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Friday Highlights July 8th- A Week on The Sims Forums

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July 8th- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers,

Are you ready for the weekend and another highlight? Let's take a look at what happened this week:

'Wade and his wife back from the gym'. Gorgeous screenshot by @jpajari.

🔸Opening the list with a very interesting poll started by @RememberJoy. If you 'could choose to freeze one of the six basic needs your average Sim has to manage, which one would you choose?'. This one got me thinking quite a lot, as it is difficult to decide between one of the options. What about you guys: "which needs based reward trait would you choose for yourself?" 🤔

🔹Talking about interesting discussions, @Sthenastia's topic 'Show me your total lore makeover [for premade sims]' comes next, and we'd love to see how you've changed premade families in your game? Please guys, take some time to share your screenshots and let us know more about your makeovers. :wink:

🔸While you are sharing with us how you spend your playing time, why not jumping into @StrawberryYogurt's discussion as well? 'If you could see only one remastered', which game of the series would you chose? My vote goes to 'The Sims1' as it was the first game I ever touched... it reminisces great memories, along with one of the best times of my life. 💖

🔹Moving on to building, I highly recommend checking out @masajo's latest creation: 'New Crumbledown Place', shared in their own thread "**Creations by Masajo**". Your talent is inspiring! 🏡

🔸And to finish it all off, a visit to The Sims 3 corner of the forums! Who would you guys consider to be 'Sunset valley's most eligible fella?', asks @Emily4331. I really love Connor Cold, just saying! 😍

I hope you had fun with those threads - now it's your turn to share your list below or feel free to send them on to me! :smiley:

Have a lovely weekend and happy Simming, folks! :heart:

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