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Installing and playing TS4 from another folder other than Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4?

Well, it's been many years since I last came here. Hope this community's doing well.

I have a laptop that has a C:/ drive with a 120GB capacity. That C:/ drive is now almost completely full, after I installed TS4 and all my purchased expansions and stuff add-ons. This does somewhat effect my gameplaly, as it takes (a good amount of) memory to run the game.

This same laptop has a D;/ drive that is nearly 1TB. Is it possible to have Origin and the game installed onto said D;/, where there is more space for not only my existing files but future downloads and expansions?

(lol And, no, installing my game on another device with a bigger C:/ drive is not an available option. I'm aware someone might try to give this lazy answer, which is why I am answering it here. :p)


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