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Has your game ever generated a sim with no name?

This happened to me today. There was a party and one of the guests had no name. My sim family met him and they have him in their relationship bars but they don't have any name for him. I tried using Manage Households but of course he doesn't have a name so the game can't find him. I'm wondering if I call him over to visit I could use testingcheats mod on him and edit him in CAS although I bet I won't even find him on the phone if he has no name (although he does show up in the relationship panel, so, it might be a possibility to fix him).


  • HumongustHumongust Posts: 3 New Member
    This has happened to me a couple of times, always with elders. Do you have Seasons, and play a holiday with the Flower Bunny? I have suspected that this is the Flower Bunny character, aged to elder and possibly 'retired' from active Flower Bunny duties. I am not certain and have not figured out a way to play-test this theory.
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