June 24th- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!

Friday Highlights June 10th- A Week on The Sims Forums

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June 10th- Friday Highlights

Sul, sul lovely people,

Not so sure about you, but with Werewolves launching soon I'm getting really excited about next week!
We still need to wait for a bit longer, however, we can have some fun while we do that! Right?

💠Hungry to learn more about the new #TheSims4Werewolves 🐺 ? Be sure to check out the official Livestream later today, at 11 AM PST, here.

'Dustin Broke (my version, not the ingame one) and Angela P, the ultimate love couple <3:p'. This lovely screenshot was posted here, by @Armika74.

🔸Let's start with some celebration: June is Pride Month so we should all join the fun & show off some LGBTQIA Sims y'all created. I have found the perfect thread for that, started by @12JEREMIA. Also, we were delighted to announce that Wednesday's SDX added two new Pride flags, available to all players. 🌈🏳️‍🌈

🔹Next on the list, and also featured on Twitter recently, let's talk about all these astonishing creations by @BreeMiles and shared on their own thread: "TS4 creation's "Just by Bree". Clearly, building isn't even a challenge for Bree. Please guys, take a look as I'm sure you'll love everything there! <3

🔸We all know how quirky our pixel-friends can be and have experienced some interesting scenarios in-game. Why don't you hop over to @CK213's thread "When your sim puts you on 'Ignore' ", and share your fun moments? :smiley:

🔹Another interesting question this week, comes from @MissNOFX, and Im super excited to meet all the experienced, wise 'old toots' that still play The Sims. You can join the "Older generations unite!" thread, and tell us about your path. Please, make sure not to share any personal info as per our forum guidelines. :blush:

🔸Don't worry The Sims 3 players, I've found a gem for y'all: @misty4m had the brilliant idea of "Recreating my Sims 4 screenshots in my Sims 3 game" and you should come check those entertaining screenshots, and maybe join the game as well. 📸

🔹Since we have started this Highlights by celebrating, nothing fairer than ending it the same way. I invite everyone to congratulate our dear Simmer @Simmingal, for completing their 3 years forum anniversary last Saturday, and as a gift to everyone, we can now download 'Simmingal' from the gallery. You are absolutely worth it and congrats again! 🎉🥳

That's it for this week - happy Friday to all of you! I hope you enjoyed today's highlights and, as always, if you have any recommendations, please send them my way! Also, your comments and feedback are always extremely valuable so please, hit the comments below :wink: 👍

Have a great weekend and take care! :heart:



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