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Nephilim Mansion (No CC) Lot Type: Residential Lot Size: 40x30 Lot Price: 510,929 (load up your sims with Motherlode or use the Freerealestate cheat to purchase) NB I did not assign lot traits. You can assign them when you place it. Backstory: The Nephilim mansion sits high on the hill in Forgotten Hollow. No one knows quite how long the mansion has existed it just seems to have always been there and rumours swirl about what really goes on inside its grand interior. It boasts 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and no less than 4 reception rooms, a cellar and a landscaped garden. Property experts price it at just over 510,000.


  • @Kiwicantdie I just wanted to thank you for your very well thought out and balanced post. I don't come to the official forums very often but a friend ( @CarpeNoctemSims ) linked me to it and I read it all often nodding and agreeing. I've played all iterations of the sims and sims 4 has come a very long way from its basic…
  • Yep I've had this too the poor son of my restaurant owners got yelled at for sleeping whilst his parents worked. That needs to be addressed. Will hit the me too button over at the EA help forum too.
  • A few people have told him already. Although he updated it for the patch there were more changes that came with the game pack so those are what will need to be accounted for and I'm sure he will do given time. Personally I've taken it out of my game for now because I wanted to play a restaurant as smoothly as possible.
  • Here's a few of the upscale burger and pizza place I made for one of my sims to run:
  • Use the Lock Door For function to keep sims out of kitchens and other areas. That seems to sort it that. I set mine to Allow Employees Only for the kitchen and Allow Household Members Only for the private areas. And definitely take the MC Command Center mod out until Deaderpool has a chance to update it. That's been…
  • Maybe Grim was hoping for a free meal after work? :D
  • For me its a combination of pre-planned storylines and drafted posts with a few twists thrown in by what happens during gameplay. Poses can be time consuming yes but they also can be very helpful for illustrating important moments like weddings and funerals for example. Overall the best bit of advice I'd like to give is…
  • @luthienrising thank you - I'd be embarrassed to tell you how long I searched the interwebz for a tea length wedding dress for this. lol
  • I do like a positive thread like this one - Long may it continue! <3 Here's a couple from a recent in game wedding of mine - Luca and Barbie Kim:
  • I just followed you both too - love finding new sims 4 simblrs xxx
  • If you have Get To Work and your sims get ill you don't have to buy medication from the computer to get them better, if they drink orange juice or tea it helps them to heal albeit a little slower than taking medicine.
  • I like beaches but I always love having a city world in game. So city life overall but wouldn't it be great if they did a city world with a beach? like Barcelona IRL.
  • For me its about a minute but I do have a fair amount of CC and a couple of mods so in the grand scheme of things I don't think that's too bad really - older games have taken way longer even when CC free.
  • Very cute modern style :-)
  • The fireworks occur when they have a spectacular woo hoo, I've seen that a few times - its not new. lol (lucky simmies) As for the bassinet moodlet for the guy that's normal as its just a social interaction, what isn't normal is that he had no relationship with the baby. Try repair game and cache file deletion for any…
  • @Mstybl95 just want to say that your game is beautiful, especially the shopping district. Personally I'm really enjoying the game, have from the start but I'm glad you're finding a way to make it work for you too x
  • lol she obviously wanted some alone time!
  • Yes to some CC but I'm selective about it and if it breaks any of the following rules its gone: - Glitchy textures - Can't be placed without cheats - Messes up in game animations - Doesn't compliment the look of the game Anything that passes those hurdles is fine with me
  • I so totally agree with you on this, if they wake up starving the first thing they want is cake?! Why? lol
  • I've also heard this could be mod related. If you have a pregnancy related mod which hasn't been updated that is the possible culprit.
  • Manage town / Household Management - you can then add, delete and edit them to your hearts desire which is a feature I very much appreciate.
  • Or Alternatively play different families and saves on rotation. That's what I do and I'm on generation 3 now of my main legacy game and love them all. I let it flow and focus on one or two sims at a time but then switch to their siblings and cousins. I also make sure that they all interact. It is possible, very similar to…
  • Been playing pretty solidly since it came out in September and no crashes, no lag (thank ye gods as that's why I gave up on TS3 in the end) and only a few glitches, most of which have been fixed by patches or by deleting cache files and using repair game.
  • You can avoid the drama on Tumblr, that's part of why I like it personally - just ignore / unfollow those blogs that share it. There are plenty of nice simmers on there sharing awesome creations and gameplay. I've seen you there - don't leave just yet :smile:
  • This is interesting since I have two ancient male simmies who refuse to shuffle off the mortal coil too. Maybe I'll try emptying their inventories and sending one of them to the spaceship too!
  • I love to take them out to community lots, it's a break from the norm and gives them a chance to meet new people and try things that they either don't have the space or money for on their home lot. Oh and I don't have an issue with load times at all, its quick.
  • I do like this feature, I like to put little deco pictures and flowers on them - the easter eggs fit too!
  • Sims day's off for me are divided into three sections: 1.) Skill building for promotions 2.) Going off to a community lot with the whole family to have fun. Community pools / community centers are perfect for this. 3.) Working on relationships with sims who don't live on the home lot.
  • I get bored easily so because of that I do a mix of legacy and challenge based gameplay and occasionally indulge my creative side by building and recolouring.

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