to where she needs to be. It's time for us to do the same."

    "Where?" Cassie asked.

    "I'm taking you to meet my mother, at last."

    "Gwen... your mom's dead."

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    Chapter 9 - Moonwood Mill

    Miranda was pretty sure she had been walking forever... and that it had been raining the whole time. What had started as a nightmare, and blossomed into the promise of a fine adventure, had now pretty much been reduced to the monotony of putting one foot in front of the other.

    Bluebell was more enthusiastic about the whole thing but then, Miranda thought bitterly, she had wings.

    "I need to rest soon," Miranda said at last. "My feet a soaked. My legs have never been this sore. I'm tired and hungry and..."

    Just a little further, Bluebell chimed. We're almost there.

    Miranda had long ago given up asking where they were actually going.
    She wasn't sure if the little fairy wouldn't answer, couldn't answer or didn't really know herself.

    The most prominent among the various tattered notes, posters and flyers, declared this "Moonwood Mill."
    As safe haven's went, Miranda didn't think it looked very promising... but there was light and voices coming from a nearly building and Bluebell (who had vanished again) seemed completely confident that this was the place.

    Miranda wasn't certain what she had been expecting... but she was 100% sure "a library" had not even been on her list.

    No one seemed particular bothered by the arrival of a wet and bedraggled young woman. They simply greeted her, if not warmly at least not unkindly. A nice fellow even asked her to join him for a game of chess.

    In fact, many of the locals seemed to enjoy a good game.

    Maybe it was because she was warm, drying out and not alone (except for a wisp of blue light she still wasn't entirely convinced was real) but Moonwood Mills was starting to look like a safe haven...

    Plus, Jake was kind of a cutie...

    ... and Nick was really charming.

    Miranda tried not to cringe inwardly at the fact that she was wearing a grungy sweatshirt. At least, she thought, Gwen had taught her a few practical spells that she'd used to keep her clothes, and herself, clean.

    After a pleasant enough afternoon, Miranda found herself standing outside again unsure what to do next. Night was coming and she need some sleep. At least the rain had stopped.
    If anyone ever again suggested to Miranda that sleeping outside under the stars was romantic and exciting, she felt she would slap them.

    In the early morning (sleeping in just wasn't something she could do in a bush), Miranda followed the directions Jake and Nick had had given her to a local swimming hole. Magic was fine but sometimes a dip in real water was what a girl really needed to feel good.

    Well, Miranda thought... I'm here. Now what am I supposed to do?
    "Good morning. I don't mean to bother you, but I wondered if I could buy you some breakfast."

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    Chapter 10 - Safe Haven

    "Well, thank you for breakfast, Mr... ?" Miranda said.

    "Volkov, Kristopher Volkov," the man replied. "You can call me Kristopher. I will also accept Creepy Old Guy... at least until you know me better."

    "I'm Miranda," she said. "Thank you again. It's nice to have a hot meal."
    One I didn't have to conjure out of thin air, anyway, she added to herself.
    "Miranda," Kristopher said genially as they walked together, "Forgive me for saying so but you look like you could use a place to stay, at least for a little while, and I happen to have a spare room."

    "Umm," Miranda eyed him suspiciously. "Thanks but..."

    "No strings, no ill intent," Kristopher said. "At least come see the place."

    "It was my daughter's before she moved out. As you can see, it's separate from the main house, has it's own bed and bath, and the door can be bolted from the inside for privacy."


    "Well, Gwen," Miranda quietly asked her reflection. "Is this where you wanted me to be? Why do I think the answer is yes? You told me to trust my instincts... and keep my wand handy. Mr. Kristopher Creepy Old Guy seems OK... I think... and I can always set his beard on fire if he isn't."

    "OK," Miranda said stepping outside. "Umm, about rent... oh, hi."

    "Miranda, this is my son Jacob," Kristopher said, "Jake, this is Miranda."

    "Yeah, we met yesterday at the library," Jake smiled. "You're a wicked chess player."

    "... and this is Lily," Kristopher continued. "She is our other lodger. As for rent, I would just ask that you help out around the house in whatever way you can."

    "Hello Miranda," Lily smiled. "Kris said he thought he'd might be bringing home a new stray. I was one of his strays too. It'll be nice to have another woman around... Jake, why don't you show Miranda the main house."

    "Nice girl," Lily said. "You know she's trouble, right?"

    "A witch," Kristopher nodded. "On the run, from the looks of it... but I'm not sure from what, yet. Still, it's the Collective's job to take in those who need a place. You know that as well as anyone."

