June 24th- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!

Friday Highlights June 18th- A Week on The Sims Forums

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June 18th- Friday Highlights

Sul, sul Simmers,

With a bit of delay, here's our Saturday Edition Highlights. Apologies for that, and If your fun need is a bit low, get ready because I'm about to give it a boost with some great discussions waiting for you!

💠On Tuesday, we have released a free base game update:🤩 & right on time for the Super Full Moon 🌕 With new moon phases added, the new small telescope is sure to come in handy: 🔭💫. We've also added new Create A Sim items 🧔🏽🧕, a new wallpaper, new terrain paints, & the return of "Reticulating Splines" in time for our Reticulating Lupines. You can read more here.

💠Thursday was finally time to channel your wild side with the new #TheSims4Werewolves 🐾 🌙.

💠This weekend is about commemoration & celebration. In the next Sims Delivery Express, show off yours in the Cookout scenario. With new food items & family jerseys in honor of Juneteenth, #ShowUsYourStories as your Sims gather around the grill - available free on June 23. ✨

"A new dress." Stunning screenshot posted here, by @haneul.

🔸Opening our list with a game: "WHOHOO 😜 MARRY 💍 GRIM 💀",started on Twitter and shared in our General Discussion corner, by @simgirl1010, that's definitely a fun way to start todays Highlights!

🔹Next, a difficult reflection raised by @NRowe, in which everyone's opinion would help: "When your best plans are too much…". How do you guys react when you spend a lot of time planning something different in the game only to realise that it might not be doable? Do you give up or do you fight to prove that you are capable? Honestly, and agreeing with one of the Simmers comments in there, I believe you can do it- 'you can't let that lovely spreadsheet go to waste!'. Looking forward to seeing how your fave 5 Sims lives will unveil in Britechester.🤜

🔸Its been a while since we shared stories here, and this week, I'd like to feature the incredible "The Simmerville Show"- Part 2, which has special guests sharing their stories with the audience, including student Birdie Despond's visit to 'Moonwood Mill' and and incredible Mermaid Tale (or should we say curse), told and lived by Lady Elvira. You guys can't miss this 10 minute video of pure joy, created and shared by @Simmerville. Grab your popcorn and have fun! 🧑‍🎤

🔹Continuing on the same topic, since our fresh #TheSims4Werewolves 🐺, Im sure our Simmers have a lot of stories to share. Let's join @lovemy4s's thread as we'd love if you could "Tell me your werewolf story.."

🔸To end the list, and still about the hype involving our furry friends, 'happily ever after' won't necessarily happen to them. Not saying that's impossible, but we have our first experience shared by @pendragon1980: "My poor werewolf". Would this turn into a happy ending? Any tips on how to control rampage, please leave your comments there! 🐾

That's it from me! It's time to get ready for the weekend. It was a busy week for me, so I didn't have as much free time to spend with my Sims... but that's what weekends are designed for, right? ;)

Happy Simming weekend, folks!

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