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catloverplayer Member

Looking Forward to the Romance Expansion.


  • catloverplayer
    I really wish we could get more pool and waterpark items in The Sims 4. For starters we got splash pads with the Family EP. Why no other waterpark items like water buckets,water slides,wave pools,lazy rivers,pool basketball,pool waterfalls etc?

    Why are swimming pools still missing pool slides and interactive pool waterfalls,actual diving boards and more? In a future pack I"m hoping for all this stuff plus the option to make pool shapes of all kinds and I'm hoping if we get a waterpark pack there is a waterpark lot type or the pool lot attracts a lot of sims to the waterpark. I want real waterparks in TS4. I know we can make make shift ones but I want actual waterparks.

    Also I miss the hold your breath pool contest from The Sims 3.
    April 6
    • catloverplayer
      Well it turns out we are getting pool waterfallsin the Riveira Kit. That's atleast one of the pool objects I can mark off my list.
  • catloverplayer
    Looking Forward to the Romance Expansion.
    May 29

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