    "Oh I know," Lily smiled, "but I didn't mean that. You might not have noticed but Jake did. She's a pretty girl."

    "Don't be ridiculous," Kristopher shook his head. "Jake's Fated for Beth."

    "Like I said, trouble. I like her already."

    "Welcome to the family, Miranda."

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    Chapter 11 - The Full Moon

    It had been an eventful day, Miranda thought. Despite her initial worries, this seemed to be nice, quiet place where she could rest for a while. She headed for her new room, looking forward to a good nights sleep in a real bed.

    The Volkov's seemed like decent people. Maybe a bit "aging hippy" but that was OK...

    ...nothing to worry about.
    The Moonwood Collective gathered once again...

    ...and howled together at the bright, full moon.

    Miranda woke, startled by the noise. She didn't remember the Volkovs having dogs. More curious than anything, she stuck her head out to see what was going on.
    "Hey guys wha.... ummm... Kris..."

    "Heh... Jake what's..."

    "Yeah... No. Really... just no!"


    "Miranda, wait!" Jake roared as the bolt slammed home, locking him out.

    In the morning, Jake waited outside her door.

    "Look, I'm sorry if we... umm... let me explain..."
    Maybe it was her scent... so strange and intoxicating, like nothing he'd ever known before... or maybe it was just that she was in her underwear but suddenly Jake couldn't seem to remember how sentences worked.

    Whatever the reason, his first serious attempt at werewolf diplomacy was a complete failure.

    "Werewolves!" Miranda said. "I finally find 'where I need to be' and you're a bunch of werewolves! Like I don't have enough to deal with in my life!"

    Later, and a bit calmer, Miranda sat down with Kristopher.
    "I'm sorry we didn't give you more of a warning," he said. "We didn't want to overwhelm you... and I admit, in hindsight, that was a mistake."

    "Everything we told you is true... the Moonwood Collective is dedicated to self-sufficiency and peace. We offer a place to those who are lost and displaced, like you. We also happen to be werewolves."

    "OK... I'm sorry I freaked out," Miranda said to Jake later. "Werewolves... well, I guess that makes a kind of sense. Maybe this is really is where I need to be right now."

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    Chapter 12 - Life among Werewolves

    Miranda soon discovered that life among werewolves was surprisingly normal, once you overlooked the scratched up furniture (and walls).
    Jake, she learned, played guitar. The first time Miranda found him trying to pluck his way through a Cassie Goth tune, she couldn't help be smile.

    "You like Cassie's music?" he asked.

    "Ummm... it's OK," Miranda tried for nonchalant. She hadn't mentioned her last name, and no one had pressed on the point.

    "Do you play?" Jake asked.

    "Not guitar, but I was studying violin," she admitted.

    The next day, Jake presented her with an old violin for her to practice on. He said he'd gotten from another member of the Collective.

    Summer was here, so school wasn't a problem. Still spending time with Wolfgang, the town librarian, was educational (whether she wanted it to be or not). Miranda learned a bit about the history of Moonwood Mill and the werewolf community.

    Better yet, Jake introduced her to his friends. It was great to spend time with people her own age again.
    Nick was Jake's closest friend...

    ... and Miranda found that he was as funny and charming now as he had been the first day they met in the library.

    Beth, Nick's twin sister, was almost as close to him as Nick. They were always horsing around...

    ...Miranda was just happy to have another girl to talk to.

    Spending time with Jake, Nick and Beth was fun. Miranda was happy to just hang out, enjoy herself and not worry about monsters for a little while.

    A quick dip with everyone in the lake was a great way to spend the day.

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    Chapter 13 - Trouble

    Looking back, Miranda was pretty sure everything started to get really complicated a few days after the full moon.
    (Though, really, when your life involves hiding out with a pack of werewolves, in an effort to escape from the vampires who attacked your family of witches, "really complicated" is a matter of perspective. - L)

    Despite Miranda's insistence that Kristopher had explained everything and Jake shouldn't worry about what happened on the night of the full moon, he was still acting really sulky about frightening her.

    To be fair, she couldn't honestly bring herself to say that she hadn't been freaked out...
    She was still a little freaked out about the whole werewolf thing but, really, she was dealing with it. He didn't need to feel guilty about being who he was.

    "I just don't want you to think we're monsters," Jake said sadly. "I don't want you to be afraid of us... of me."

    "Really," Miranda smiled. "It's OK. I like you, Jake."

    Woah, Miranda thought. That was unexpected!

    After that, things were a little awkward...
    Yeah, really subtle Jake, Miranda thought. Not complaining though.

    Yeah, really not complaining... except... maybe... Woah! Hands! Hands in new places!

