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Can't Edit In-Game

ZeSimsZeSims Posts: 6 New Member
So, I recently got CAW, and I set up the lots, etc., but when I try to open it up in-game using the Edit In-Game button, it doesn't work. All it does is opens up Origin, and nothing else happens. I updated my Sims 3 launcher to the latest patch and double checked, I uninstalled CC, but it still won't let me edit it, just opens Origin. Any tips?

Please, just answers - no "oh yeah i have that problem too!", it's annoying for me.


  • sirguylittlesirguylittle Posts: 776 Member
    @ZeSims, if you have a recent version of The Sims 3 base game, indicated by the box cover saying something about Go Social, or from the 3-in-1 Starter Pack, then I'm afraid there are no answers.

    When the Go Social version came out (around June 2011 I think) EA changed the way that the launcher worked and
    it was no longer possible to bypass Origin or the launcher. Thus CAW is unable to start Edit in Game directly and doesn't work.

    There was a lot of confusion about this and a long discussion here:
    SOLVED: Cannot open Edit in Game, not a version mismatch issue
    This is listed near the top of the CAW FAQ here:
    CAW FAQ's........Links to Tutorials, and Resources. Textures, & Troubleshooting

    If this is your problem, the only workaround is to use CAW to create and empty world, with terrain, roads, empty lots and routing complete. Then import this world into your game and use the normal Edit Town to add buildings and Sims and save this as a Save Game using a distinctive name.
  • KeightKeight Posts: 86 Member
    Okay, I got help directly from an EA tech, and there IS a solution to this...it's just way complicated.

    FIRST: Uninstall The Sims 3 entirely
    SECOND: Get a registry cleaner like CCleaner; under "Registry" have it "Scan for issues". You will have to do this multiple times before everything is ready to go. When there are no more issues to be fixed, close CCleaner
    THIRD: Download and install the digital version of The Sims 3
    FOURTH: Run The Sims 3 once, just to get everything established
    FIFTH: Download and install the Sims 3 superpatcher; your version of The Sims 3 should now be

    After this, Edit In Game should work without the Origin client coming up. Badabing.
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