June 24th- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!

Friday Highlights June 3rd - A Week on The Sims Forums

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June 3rd- Friday Highlights

Sul,sul lovely people!

Happy Friday to you all! Do you have any nice plans for the weekend? 💜 I will be redecorating my closet on Saturday, and as you know how much I love to get creative, the excitement is real!

Since it's Friday, you all know what that means - it's time for our Friday Highlights! So, let's get to it, eh?

🔹We had a super exciting week. On Tuesday, a new laundry list 🧺📝 was posted & we've got you covered from rocket 🚀 builds to refusing a good nap in local bushes :sleeping: ! Check out the top reported community concerns we aim to resolve in the next patch, here

🔸On Thursday, we have announced #TheSims4Werewolves Game Pack. Answer the call of the night 🌙🌲, discover Moonwood Mill, lycanthrope lore & what sharp teeth you'll have as you transform into your unique werewolf 🐺✨. Available June 16 🌚. Please, also check the "TS4 Werewolves Reveal Trailer" thread posted by @simgirl1010.

'Vlad and both his wives', by @Apricus, shared here.

So, this is what the talk on the forums has been about this week:

🔹Let's kick things off with a very interesting question raised by @PenguinFoop, for a challenge they're creating. "What are the different types of babies available in Sims 4?". As we can see, the community is really committed to assist, so please, join us and share your game experiences!😊

🔸Since we are all in the hype waiting for our furry friends to arrive, why not start making plans and think about "Which premades are you thinking of turning into werewolf?". Please, join @Simmingal's thread, and leave your comments.🐺

🔹Now, on a completely unrelated direction: @LilNerdySimmers is inviting you all to "Share your fan-made sims 4 render!" in this thread here!😎

🔸Time for some building inspiration! I came across @DeanXeL's fabulous creation inspired by "Vila Mistral" in the thread "Share your newest the sims 4 creations here!" and I'm sure you'll be inspired by it, too! :heart: That villa is so unreal, seems like a dream. Imagine being able to afford a weekend in there?💭

🔹Closing the list for today: any The Sims 3 players out there? You might be interested in helping one Simmer with the difficult task of choosing "What should I play for what happened in your sims 3 game today"? Lets join @texansky's thread and leave our inputs. :wink:Spoiler alert: so far, we've got a tie!

That's it from me, folks - happy Friday to all of you!

I hope you enjoyed today's highlights and thank you all for your great contributions and the kindness that you've shown every week.

Have a great weekend and take care. I hope to see you around! :heart:


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