    Things were getting confusing for Jake too...
    He really liked Miranda. She was beautiful and funny and there was something intoxicating about her scent that made it hard to think around her...

    ... but what about Beth. She was one of his best friends but lately he'd felt strangely drawn to her... almost pulled, like the pull of the moon.

    But she was Beth! She was Nick's sister... and he and Nick were buds! Maybe he should talk to Nick... but he couldn't talk to him about Beth! And he couldn't talk about Miranda because he was afraid if he did, he'd end up talking about Beth too. No, better not to say anything.

    Nick wasn't confused at all. He very clear on the fact that Miranda was hot and he wanted to get to know her better.
    A lot better.

    Miranda though Nick was funny and charming. When he suggested going down to the lake for a swim, she thought it would be fun.

    ... and it was. Laughing and splashing in the water.

    Woah! Kissing! ... and Hands! Hands! That's my butt!
    Maybe I need to find a swimsuit my size, the tiny rational part of Miranda's mind suggested, and stop swimming in my underwear.

    "Oh Lily, what am I going to do?" Miranda sobbed. "I mean... Jake is a friend and he's nice... and I think he's cute, but we should just be friends... and then he's kissing me! And Nick is like, his best friend, and Beth's brother... but he's all funny and charming. We should all be friends... and then he's kissing me! ... and what is it about grabbing my butt? ... I don't want to lead them on... but I really like them both... and their werewolves! Let's not forget that! Oh, what am I going to do?"
    Lily's response wasn't exactly what Miranda was expecting.

    "Oh, deary, I do like you," Lily laughed. "but I'm afraid you kids are going to have to work this one out on your own... but think about this (if you can) - what's really important?"

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    Chapter 14 - Beth's Moon

    Beth was tense. The full moon was rising tonight, and she was worried. Nick had had first change on the last moon but, unlike her twin, Beth hadn't. She knew her father loved her, but she worried about disappointing him by not carrying the legacy of the wolf. Her skin felt too tight.

    It was Nick's idea to call Jake and Miranda over and head down to the lake. To distract her, he said.
    Right Nick. No other motives at all.
    Still, hanging out with the gang down by the lake was fun...

    ... even if the boys were being weird around Miranda.

    It was nice to play in the cool water and just be together...

    ... and really nice to be near Jake. Lately, Beth felt better when she was close to him.

    That night, Nick brought her to up to the top of the rock for a howl...
    As the room rose over the trees, Beth watched the change overtake her brother...

    ... her skin felt tight. Her body didn't seem to be the right shape anymore. Oh God, this was it! She was changing.

    She was a wolf!

    She ran and ran and ran, for the pure joy of running under the moon.

    Morning found her back on the rock, watching the sun rise and smelling all the scents on the breeze.
    A new scent caught her attention. "Miranda?" Beth turned. "What are you doing here?"

    "I wanted to see if you were OK," Miranda said. "Nick said you were going up here last night and I thought you might come back when... when you were done. How... I mean... what is it like."

    "It's terrifying... and thrilling," Beth said. "Wonderful and horrible and just amazing. I feel... like myself. Really myself, for the first time."

    "Thank you," Beth added. "For coming up to check on me."

    "Hey, what are friends for?" Miranda smiled.
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    Chapter 15 - When Did Everything Go Wrong?

    Xander Goth couldn't help but wonder, when did everything go wrong.

    It had all started out so great...
    He and Elsa had been friends from childhood and only grown closer in high school.

    Finally, in college, that closeness burst in passion!

    The wedding was wonderful...

    ... but that perfect day, looking back now, maybe hadn't been so perfect.
    He hadn't known then why she insisted on inviting Don. After all, the creep had left his sister at the alter, pregnant!
    Still, Cassandra had said she was OK with him being there. It had been years go and Don was a part of Miranda's life.

    But why invite him at all?
    They were just co-workers, after all.
    Elsa barely knew him.

    After the wedding, things seemed OK.
    Sure, they'd fight.

    He knew Elsa would complain to Oliva...

    ... they were really close friends after all.

    He would talk about his problems to his friends, too...

    ... Lilith was such a good listener.

    In the end they would always make up.

    Until that night...
    Xander had stayed home, trying to work on his latest App. He'd insisted she go and have fun.

    Well, she had fun...

    ... a little more much fun than Xander was OK with.

    They tried to talk it out...

    ... but this time, they just couldn't make it work.

    He was still moving out and into his new place, when the police brought him the news about Cassie, Gwen and Miranda.

    In just a few days, Xander had lost his marriage, his sister and his niece.
    When did everything go wrong?

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