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Family orientated 100 baby challenge

mcruddmcrudd Posts: 10,331 Member
I very much enjoyed doing the 100 baby challenge a while back. I did however battle a bit with the idea of all the different men being used to have the babies. I am very much a family person in real life and in my gameplay. So last night I thought of a new challenge to do, similar but a few more rules and more family orientated. I know it will not be as much fun genetic wise, because you will have the same two parents throughout the challenge, but it will still be interesting. This one will be easier and go quicker as well, so it does not drag out for months even years for some players. So here are the rules.

You need a freshly made couple, one must be able to fall pregnant and one must be able to make another sim pregnant.
They need to have a married relationship from the start.

No money cheats, only make money with crafts at home for eg painting. No one is allowed to get a job.
No lot traits that will let you have twins or the use of any of the lifetime point traits and rewards.
If you have spa day, no fertility massages, if you get twins it must be the game giving you them.
No tv or radio to enhance chances of twins.
No cheats except for resetsim when required due to sim crashing or stuck.

Here is the aging up rules (easy to make this fun)
Babies can age up after 3 days (duration of pregnancy) (one baby at a time unless game gives you twins)
Toddlers age up when they have three skill points in each skill.
Children age up when they are top student with A
Teens age up when they are top student with A
Once a young adult your kids can stay for a while and help out if they want too, or move out immediately.

Main rule to make this work. Play with Aging off. Toddlers, kids, and teens get aged up with cake only.
Most important rule. Please have fun, if the above rules are too hard, then adjust it for yourself if you want too.

I am excited to share my adventures with you while doing this challenge. Please feel free to join in if you want to attempt it with me. I am going to load my game now and start, happy simming to you all <3
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