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Attempting the 100 baby challenge

I just started this challenge today. I'm really interested to see how genetics play out and see the all the kids with different baby daddies :D

So after a LOT of work, my matriarch finally found a baby daddy (seriously I don't know what's up, she's outgoing, family oriented, and loves outdoors but the dudes all hate her), and had her first baby. Then another. Then another. TRIPLETS!

While I appreciate the game's help by giving me try first triplets whilst doing the 100 baby challenge, I am terrified at the prospect of dealing with three babies with one sim. With no job. :\

I knew I should have been taking screens and blogging about this!


  • 15MagPies15MagPies Posts: 416 Member
    The mother in my baby challenge has the hardest time finding guys too! It's a lot harder if you try getting them to be romantic in a public area, because everyone comes into the conversation and make it turn awkward. I've learned that it's easier to have them meet guys out in the world, build up their friendships a little bit, and then invite them over. Guys are also a lot less likely to cheat on their partners in this game it seems. I know in sims 3, anybody in my neighborhoods would flirt with the sims in my family.

    I'm very jealous of your triplets. :) I haven't heard of anyone getting them yet. I haven't even been able to snag twins so far. The babies aren't too difficult to handle. I'd suggest fishing and gardening for money making. My sim made enough to easily pay the bills with those two skills at first.
  • MelReduxMelRedux Posts: 54 Member
    edited October 2014
    I've never had this much trouble finding a guy! This does not bode well since I need to find 99 more :\ I think these dudes know we're just using them for their spawn lol

    My very first baby was in my legacy, and it was twins. My legacy has had twins every generation. I've had more multiple births than single births in all my different games. CRAZY.
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